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What's Coming And Going From Netflix In April 2019? Movies, TV, And Originals (US)

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 02:12

Every month, Netflix reveals what is new to its service for the upcoming month, and there are plenty of new offerings to get excited about. However, plenty of movies and TV series leave the service each month as well. And in April, Netflix loses its best animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

On April 7, the Star Wars: The Clones Wars movie, all five seasons of the animated series, and the home release of The Lost Missions all leave Netflix. While many folks look down on the Star Wars prequels, everyone can agree that the Clone Wars animated movie and series are the best things to come out of that era in Star Wars lore. For those who are unfamiliar, the series follows Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during the aforementioned Clone Wars, taking place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. While the show is leaving Netflix, it is headed to Disney's streaming service, alongside new episodes, by the end of this year.

And there are plenty of new options for you to check out in April--after you've watch Clone Wars one more time. On April 1, Netflix is dropping plenty of movies, including Freddy vs. Jason, Pineapple Express, and the classic sci-fi movie The Fifth Element. Additionally, the classic Japanese character Ultraman gets a Netflix original animated series.

There are two big original series to keep your eye on for the rest of the month. On April 5, Sabrina the teenage witch returns for Part 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This time around, she'll be exploring her darker side, all while trying to keep her non-witch friends in her life.

Additionally, much like Black Mirror's Bandersnatch, Netflix has a new "choose your own adventure" show coming on April 10. The show is called You vs. Wild, and it is hosted by TV personality Bear Grylls. The viewer watches Grylls try to survive in some of the world's harshest environments, and their decisions could help him. If there isn't an option at some point for Grylls to ingest his own urine, then this show missed the boat.

Below you'll find the complete list of everything coming and going for Netflix in April, and make sure to check out the lists for Amazon Prime Video and Hulu as well.

What's Coming To Netflix In AprilAvail. in April
  • Chambers -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/1/19
  • Across The Line
  • All the President's Men
  • Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
  • Deliverance
  • Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
  • Evolution
  • Freddy vs. Jason
  • Friday the 13th (2009)
  • I Am Legend
  • Lakeview Terrace
  • Monster House
  • Obsessed
  • Penelope
  • Pineapple Express
  • Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon: S2
  • P.S. I Love You
  • Snatch
  • Spy Kids
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D
  • The Bone Collector
  • The Fifth Element
  • The Golden Compass
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
  • Valkyrie
Avail. 4/2/19
  • Kevin Hart: Irresponsible -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/3/19
  • Suzzanna: Buried Alive -- NETFLIX FILM
Avail. 4/5/19
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • In The Shadows
  • Legacies: Season 1
  • Our Planet -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Persona: Collection -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Roman Empire: Caligula: The Mad Emperor -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Spirit Riding Free: Season 8-- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Unicorn Store -- NETFLIX FILM
Avail. 4/9/19
  • Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 6 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/10/19
  • New Girl: Season 7
  • You vs. Wild -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/11/19
  • Black Summer -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/12/19
  • A Land Imagined -- NETFLIX FILM
  • Band Aid
  • Huge in France -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Mighty Little Bheem -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • The Perfect Date -- NETFLIX FILM
  • The Silence -- NETFLIX FILM
  • Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island? -- NETFLIX FILM
Avail. 4/15/19
  • Luis Miguel - The Series: Season 1
  • No Good Nick -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • The New Romantic
Avail. 4/16/19
  • Super Monsters Furever Friends -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/18/19
  • My First First Love -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/19/19
  • A Fortunate Man -- NETFLIX FILM
  • Brené Brown: The Call to Courage -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Cuckoo: Season 5 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • I, Daniel Blake
  • Music Teacher -- NETFLIX FILM
  • Rilakkuma and Kaoru -- NETFLIX ANIME
  • Samantha!: Season 2 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Someone Great -- NETFLIX FILM
Avail. 4/20/19
  • Grass is Greener -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/22/19
  • Pinky Malinky: Part 2 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Selection Day - New Episodes-- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/23/19
  • I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Avail. 4/24/19
Avail. 4/25/19
  • The Hateful Eight: Extended Version
  • The Ugly Truth
Avail. 4/26/19
  • The Protector: Season 2 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 2 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Street Food -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • The Sapphires
Avail. 4/27/19
  • American Honey
Avail. 4/28/19
  • Señora Acero: Season 5
Avail. 4/29/19
  • Burning
  • The Imitation Game
Avail. 4/30/19
  • Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Baki: Part 2 -- NETFLIX ANIME
  • Ingress: The Animation -- NETFLIX ANIME
What's Leaving Netflix In AprilLeaving 4/1/19
  • American Pie
  • Billy Madison
  • Blue Mountain State: Seasons 1-3
  • Casino Royale
  • Diamonds Are Forever
  • Die Another Day
  • Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
  • Goldfinger
  • Happy Feet
  • Happy Gilmore
  • Heat
  • I Love You, Man
  • L.A. Confidential
  • Live and Let Die
  • Luther: Series 1-4
  • Octopussy
  • Pokémon: XY: Seasons 1-2
  • Seven
  • Sex and the City: The Movie
  • The Living Daylights
  • The Man with the Golden Gun
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • The World Is Not Enough
  • Wallander: Series 1-4
  • You Only Live Twice
Leaving 4/4/19
  • Raw
Leaving 4/7/19
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Seasons 1-5
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions
Leaving 4/13/19
  • Video Game High School: Seasons 1-3
Leaving 4/18/19
  • Silver Linings Playbook

