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WWE Releases Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Samoa Joe, And Other Wrestlers After Wrestlemania

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 04:26

In an announcement by WWE, they came to terms with the release of several stars including Samoa Joe, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Kalisto, Mickie James, and former United States Champion Kalisto. The other stars released--so far--are Chelsea Green, Tucker, Bo Dallas, and Wesley Blake.

In typical WWE fashion, they wished them the best in their future endeavors. The company is also updating its own site as more releases break. While these releases may upset fans, many WWE superstars let go in 2020 found brighter futures at other companies.

WWE has come to terms on the release of Samoa Joe, Chelsea Green, Tucker, Kalisto, Bo Dallas and Wesley Blake.
We wish them all the best in all of their future endeavors. https://t.co/657qwu8wGc pic.twitter.com/gSSxc2JHFf

— WWE (@WWE) April 15, 2021

Last year, after Wrestlemania, the company had what fans called Black Wednesday--which was also April 15--when over 20 superstars were released or furloughed. Some, like Drake Maverick, were rehired and some found new companies quickly to work for. With how the COVID-19 vaccine is being implemented, it could be better for some performers all-around.

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The Division Movie Still Happening, But Might Have A New Director

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 03:44

It's rumored that Netflix's upcoming movie based on Ubisoft's The Division will no longer be directed by John Wick's David Leitch, and now one of the key creators on the project has weighed in. Producer Kelly McCormick, who is married to Leitch, said she was unable to confirm whether or not Leitch remains attached to direct, or, as the rumors are saying, if Skyscraper director Rawson Marshall Thurber has stepped in to take over.

"I cannot confirm or deny but either would be awesome as the director," she told Collider.

Leitch's busy schedule was referenced as one potential reason why he might not be able to direct The Division, and would instead produce instead. McCormick alluded to this busy schedule, saying she and Leitch have now wrapped up production on the star-studded action movie Bullet Train but the work isn't done yet--there will be 30 weeks of editing on it.

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Fallout 76 Season 4: Armor Ace in Cold Steel Details Revealed

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 03:33

Bethesda has provided some broad details about Fallout 76's Season 4 content drop, Armor Ace in Cold Steel, coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on April 27.

The new season sees players rejoining Armor Ace and the Power Patrol to take out Commissioner Chaos and his goons the Yukon Five. This quest line drops alongside the Locked & Loaded update, which includes more SPECIALs loadouts, improvements to the CAMP and Shelter system, and an all-new Daily Ops expansion.

Season 4 also features 100 ranks for players to run through, as well as rewards to claim when making it through the ranks. This includes mannequins and other objects for CAMPs, new power armor sets, more weapon skins, and additional cosmetics like backpack flairs and tadpole badges.

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SNL's Pete Davidson To Star In Netflix Joey Ramone Biopic

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 03:31

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson has been cast in the titular role of Netflix's I Slept with Joey Ramone, according to Entertainment Weekly. The upcoming biopic "chronicles the life of the iconic frontman of the Ramones," and the project and casting choice have both been announced on the twentieth anniversary of Ramone's death.

The movie is an adaptation of Mickey Leigh's--Ramone's brother--2009 memoir of the same name, and is being co-written by Davidson and his frequent collaborator, Jason Orley (Big Time Adolescence, Pete Davidson: Alive From New York), who will also direct the film. The adaptation is being made with the cooperation and support of Ramone's estate.

"I Slept with Joey Ramone is a great rock anthem that will make an equally great rock biopic, set apart by a universal story of family," said Adam Fogelson, chairman of production company STX Films. "Pete is perfect for this role and we're excited he and Jason will be bringing this icon of rock to life… [Leigh] has irreplaceable memories of and insights into Joey Ramone, having supported him when no one else would and witnessed him overcome adversity in the most dramatic way."

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Destiny 2's Guardian Games Adds Weekly Playlist, New Steps To Competition

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 03:10

Destiny 2's Guardian Games are back for their second year, showing up in the game with its weekly reset on April 20. Like last year's version, the event pits Destiny's three character classes against each other in a battle of supremacy that will include special rewards, including last year's Exotic machine gun, Heir Apparent, and new armor and cosmetics. But this year's Guardian Games will function a little differently than last year's, with additions that could make the battle less of a blowout.

Bungie released most of the details about the Guardian Games on its website, with the information on how the Games will actually work contained in a guide. The biggest change is the addition of a weekly playlist that'll help you take on the competition by putting you together with other members of your class, adding to the team effort feel the Guardian Games are evoking. There are also more steps to earning medals to advance your team, which might make the whole competition a bit more fair.

