HDR successes at first round of Candidature Assesments

We would like to congratulate four of our core UTS Games Studio members for recently achieving such an important milestone in their research studies, the confirmation of their candidatures.

For the past year, they have been working very hard on cutting-edge research topics that range from "Exploring the efficiency in Spiking Neural Networks in the context of Gaming", "Exploration of Serious Games for Assisting Pediatric Cancer Patients", through "The Gamification of the Participatory Modelling Process", to "Wearable Technologies to Detect Depression in the Elderly".

Today, we are very pleased to announce that these candidates and their one-of-a-kind projects have been endorsed by the relevant HDR Research committees. 

Here are our successful HDR Candidates:

Masters by Research Candidate, Mr. Andrew Rafe

Project: Using a combination of reinforcement learning techniques to create an autonomous general video game playing artificial intelligence.

CA1 confirmed on the 7th of Nov 2019


PhD Candidate, Ms. Elena Bakhanova

Project: Gamification of the participatory modeling process in the context of sustainable development

CA1 confirmed on 22 Nov 2019


PhD Candidate, Mr. Ezwan Shah Abd Majid

Project: Serious Games to Empower Emotional Change for Paediatric Cancer Patients

CA1 confirmed on 5 Dec 2019


Masters by Research Candidate, Ms. Fiza Mughal

Project: Autonomous Monitoring System for Geriatric Persons

CA1 confirmed on 13 Feb 2020


The UTS Games Studio team would like to congratulate these candidates on their successes and wish them a very fruitful year ahead.