Toy Story 4 Trailer Promises An Epic, Funny, Exciting Pixar Road Movie

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 23:35

The first trailer for Toy Story 4 is here. The latest movie in the long-running animated Pixar series hits theaters in June and sees Woody, Buzz, and the gang in another highly anticipated adventure. A few amusing early teasers were released in December, but this new trailer finally gives us an idea of what to expect from the new movie.

It reveals that the new character of Forky that was teased last year--literally a fork with pipe-cleaner arms--will be one of the main characters. He's the favorite toy of Woody and co's new owner Bonnie, but he's less than pleased about being turned into a plaything. Forky goes on the run with Woody in tow, and the pair end up encountering another old friend--Bo Beep. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang set off to get their pals back. It looks every bit as funny, exciting, moving, and spectacularly animated as the previous movies in this classic series. Check it out above.

Toy Story 4 sees all the main cast return, including Tom Hanks (as Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz), Annie Potts (Bo Peep), Joan Cusack (Jessie), Blake Clark (Slinky Dog), Wallace Shawn (Rex), and John Ratzenberger (Hamm), plus Arrested Development's Tony Hale as Forky. It hits theaters on June 21, 2019.

The movie is directed by Josh Cooley, who previously co-wrote Inside Out for Pixar, and Jonas Rivera. It was originally announced back in 2014 with a 2017 release date, but delays caused the film to switch release slots with The Incredibles 2. In addition, former Disney Animation head John Lasseter was set to direct, but sexual harassment allegations against him resulted in him stepping away and ultimately leaving the company.

In a recent interview, Hanks spoke about what fans can expect from the movie. "Toy Story 4 is going to have an impactful ending," he revealed. "The way you record Toy Story; you're in a room with the team that has created it. When I went in for my last day of recording, I wanted to have my back to them, because usually you're facing them so you can look right up and you can talk about it. But I didn't want to see them and I wanted to pretend they couldn't see me. When I realized what they were going for, I realized, 'Oh, this is a moment in history.'"

Google Announces "Stadia" Cloud Gaming Platform

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 23:25

Google has often given talks at the Game Developers Conference, but this year it sent out invites making it clear it had bigger plans in mind. At its special presentation today, the company outlined its plans for a video game streaming service called Stadia, offering games on demand.

The platform aims to bring together playing, spectating, and developing games onto a single platform. As an example, you could view Assassin's Creed Odyssey on YouTube and then begin playing it through streaming in "as little as five seconds."

Google VP Phil Harrison promised the technology will work across desktops, laptops, TV, tablets, and phones. In a demonstration, the same demo was seen working across a Chromebook, smartphone, tablet, and TV, through a Chromecast Ultra HDMI streamer. At launch it will stream in 4K at 60 FPS with surround sound, and in the future Google is planning to support 8K resolution. Harrison also promised that it will embrace cross-platform play.

You'll be able to use existing controllers on laptops and PCs, and Google will offer its own Stadia controller. The Google Stadia controller links to whichever device you're playing on, and it sports a dedicated Google Assistant button.

Google also announced it has partnered with Unreal and Unity for development, along with middleware developers like Havok. Developers can create avenues for players to share moments with "State Share," letting other players like friends or stream viewers pick up right where you left off. Another feature, Crowd Play, will let players watching streams join a queue to jump into the games themselves.

Id Software's Marty Stratton took the stage to announce that Doom Eternal will be coming to Stadia.

Google first hinted at an interest in game streaming last year, when it partnered with Ubisoft for Project Stream. The service allowed testers to play Assassin's Creed Odyssey to completion through its Chrome browser. Since then the rumors of "Project Yeti" only intensified, and then the company conspicuously hired former Ubisoft and EA studio head Jade Raymond.

