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Get This Yakuza And Streets Of Rage Crossover For Free Before It's Gone

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 23:48

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is set to release next month on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC, and SEGA has created something we didn't know we needed to hold us off. Streets of Kamurocho combines the Yakuza series' classic flavor and characters with Streets of Rage 2 to create the ultimate mashup. The best part? It's free, but you don't have much time to grab it.

See it on Steam

Only available until tomorrow, October 19 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, Streets of Kamurocho takes the characters Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima--the stars of most of the series' games—and tosses them into Kamurocho for a Streets of Rage brawl-fest.

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An Undertale Fan Is Turning The Soundtrack Into A Ska Album

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 03:17

Jeremy Hunter has been performing incredible covers of popular songs reimagined as third-wave ska tunes for the last few years, and we've seen several video game references and nods on their YouTube channel Skatune Network. Hunter's latest project is a full covers album devoted to Toby Fox's Undertale, and the first song is available for all checkered Vans-wearing, upbeat-loving Undertale fans everywhere.

Skatune Network's new album cover art

Featuring 10 reimagined versions of tracks from Undertale, the record is called "Despite Everything, It's Still You," and includes a number of collaborations. Patrick from the J-Music Ensemble, which combines J-pop with jazz, is among the musicians Hunter brought on to complete the project.

The first single from the record is "Determination," which charges forward from the first beat with a bouncy mix of brass, bass licks, and drums. Hunter plays most of the instruments on the song, with Max Boiko of the VGM Collective playing trumpet and Elwood Bond behind the drums. Boiko even adds a little jazzy flair with a trumpet solo, backed up by Hunter's tenor saxophone. More videos are expected over the next few weeks. You'll likely be able to pick up (pick it up pick it up) the record a short time later.

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Hades Changes What It Means To Be A Roguelike

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 02:00

Megaera, one of Hades' earliest bosses, stood before me for the first time. I had done a handful of runs through the underworldly roguelike but had never made it far. I was determined to change that with this run. I used all of my focus to dash, dodge, and dance around her until both our health bars were nearly depleted. I made one final swing to finish her off. Finally, I had won.

The high of victory wouldn't last long though--I died shortly after that boss fight and returned to the House of Hades. But I was surprised to find Megaera waiting for me in the lounge.

"The next time we fight, you better finish me off," she said in an encounter I hadn't experienced before. I'd run into similar situations in other roguelikes, where I fought a new boss in Slay the Spire or Dead Cells, but had never been rewarded for failing.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's Lightsaber Will Soon Be At Galaxy's Edge

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 01:13

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge includes an area called Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities where you can create your own lightsaber based on one from the films, and the Disney attraction is expanding to video games, as well. In 2021, you'll be able to purchase Cal Kestis' lightsaber from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Artwork for Cal Kestis' lightsaber

The first video game lightsaber to be available at Galaxy's Edge, Cal Kestis' lightsaber was damaged late in the game's storyline, and it appears the version available for purchase will reflect this. It will be joined by Count Dooku's curved fencing-style saber this fall, and you'll also get to customize sabers with Ahsoka Tano's hilts and blades from The Clone Wars series.

What's interesting about the Cal Kestis saber is that it wasn't limited to a set design. As you progress through the Fallen Order story and collect more items and unlockables, you can change nearly everything on the lightsaber. This includes the hilt as well as the color itself, and this can be swapped at will to change things up. Of course, in Star Wars lore, this isn't actually possible, as the color is tied to the crystal placed inside. You can even switch between having it work as a standard saber, a Maul-style double-bladed saber, or a split saber for dual-wielding. The different configurations suit certain enemies better. Some of the colors available are also pretty rare, including multiple shades of blue. These don't have any effect on damage or performance.

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The Oregon Trail Documentary Examines Legendary Game's Origins

Sun, 10/18/2020 - 00:03

The best day in elementary school was when your whole class went into the computer lab and instead of using some boring science or math program, you got to play The Oregon Trail. The educational game has seen many iterations and has been around for decades, and MinnMax founder (and former Game Informer video producer) Ben Hanson has produced a documentary examining its unusual origins. You can watch the entire thing right here.