Like last year, you'll visit Eva Levante in the Tower and collect a special Guardian Games class item that you'll then wear to participate in the event. Whenever you kill enemies in Destiny 2's various activities, you'll drop class-specific motes called Laurels. Other players can pick up those Laurels and use them to participate in the Games, and you'll need to pick them up from other players as well. The guide doesn't mention this, but we expect that Laurels you earn from players of the same class as you will count for more than the ones you pick up from players of a differing class.

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Marvel's Avengers Begins Its First Tachyon Anomaly Event Next Week

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 03:03

As part of the Marvel's Avengers long-term plans that were revealed last month, the first Tachyon Anomaly event will begin next week on April 22. Unlike every other mode in the game where strike teams are made up of four unique Avengers, Tachyon Anomalies allow players to form teams that can potentially all be made up of the same character.

Players can also matchmake into teams that contain the same Heroes, which means that some missions could feature an Iron Legion of armored Avengers firing repulsor blasts, a team of Captain Americas all slinging their shields at the same target, or if you'd prefer ultimate destruction, a gang of Hulks smashing everything in their path. The Tachyon Anomaly event won't be a permanent addition to Marvel's Avengers, as it'll only run until May 3.

During these two weeks in which the mode is active, there'll be a weekly mission chain that rewards Hivemind set gear and daily missions that reward priority set gear for high-level heroes. Animated temporal Assault nameplates are being added as a reward for the first completion of the weekly mission chain and can be used on any hero.

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Mads Mikkelsen Joins Cast Of Indiana Jones 5

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 02:57

Mads Mikkelsen has joined the cast of the fifth Indiana Jones movie. As reported by Deadline, the Hannibal actor will appear alongside Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

No details about Mikkelsen's character have been revealed yet. As well as playing Hannibal Lector in three seasons of the acclaimed Hannibal, Mikkelsen is also known for roles in Rogue One, Casino Royale, and Doctor Strange. He also played Cliff Unger in the video game Death Stranding and most recently starred in the Oscar-nominated drama Another Round.

Mads Mikkelsen in Another Round

Indiana Jones 5 will be directed by James Mangold and hits theaters on July 29, 2022. The movie has been in development for several years, and was originally set to be directed by Steven Spielberg once more. However, he stepped down, with Mangold talking over in May 2020.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Dataminer Finds Hints At New Quests

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 02:50

The latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077 may be hiding bits of unannounced content. A data miner claims to have found evidence of a new story episode centered in the Pacifica region along with supplements to existing quests and other additions.

Eurogamer reports that the data miner romulus_is_here used the modding tool CP77 Tools to uncover new files in the 1.21 patch outside the usual data structure from the other quests. He said that the main quests use a basic file numbering system that goes from q000 to q204. The new files added in the latest patch start with q301, and are named "story-ep1."

Some of these files have been in the game since launch, but according to Romulus, the update added a number of new files tagged "ep1." While there were only five of these files at launch, after the 1.2 patch that number has ballooned to 220 files. The files themselves appear to include new street stories, a conversation involving a new quest character named Wagner, and a reference to the Kurtz Militia. They said the story episode appears to center mostly around Pacifica.

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New Fortnite Balance Update Affects Most Seasonal Weapons

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 02:35

Epic has released the patch notes for today's balance update in Fortnite, which have altered most of the new weapons and crafting items that were introduced with Fortnite Season 6. No matter our favorite weapon, it's likely you'll notice these changes beginning the next time you load into the game as the changes are so widespread.

For starters, crafting parts are now doubled in quantity when found as floor loot--or loot outside of chests. At the start of Season 6, items like Mechanical Parts and Animal Bones weren't even available as floor loot, but just a few weeks later, they've been made much more abundant. The accuracy of the Makeshift AR and Revolver have each been improved as well. This season, many weapons are a liability in that regard, since Primal weapons trade accuracy for power and Makeshift weapons are lacking in both ways, so it's interesting to see Epic improve the accuracy for this pair.

The signature weapon of this survival-themed season, the bow, has also been buffed with improved arrow speed and increased headshot damage. Make sure to get used to these changes before you dive into this week's themed Duos Cup, starring Aloy and Lara Croft, two of gaming's famed arrowslingers.

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New Animal Crossing Seasonal Item Available Now For A Limited Time

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 02:33

Another limited-time seasonal item is now available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In celebration of Nature Day (Animal Crossing's name for Earth Day), Nook Shopping is selling a cool globe. The item costs 2,300 bells and will be available until April 22.

To order the cool globe, access the Nook Shopping catalog either from your NookPhone or the Nook Stop terminal in the Resident Services building and open the Special Goods menu at the top. You'll find the globe listed among the other limited-time items under the Seasonal tab.