For more on cloud gaming, check out how cloud gaming works and the companies investing heavily in cloud technologies. Or check out all of the Google gaming news from today's event.

This story is developing.

Get A Free Google Home Mini With Spotify UK

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 23:24

You know what's good? A nice freebie. Luckily, you can get a pretty cool freebie today if you're a Spotify Premium for Family subscriber in the UK.

If you are, you can claim a free Google Home Mini. The offer works for both new subscribers and existing ones, but only until stocks last, so be quick. Also note that standard Spotify Premium members do not qualify for the deal--you must be a Premium for Family subscriber, which is an extra £5 per month and allows you to add up to five family members onto your plan. Claim your device here.

Spotify ran this promotion in the US last year, but has now decided to bring it to the UK. Google Home Mini launched in 2018 as Google's answer to Amazon's Echo Dot. They typically sell for £49 at retail, so getting one at no extra cost with a monthly £15 Spotify Premium for Family subscription is not too shabby.

GameSpot sister site Cnet said Google's miniature device "stands tall as one of the best affordable smart speakers out there, along with the Amazon Echo Dot, but it doesn't do enough to supplant the Dot at the top of the list." Read more in Cnet's 8.4/10 Google Home Mini review.

New Toy Story 4 Trailer Arriving Very Soon

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 14:17

A new trailer for Pixar's Toy Story 4 is almost here. The latest trailer will arrive tomorrow, March 19, during the morning show Good Morning America. The program airs on ABC, which is owned by Disney, which owns Pixar, so that explains that.

GMA will have a "first-look" at the new full-length trailer, so it might be that only a teaser for the trailer is shown on GMA with the full thing coming later. This sounds like a similar setup with the new Dark Phoenix trailer, with a teaser popping up and the full thing coming online just minutes later. Hopefully the same is true for Toy Story 4's new video.

TOMORROW: A @GMA FIRST LOOK at the all-new full-length trailer for ... @ToyStory 4 from @DisneyPixar!

— Good Morning America (@GMA) March 18, 2019

The latest trailer for Toy Story 4 aired after the Super Bowl in February, and it showed Buzz Lightyear in a tough spot--you can watch it again in the embed above.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21 and sees the return of Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz), Annie Potts (Bo Peep), Joan Cusack (Jessie), Blake Clark (Slinky Dog), Wallace Shawn (Rex), and John Ratzenberger (Hamm). Among the new toys in the film are Forky (Tony Hale), Ducky (Keegan-Michael Key), and Bunny (Jordan Peele).

The movie will be directed by Josh Cooley, who wrote 2015's Inside Out.

It's just one of the many mammoth Disney movies releasing in 2019. Disney already scored a massive hit with Captain Marvel from its Marvel unit, while Avengers: Endgame is coming in April. Disney also has Dumbo, The Lion King, Aladdin, Frozen 2, and Star Wars: Episode IX hitting theatres before the year is out.

System Shock 3 Teaser Revealed, See It Here

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 12:16

The first teaser for System Shock 3 has arrived. Developer Warren Spector revealed the trailer during Unity's Game Developers Conference keynote today in San Francisco.

You can check out the eerie teaser in the video below from Boston-based developer OtherSide.

Spector produced the original System Shock game back in the '90s when he was working for Looking Glass Technologies. He joined OtherSide back in 2016.

"Working on System Shock was one of the most fulfilling things I've done in my career and it's hard to describe how much I'm looking forward to sharing with players what SHODAN has been up to since the last game was released," Spector said.

OtherSide is headed up by Paul Neurath, who worked on the original System Shock with Spector at Looking Glass. The first System Shock was released in 1994, with sequel System Shock 2 arriving in 1999, so it's been quite a while since the latest mainline entry.

An enhanced edition of System Shock from Nightdive Studios was released in 2015. No release date has been announced for System Shock 3, nor do we know what platforms it's headed to.

What do you make of the first teaser for System Shock 3? Let us know in the comments below!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Not An Xbox Play Anywhere Title; Dev Also Talks Cross-Play

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 11:48

Following the announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC, many wondered if the title would be included in the Xbox Play Anywhere program. As it turns out, it won't.

Halo studio head Bonnie Ross recently confirmed during a livestream that it won't be an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so those who bought it on Xbox One will have to buy it again if they want to play on PC. That being said, Ross teased that those who buy it twice may get some bonuses.

