Announcing the 4th Annual UTS Student Games Showcase

Dear Friends and Colleagues

We would like to extend an invitation for you to join the online 2020 UTS Student Games Showcase.

Our Autumn 2020 student cohort worked very hard this semester and accommodated amazingly well to the current social distancing circumstances.  In light of not being able to organize our usual large in-person showcase at the moment, we have instead built a dedicated website to acknowledge the efforts of these students and show off the best work of the Autumn session.

For the first time ever, we will make these games publicly available for you to download and play from the comfort of your own home.  

The idea behind this expo is that you can spend as much time as you wish to browse through the different titles and play the games you like the most. It's a self-paced and low-pressure setting for everyone to enjoy in their own time. 

Register Now

If you would like to get access to these extraordinary games, please register in the link below and we will email you the URL.

The website will go live on Friday the 3rd of July.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Warmest regards,

UTS Games Studio Admin Team