A very cool globe

In addition to the cool globe, a handful of prom-themed items are also still available to order from Nook Shopping. You can purchase a prom sash, prom wall, and prom flooring until the end of this month. The Able Sisters' shop is also selling some prom-themed clothing and accessories all month long.

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Game Of Thrones Star Headlines New Serial Killer Podcast

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 01:46

Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's next big project isn't for TV or the big screen. The Jaime Lannister actor is working on a new podcast called Mask of Sanity, which tells the true story of Bulgarian journalist Dimiter Kenarov's reporting on a serial killer. The twist is that Kenarov has a secret of his own that will unravel throughout the course of the show.

The new podcast series is a joint production of Audible, Big Light Productions, and Vespucci. Coster-Waldau is co-producing the new show through his Ill Kippers Production company.

"Mask of Sanity is a great example of the storytelling that [writing partner Joe Derrick] and myself want Ill Kippers to make. Entertaining, unexpected, and thought-provoking, keeping the audience guessing right to the end," he said, as reported by Deadline. "We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with the good people at Big Light Productions and Vespucci and can't wait to share it with listeners everywhere through Audible."

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Sea Of Thieves Season 2: Patch Notes, New Forts, And Boatloads Of Cosmetics

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 01:42

The second season for Sea of Thieves is now available for players to access, and brings with it chests full of new content. Besides the expected 100 extra levels of rewards to unlock, scallywags across the seas can expect to find new ways to make some cash, either by trading or fighting.

Looking through the game's patch notes, players can find a host of bug fixes, as well as some added accessibility options that alter text in-game. However, the real meat of today's update is the introduction of Forts of Fortune and the addition of new cosmetics. You can find a full list of patch notes down below. The season two update for Sea of Thieves also won't take up too much space on your various drives. Here are the season two update file sizes on various platforms.

  • Xbox Series X: 5.1 GB

  • Xbox Series S: 3.65 GB

  • Xbox One X: 5.1 GB

  • Xbox One: 3.65 GB

  • Windows 10: 6.39 GB

  • Steam: 4.61 GB

Forts of Fortune are new, more difficult versions of Sea of Thieves' Skeleton Forts. These islands are marked by an ominous red skull-shaped cloud, and shouldn't be a common find. Anyone that spots one of these clouds while they're on the seas should prepare for a long, difficult battle. Players should expect a high number of enemies, including more powerful skeletons such as Captains. However, when Captains are defeated, they also drop items that can assist players through the rest of the fight, including ammo crates, keys to Chests of Rage, and the flame-spewing Ashen Winds Skull. Buccaneers will likely need all these tools to fight off the final waves of enemies, which include Skeleton Lords.

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Outriders Patch Addresses Inventory Wipes, But Doesn't Restore Lost Items Yet

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 01:24

The latest patch for Outriders is available now and, among other things, it addresses an issue that could cause player inventories to become wiped. This patch does not, however, restore any inventory content you might have lost.

Square Enix said in a blog post that it feels confident that new Outriders patch should stop inventory wipes from happening in the future. To test things out, Square Enix will monitor the situation this weekend to make sure that's the case, and then it will begin the process of restoring inventory content that players might have lost.

"As soon as we are satisfied by the patch's effectiveness, we will share extra details including timelines of our upcoming inventory restoration process," the company said. More details will be shared on the restoration process at a later date.

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PS5 Update Reportedly Also Fixes Annoying Disc Drive Noise

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 01:13

The first big firmware update for the PlayStation 5 is now out, and it's introduced a few more fixes than its extensive patch notes initially suggested. One fix seems to involve the annoying noise the PS5's disc drive would often make, with numerous users reporting it to be much quieter after installing the April system update.

The PS5 would routinely spin up its disc drive if a disc was inserted, regardless of whether the disc in question was currently in use. Although there's no official word on why or how frequently the PS5 would do this, some users have reported hearing the very loud spinning noise every 30 minutes or so. The latest PS5 update doesn't seem to get rid of this entirely, but at the very least the noise seems to be greatly reduced.

"It sort of starts to spin up, but then stops itself abruptly, and then continues to spin for the same amount of time as before, but at a much, much lower spin speed, so it's nowhere near as noticeable," one Reddit user wrote on the PS5 subreddit.

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F1 2021 Launches This July With Expanded Single-Player Mode

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 01:00

Codemasters and EA have announced F1 2021, the latest in the long-running franchise of gaming simulators adapting the format and vehicles from the globe-trotting sport. F1 2021 is launching on July 16, with three days early access for those who preorder.