"While MCC shipped before the XPA Play Anywhere, we are exploring ways to make sure that we show our appreciation and recognition for the support we've had from the amazing fans on MCC and we'll have more to announce as we get closer to launch," she said during an HCS stream recently (via Kotaku).

Xbox Play Anywhere is a program that Microsoft announced in 2016 that lets you buy select digital games on Xbox One or PC and get a copy on the other system at no extra cost. All progress and saves carry between platforms, so it's a nice way to ... play anywhere. There are dozens of games in the Xbox Play Anywhere catalog now, including Cuphead, Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 4, and many others.

Also during the broadcast, community director Brian Jarrard confirmed Halo: MCC won't support cross-play between PC and Xbox One at launch, though this feature could come later if the community wants it and if it makes sense for the studio. While there is no cross-play between Xbox One and PC, people who buy MCC on Steam and the Microsoft Store can play together.

Finally, 343 confirmed it will hold a Reddit AMA on March 19 where it will answer questions about Halo: MCC on PC, the newly announced Halo Insider Program, and more.

Halo: MCC is coming to PC later this year, beginning with Halo: Reach, which is also headed to Xbox One. On PC, the releases will follow individually, for separate purchase, in chronological order: Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4.

New Call Of Duty Game Confirmed For Mobile, Teases Battle Royale

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 11:24

Activision is bringing a new Call of Duty game to mobile devices, and now what appears to be the first trailer for the title has come online. The game, which appears to be simply titled Call of Duty: Mobile, is a free-to-play game that promises "heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled action of Call of Duty with you wherever you go."

The game features "multiple game modes" across a number of different maps, including popular ones like Nuketown and Crash. According to Activision, the game is "optimised for mobile," but it's not exactly clear what that means in practice. At the end of the video, it appears Activision is teasing a battle royale mode, but it's not confirmed at this stage.

Call of Duty: Mobile also includes weapons and characters from previous Call of Duty games, including Black Ops and Modern Warfare. However, it's described as a standalone game that is not directly connected to any previous entry.

Activision is making Call of Duty: Mobile with "high-end" phones in mind, but the studio is also working to allow it to be "broadly accessible for as many other devices as well."

Call of Duty: Mobile is coming to Android and iOS, and you can pre-register now. Signing up gets you access to the opportunity to earn in-game rewards and learn about upcoming beta tests, which are set to begin later this year.

Last year, Activision announced a new Call of Duty mobile game for China that it was developing alongside Tencent. This is that same game, developed by Tencent's studio Timi, but now it's being expanded to other regions like North America, South America, Europe, and other places.

Call of Duty: Mobile isn't the only new Call of Duty title coming this year. This year's mainline instalment is on the way, and it's expected to feature a campaign mode which is notable since 2018's Black Ops 4 left it out. The game is rumoured to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 from developer Infinity Ward, but this is not confirmed.

You Decide What Happens To Bear Grylls In New Bandersnatch-Style Interactive Netflix Show

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 11:09

As part of Netflix's push to make more choose-your-own adventure style TV shows, the company has partnered with outdoorsman Bear Grylls for a new program.

The show is called "You vs. Wild," and it premieres on April 10. "Viewers join survival expert Bear Grylls on exciting adventures all over the world. Dense jungles, towering mountains, brutal deserts, and mysterious forests await, with tough decisions around every corner," reads a line from the press release announcing the show.

Viewers make "all the decisions," but we hope that whatever you choose, Grylls survives. There are eight episodes in You vs. Wild, all of which premiere on April 10.

Check out the interactive teaser video above to learn more about You vs. Wild.

Grylls served three years in the British Special Forces before going on to find mainstream success with his Discovery Channel show "Man vs. Wild," which inspired the 2011 video game of the same name.

The new Bear Grylls show appears to be part of Netflix's wider ambition to make more interactive shows after the success of the Black Mirror Bandersnatch episode.

Netflix VP Todd Yellin recently discussed Netflix's ambitions to make more choose-your-own adventure shows.

"We're doubling down on that," Yellin said during an event in Mumbai recently as reported by Variety. "So expect over the next year or two to see more interactive storytelling. And it won't necessarily be science fiction, or it won't necessarily be dark. It could be a wacky comedy. It could be a romance, where the audience gets to choose--should she go out with him or him."

Black Widow Movie Starring Scarlett Johansson Casts Second Lead Role

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 10:51

The upcoming Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson continues to add to its cast. Sources told Variety that Florence Pugh, who will be seen next in the eerie Pagan horror movie Midsommar, is joining Scarlett Johansson in the Black Widow film.

