The 2018 UTS Student Games Showcase

We are pleased to invite you to the annual UTS Autumn Student Games Showcase.

This event was a great success last year and it is going to be even better this year.

It is a chance to celebrate our students' accomplishments this semester and show-off their skills as game designers/developers to a wider audience.

Join us for an evening of playing games made by UTS students at various stages of their study, networking with industry and research partners, and enjoying free food, and prizes!

The details of the event are as follows:


20+ Amazingly Designed Student Video Games


June 12th 2018


UTS Building 11, Level 4, Rooms 400 and 300


Industry Partners
Research Partners
All UTS students
Friends and Family


There will be light finger food
and drinks provided around 7pm.


Prizes for the best game in each subject will be awarded.
Winners will receive a
$50 Steam voucher each.


Top rated games from:
Introduction to Computer Game Design
Game Design Studio 1
Games and Graphics Project
The University of Technology Sydney Student Games Showcase Autumn 2018
Hosted by the Games Studio, sponsored by the School of Software