F1 2021 will be doubling-down on a narrative-focused single-player mode, something which the series has lightly dabbled with in previous entries. Called Braking Point, the mode will see you rise through the ranks as a new Formula 2 racer to eventually take a seat at one of the ten teams in Formula 1. Codemasters says that Braking Point will give you more to do off the track as well as on it, as it seeks to replicate the many pressures Formula 1 racers juggle during race weekends.

Another new addition is two-player support in F1 2021's returning Career Mode, letting you and a friend fight it out or work together across synchronous races with any one of the ten supported F1 teams. Each player will be able to tune driver assists according to their desired level, while a consistently updated roster will let you dive into career mode with up-to-date driver and constructor standings from the current F1 season.

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Lord Of The Rings Movies Returning To Theaters In China This Week

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 00:59

At least the first two The Lord of the Rings movies are coming back to theaters in China. Warner Bros. confirmed in a post on the Chinese social media app Weibo that The Fellowship of the Ring will premiere in cinemas across the country on April 16, with The Two Towers to follow a week later on April 23.

These movies will be available in their remastered 4K versions. The third and final movie in the trilogy, The Return of the King, doesn't have a release date yet for China.

Deadline pointed out that China's May Day holiday period in early May already has many local films lined up to screen around then, so it seems Warner Bros. is holding Return of the King until later.

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Official Game Of Thrones Tweet Celebrating Divisive Final Season Sparks Controversy

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 00:42

In HBO's ongoing fanfare celebrating Game of Thrones's 10-year anniversary all this month, a recent three-word tweet ("Winter is coming") has once again energized fans hoping the show's final season will get a remake. The seemingly innocuous tweet is a continuation of recent activity on the show's official account--daily tweeting phrases or short quotes from the series.

Demand for a Season 8 remake has been front of mind for the most vocal portions of Game of Thrones fandom, as HBO also recently released a trailer showcasing that season's dramatic highlights and digital effects. Instead, within 24 hours of that clip being uploaded, fans who commented were activated enough to reach a passionate consensus that a remake must happen.

Winter is coming.

— Game of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) April 14, 2021

As with YouTube comments sections, which are widely understood to be a free-for-all, replies on Twitter have ranged from relitigating how the season "ruined the series" to scattered fond memories to people posting weather maps for their area to confirm that, yes, snowstorms are in the forecast. Despite the series only finishing up in 2019, there's also a growing demand for a revival series.

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LG's Absurdly Expensive Roll-Up TV Is Now Up For Preorder

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 00:40

The LG Signature OLED TV R, a rollable and incredibly expensive TV, is now more-or-less on sale in the US. Interested customers can "inquire to buy" the TV through the LG site, but the company has yet to reveal what it will actually cost.

That mystery price is because it's not exactly a piece of regular consumer tech. Tom's Guide reports that in South Korea, where the TV launched last year, the 100 million won price works out to roughly $90,000. Rumor has it the US price could go even higher, up to $100,000.

The TV R sports a "Zero View" mode that rolls the TV down into a base, so it will be completely out of view but still able to play music through the Dolby Atmos audio system. When you're reach to watch TV you can roll it up into Full View, or the partial Line View for applications like a weather app that don't require the full screen.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Welcomes Players To Kuamar In Latest Trailer

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 00:18

Following last month's gameplay reveal for Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, developer CI Games has revealed where the game will take place. Unlike the previous two games in the franchise that were set along the Russian-Ukraine border and Siberia, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2's sandbox is Kuamar, a fictional Middle East location filled with plenty of vantage points from to utilize.

Players won't just be limited to sniping positions though, as they'll be able to infiltrate enemy positions and engage in more traditional firefights with the forces of the tyrannical Kuamar regime led by its president Omar Al-Bakr and his wife Bibi Rashida. As the operative codenamed Raven, players will explore the region and its locales through a series of missions.

While it's no Sniper Elite when it comes to headshots, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 still has plenty of gore in the long-range department as evidenced by its accurate headshots that violently remove entire skulls from enemy soldiers every time a bullet finds its mark.

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Wasteland 3's Battle Of Steeltown Expansion Announced, Releases In June

Game News - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 00:11

Wasteland 3's first story DLC has been announced. The Battle of Steeltown is headed to the squad-based RPG on June 3 for PC and consoles.

The Battle of Steeltown takes players to ... Steeltown, which is the southwest Colorado facility where trucks, armor, weapons, and robots are made. However, something is wrong, so you and your squad go there to find out what's going on.

A first look at The Battle of Steeltown expansion

"Striking workers, bandit raids…not to mention the gates are locked tight. Without help the area will revolt and take Steeltown's leader, Abigail Markham, with it," reads a line from the expansion's description. "But maybe that's not such a bad thing? You and your team of Rangers will need to decide that for yourself."

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