Pugh will play the second lead in Black Widow alongside Johansson, though it's unknown who she's playing. According to Variety's sources, Marvel considered "several candidates" for the role before deciding on Pugh after her won praise for her part in "Fighting With My Family."

It's still early days for the Black Widow film. It's unknown currently if it's an origin story for the character or how it'll factor into whatever happens in Avengers: Endgame. That film is believed to be the final entry in MCU Phase 3, so Black Widow would take place in Phase 4 at the earliest.

Australian director Cate Shortland (Somersault, Lore) is directing the Black Widow movie that's based on a script by Jac Schaeffer (Timer, The Hustle). Johansson is reportedly being paid $15 million to star in the Black Widow film.

Despite all of the news about the Black Widow film, Marvel has yet to officially announce it.

Black Widow the character will be seen next in April's Avengers: Endgame, with Johansson returning as one of the surviving members of the Avengers.

Avengers: Infinity War Almost Had A Very Different Ending

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 09:53

Avengers: Infinity War ended in dramatic fashion. The evil Thanos snapped his fingers and half the entire galaxy's population--including many beloved superheroes--perished. Writer Stephen McFeely said in a new interview that "the snap" wasn't always part of the movie.

Instead, McFeely told Empire that the writers considered waiting until the second act of Avengers: Endgame for Thanos to cut the world's population in half.

"We had so much story in those early drafts of Infinity War that, if anything, we thought we maybe shouldn't do 'the snap' until the end of act one of Endgame," he said.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige is also quoted in the story, saying that the writing and creative teams spent "years" considering the best way to tell the story of Infinity War and the overarching narrative. It was ultimately decided that Infinity War would end with "the snap," and this was truly a dramatic way to end the film.

"We talked about that ending for years and years and years," he explained. "It was the reason to adapt Infinity Gauntlet. What was the most shocking thing we could do? End the movie with 'the snap.'"

While the ending to Infinity War was unquestionably dramatic, many fans believe "the snap" may be undone in Endgame, given that many of the characters who perished have future movies in the pipeline. According to writer Christopher Markus, the deaths from Infinity War are "real," at least in some fashion.

"It is a different movie than you think it is," Markus said about Endgame. "We broke your heart. Now we're going to blow your mind."

Endgame is Marvel's next movie, and it's set to release in late-April around the world. It follows Captain Marvel, the Brie Larson-starring film that broke box office records. Endgame wraps up 10-plus years worth of storytelling, and it's expected to be the final film in Marvel's Phase 3 of its cinematic universe. You can see the latest Endgame trailer embedded above.

The Division 2 Skills Bug Patched, With Another On The Way

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 09:42

A bug in The Division 2 has been discovered that prevents proper use of skills, and Ubisoft has assured that a fix is on the way very soon. The bug apparently impacts both the length that skills are deployed and their cooldowns.

Players on the Division subreddit say the bug causes skills to deactivate only a few moments after triggering them. Then, in an odd fluke, the cooldown timer resets to 15 seconds, significantly shorter than usual. The community has tried testing the bug and so far hasn't been able to identify a specific cause.

The good news is that it won't be a problem for much longer. In a maintenance note, Ubisoft says it will be fixing the bug with a brief maintenance period today, March 18, but it warns there may be "remaining issues" related to the bug. The team is aiming to resolve those with another patch later in the week. In the meantime, Ubisoft suggests avoiding the "Extra" and "Overlap" talents, which it says appear to be the main culprits.

If you're struggling with The Division 2 even without the bugs, we have you covered. Check out our beginner's tips and how to level up fast, or just read up on the best guns. Or read up on reviews from around the industry.

"After spending 30 hours completing the campaign and beginning to dabble in the endgame, I'm still enamored with The Division 2," Edmond Tran said in our review-in-progress. "The range of enemy types continues to keep combat encounters challenging, the equipment I earn and pick up continues to feel different and valuable. The ravaged environments continue to intrigue, and sometimes they're so stunning I find myself needing to take a screenshot before I move on. There is still so much to see in The Division 2, but I want to take the time to see it. I have absolutely no clue why I'm here or what anyone's motivations are, and I wish I had a narrative purpose to my endless hunger for progression. But I'm glad to be here right now."

Destiny 2: Here's What You Get For Picking Drifter Or Vanguard

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 09:08

Destiny 2's Jokers Wild expansion is slowly adding to the story of the Drifter, the character who runs the competitive Gambit mode and whose agenda and morality aren't quite clear. The Drifter acts nice, but he advocates for using less-than-noble methods to fight the enemies of humanity, and there are elements in the Vanguard--the military body governing the immortal Guardians players embody--who don't trust him.

After spending a bunch of time with the Drifter and participating in his Gambit events, Jokers Wild presents you with a choice: either help the Vanguard spy on him, or side with him and his unorthodox methods. Your choice kicks off a quest line specific to each side, and it has long-term repercussions, including special rewards depending on where your allegiance lies.

Bungie explained exactly what rewards you can expect on its This Week At Bungie blog. Once you choose a side, you're with them for the long haul, and you'll get a reward from that side every Tuesday at Destiny 2's weekly reset through the rest of Season 6.

If you choose the Drifter, you get one of each kind of Gambit Prime Synth each week, plus 100 Infamy points in Gambit. On the Vanguard side, you get 10 Vanguard Tactician tokens, a Boon of the Vanguard item that gives you extra tokens during Strikes, and an Enhancement Core each week. Both sides give a piece of Powerful gear each week--if you pick Drifter, you'll get a piece of Gambit gear; if you pick Vanguard, you'll get Powerful Vanguard gear.

Both sides also offer special lore options. Working with the Drifter teaches you more about him, while siding with the Vanguard lets you fill out the lore book called "The Warlock Aunor."

You're stuck with your choice when you choose either Drifter or Vanguard, but luckily, it's possible to make both choices to check out everything. Your allegiance choice only applies to one character, so you can make a separate choice with another one to get both sets of rewards and lore.

Apex Legends Won't Get Fortnite-Style Challenges For Now, And Here's Why

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 09:08

Now that Respawn has shared more details on the new character, Octane, and the first Apex Legends battle pass, it's confirmed that the battle pass doesn't feature any Fortnite-style challenges. In a blog post, Respawn said it might consider adding challenges or quests in future battle passes, but not in the first one because the studio wanted to instead give players more time to learn and experiment with the initial roster of characters.

"You'll notice the first version isn't built around a complex quest system where you need to do a 720 backflip off of Watchtower Artemis and get two Wingman headshots before hitting the ground," Respawn said in a sentence that appears to be referencing Fortnite. "While we think there’s really cool design space in quests and challenges for future Battle Passes, we wanted the initial version to allow our players to just play and learn the game."

While there are no challenges in the first Apex Legends battle pass, which is called the Wild Frontier Battle Pass, there is a progression system that rewards players who try out a number of different characters. "This season is about exploring the new meta and variety of team comps driven by the launch of our first new Legend, Octane," Respawn said.

Respawn also confirmed that almost everything in Apex Legends' first battle pass will be forever exclusive to Season 1. The only exception is that Apex Packs will be available every season, and their content won't be exclusive to any one season.

Looking ahead, Respawn said you can expect future Apex Legends battle passes to include more "improvements, updates, and tweaks." The studio teased that it has a "lot of cool ideas in the works," and you can expect those to release over time.

For more on the first Apex Legends battle pass and Octane, check out the stories below.

Devil May Cry 5 For $48, And More From This Massive Steam Game Spring Sale

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 09:08

While large batches of PlayStation and Xbox games are discounted on a weekly basis, it's not as common to see hundreds of Steam games marked down at once. Luckily, Fanatical's spring sale is here to fill that gap and save PC gamers money on some of the best games on Steam. The retailer, which sells Steam keys that are officially licensed from game publishers, has been posting new game deals throughout the month, with the latest batch of deals going live today. Please note you must have a Steam account to take advantage of them.

Even better: Fanatical is offering a coupon code that lets you take an additional 10% off the site price (with the exception of pre-orders, bundles, and Star deals). The promo code is FANATICAL10 and will help you save even more money on these discounted games.

One of the most notable deals is Devil May Cry 5, the latest game in the hack-and-slash demon hunting series. Released less than two weeks ago, the Capcom title is discounted by 20% as part of Fanatical's sale, so you can grab a Steam key for it for just $48 (it's still $60 at all major retailers). Unfortunately, this is the one game you can't use the promo code on, but $12 off is still a hefty discount for a brand new, highly rated game.

In GameSpot's Devil May Cry 5 review, the game received a 9/10. "Rarely does the game stumble, consistently leveraging its spectacle and mechanical depth to push aside any small frustrations," wrote GameSpot's Matt Espineli. "All the while, the story exudes a charismatic charm that keeps you constantly intrigued as you’re refining your skills."

Tons of other great PC games are on sale over the next two weeks, including Civilization VI, which you can get for $16.20; Frostpunk, which is discounted at $15.20; the entire XCOM 2 collection, which is $31.50; and Yakuza 0, which is selling for $11.51.

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See some of our picks on the best Steam deals below, and take note of the day and time each deal ends. The below prices include the coupon code discount.

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New Nintendo Direct-Style Showcase Airing This Week

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 09:00

Nintendo is broadcasting another Direct-style presentation this week, this one focusing on indie games. The annual spring Nindies Showcase airs on Wednesday, March 20, and it'll offer a glimpse at a number of indie titles on the way to Switch in the near future.

The presentation is scheduled to begin at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 4 PM GMT. As usual, you'll be able to stream it on Nintendo's website, Twitch, and YouTube channels. You'll also be able to tune in right here on GameSpot when the time comes and watch the broadcast below.

Nintendo hasn't shared any further details about this week's Nindies Showcase, so we don't yet know what games will be featured. However, the company has confirmed the presentation will run approximately 30 minutes--longer than most typical Nintendo Directs--which suggests it'll be packed with news and reveals.

Nintendo of Europe aired its own indie-focused presentation back in January, which included the announcement of SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, the newest game in Image & Form's acclaimed series. That presentation was also followed by the surprise release of several titles, including When Ski Lifts Go Wrong and Unruly Heroes.

The Nindies Showcase follows a few weeks after Nintendo's big February Direct, which gave us our first glimpse at Super Mario Maker 2, a Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake, and more. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company also recently revealed Pokemon Sword and Shield, the series' upcoming "core" installments for Switch, during their own Pokemon-focused Direct at the end of February.

Jump Force DLC Roadmap Includes New Characters And More

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 08:57

Reception for Bandai Namco's latest crossover fighter, Jump Force, has been fairly lukewarm. Despite the middling reviews, Japanese developer Spike Chunsoft's committed to delivering content to the Shonen fighter, and publisher Bandai Namco has now shared a content roadmap.

Content is planned from April to August and will feature both free and paid DLC with new characters, avatar costumes, events, stages, and more. April will see the game's first free DLC update. With it comes a Clan feature, a Vertex event, and new avatar costumes. May will feature both free and paid DLC. On the paid side, players will get legendary duelist Seto Kaiba, two unannounced playable characters, and avatar costumes and skills. Players will also get an online link mission, a raid boss event, and the World Tournament stage for the low price of free.

June's another free DLC month--and it's relatively light on content. Players will get a new arena event and additional avatar costumes. In July, players will get a tournament event and more avatar costumes for free.

The content roadmap rounds out in August with both free and paid DLC similar to May. Players will be able to purchase three unannounced playable characters and additional avatar costumes and skills. Further, even more avatar costumes and the Valley fo the End stage will be offered to players for free.

Check out the photo below for the full content roadmap.

In our Jump Force review, we called it "a worthy celebration of the legacy of Shonen Jump manga, but it honors its source material a little too well with how filler-heavy the middle of its story arc is, saying "there's ample opportunity to develop new strategies and reach greater feats of combat prowess in online multiplayer."

Jump Force is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Google's GDC Gaming News: Date, Time, How To Watch, And What We Know

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 08:51

Google is expected to reveal some kind of gaming news at the Game Developers Conference on March 19. Exactly what that will be remains to be seen, although some kind of cloud gaming service and/or hardware has been the suspicion since the company first teased an announcement for GDC 2019.

This being Google, it could be major news--cloud gaming is a big part of gaming's future, and a massive company getting involved has the potential to shake things up for the industry. With all of that in mind, we've rounded up some of the essential information regarding both Google's event and some things to know about cloud gaming. We'll update this once the news from Google, whatever it turns out to be, is announced.

Google GDC Livestream And Time

Provided you're eager to find out what Google is up to as soon as possible, you'll be able to watch a Google keynote livestream of the event. It takes place on March 19 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT (4 AM AET on March 20).

As for what to expect, Google recently shared a teaser video showing off various environments. It also said the event would "unveil Google's vision for the future of gaming."

Why Is Cloud Gaming A Big Deal?

Cloud gaming isn't new by any means; PlayStation Now, for instance, has been around for a while. But we're finally reaching the point at which it stands to become a more significant component of how games are distributed. That doesn't necessarily mean cloud gaming will replace consoles and dedicated hardware, as it could be a matter of complementing those things. To get you up to speed, we've put together an explainer on why cloud gaming is the future.

Jade Raymond Is (Probably) Involved

Just ahead of GDC, Jade Raymond announced that she has joined Google as a vice president. We don't yet know exactly what Raymond--who is best known for her work as a producer on Assassin's Creed--will be doing, but it seems fair to assume that she'll be helping to spearhead whatever this "future of gaming" is that Google has in mind.

Who's The Competition?

As noted above, PlayStation Now already exists, and Microsoft just recently showcased its xCloud streaming technology, with Forza Horizon 4 being played on a phone. Microsoft also announced plans to begin public testing this year. To help you keep track of all this, we've assembled a list of the top companies in the cloud gaming space.

WWE Wrestlemania 35 Rumors: Kurt Angle's Final Opponent, No Demon Balor

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 08:24

With matches for this year's Wrestlemania not finalized, everyone is wondering what the final card for the show is going to look like. And that's when the rumors start pouring in. What surprises can we expect and what are industry insiders talking about?

Looking through the biggest rumors so far, there are a lot of questions about who Kurt Angle and John Cena will face at the biggest show of the year, and not so much talk about The Undertaker--probably because he's being booked at Starrcast, the companion event for AEW's Double or Nothing, in May. Here's the hottest rumors right now. And we'll make sure to keep you updated on how all of these pan out.

The Demon At Mania? (Probably not)

Could Finn Balor show up to Wrestlemania as "The Demon?" That's what everyone's talking about after a Wrestlemania, which you can see in the alleged WWE advert above. However, it's fanmade. It comes from MStudio on Instagram, a graphic designer. Trust me, I'd love to see The Demon make his return to the ring as well, but this poster is not confirmation in any way of this. Regardless, MStudio does some pretty fantastic work.

Beth And Natalya

The women's tag division is still a very new thing, and there are many people speculating that Beth Phoenix and Natalya will team up to take on champions Sasha Banks and Bayley for the titles. Phoenix has been involved in a social media battle with Nia Jax, after their recent brawl with each other at Fastlane. Does this mean Banks and Bayley will drop the titles before the event or will this be a triple threat because Nia Jax and Tamina have to be involved.

Who Will Kurt Fight?

Kurt Angle is having his final match at Wrestlemania 35, but who will he fight? Let's get to speculating! Many people believe he'll take on John Cena one more time, as Angle was Cena's first opponent on Smackdown. There is also talk of Shelton Benjamin and Angle duking it out, as they've been talking to each other on Twitter and Instagram about it. While both matches seem to be solid, the latter is the real winner because of Angle and Shelton's working relationship in the past.

Dean Ambrose's Final Match

Shield member Dean Ambrose has still not resigned with WWE, as far as we knew, so that means Wrestlemania 35 will likely be his final match with the company. According to Bleacher report, Ambrose may team with Roman Reigns to take on Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin at the PPV. Meanwhile, the third member of The Shield, Roman Reigns, will be taking on Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

We'll keep you updated on these rumors as the weeks progress, and make sure to come back to GameSpot on Sunday, April 7 for live coverage and review of Wrestlemania.

Game Of Thrones Prequel Show Cast Grows Further

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 08:09

It's no secret the Game of Thrones universe will continue despite the fantasy drama's final season approaching. While the current show will end after Season 8, a prequel is in the works. There are some big names already attached to the project, and the cast has now grown one name larger.

According to Entertainment Weekly, English actress Miranda Richardson (Harry Potter's Rita Skeeter, Belle, Testament of Youth) is reported to join the cast in what's said to be a series regular role. No other information regarding her character has been revealed.

In addition to Richardson, the Game of Thrones prequel will star Denise Gough (Juliet, Naked, Robin Hood), Jamie Campbell Bower (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, The Twilight Saga), Ivanno Jeremiah (Black Mirror, Doctor Who), Naomi Ackie (Doctor Who, Lady Macbeth), Naomi Watts (The Divergent Series, Vice), Sheila Atim (Harlots, Twelfth Night), and more. Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass, Kingsman) is spearheading the project in collaboration with series author George R.R. Martin.

The prequel is rumored to be titled The Long Night, based on previous comments made by Martin, but that has not been officially announced. The synopsis for the show reads, "Taking place thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones, the series chronicles the world's descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour. And only one thing is for sure: from the horrifying secrets of Westeros's history to the true origin of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend... it's not the story we think we know."

Apart from this, very little's known about the prequel. Martin did say it would be different from the main series. "Westeros is a very different place. There’s no King’s Landing. There’s no Iron Throne. There are no Targaryens," he told EW. "Valyria has hardly begun to rise yet with its dragons and the great empire that it built. We’re dealing with a different and older world and hopefully that will be part of the fun of the series."