Trailheads: The Oregon Trail is a free YouTube documentary that examines the game's Minnesota roots, including how it was initially created in college by the three-person team of Bill Heinemann, Paul Dillenberger, and Don Rawitsch and donated to the state's MECC organization.

You've almost certainly played some version of The Oregon Trail if you live in the United States, as it has been a staple in schools for years and dates back in one form or another to 1971. It gained particular popularity on the Apple II computer and you can even get a handheld version that resembles that computer. It's the full version of the game, too, with hunting and other mini-games left intact. Be careful, or you'll die of dysentary.

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Sony Apologizes For PS5 Voice Recording Confusion, Says It's Used For Reporting Harassment

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 23:28

Following the controversy surrounding the PS5's voice chat functionality--and Sony having to clarify that it would not be recording your voice through the console--the company has offered an apology and a better explanation of how chat is going to work on the system.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, SIE VP of Global Consumer Experience Catherine Jensen said that the voice chat recording function will be used for players to report harassment while playing games. The most-recent five minutes of a voice chat will be available to players to record and send to Sony's consumer experience team to make a decision.

The notification players see that lets them know they may be recorded is likely a matter of legality. In certain regions, including some parts of the US, it is illegal to record someone's voice without their consent.

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Genshin Impact Microtransactions: What Are Wishes And How Does Gacha Work

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 11:30

So you're interested in trying out Genshin Impact, but there's something you're a bit worried about. While Genshin Impact is a free download, you're told it makes money from something called "gacha." And judging from what you've heard about other free-to-play games, you assume gacha is suffering. You've witnessed tales of woe on social media, of people spending hundreds of dollars in hopes of obtaining rare characters with nothing to show for it. You're afraid of getting sucked into a vortex that invites you in for free but will proceed to empty your wallet and your soul.

Well, there's good news for you--it's very easy to enjoy Genshin Impact and take part in its gacha system without spending much, or anything at all! In fact, this may be one of the best gacha-driven free-to-play games for gamers on a budget. Even if you don't get the luckiest results, you can enjoy exploring and questing through the game for free. To help you figure out how best to spend your resources, we've made a guide explaining Genshin Impact's gacha mechanics and what to look out for. If you've any further questions about how it all works, be sure to leave them in the comments below. Otherwise, be sure to read our full thoughts about the game in our Genshin Impact review.

What is "Gacha"?

Gacha (named after popular toy-dispensing machines) is a popular monetization scheme that's akin to loot boxes and often found in free-to-play games developed in East Asia. In games with a gacha system, the base game is offered as a no-cost download and is playable without spending money. However, you can choose to buy special in-game premium currency and spend it to "roll" for randomized elements that have an effect on gameplay--usually weapons, equippable items, and even playable characters. The system is especially popular in mobile games like Fire Emblem Heroes, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Fate/Grand Order.

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Disney Is Letting Fox Sneak A Horror Movie Into Theaters As Halloween Approaches

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 10:08

As All Hallows' Eve closes in, many of us are wading into our collections of horror movies looking for a good, wholesome scare. The scariest option, though, might be to head into a movie theater to see the new supernatural horror film The Empty Man, which hits the big screen next week.

The Empty Man, based on a comic from Boom! Studios, tells the story of ex-cop James Lasombra (James Badge Dale) as he searches for a missing girl and comes across "a secretive group attempting to summon a terrifying supernatural entity." As the trailer describes, all it takes to summon the Empty Man is finding an empty bottle on a bridge, and then blowing into that bottle while you think about him.

The story sounds pretty straightforward, but perhaps more interesting is the fact that this movie hits theaters on October 23 when so many movies are being pushed into 2021 or shifted to streaming services. The Empty Man is a holdover from before Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox. The studio first optioned the comic book in 2016, and the movie was initially scheduled to hit theaters on August 7, 2020.

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HDMI 2.1 Explainer: Benefits, Supported Games, And Should I Have It Have For Next-Gen?

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 10:00

With next-gen consoles come new hardware standards. Among the new technical upgrades coming with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S HDMI 2.1 support. But what exactly makes HDMI 2.1 different, and is it worth buying a new TV for? We're here to provide you with answers to those burning questions.

Below, we break down everything you need to know about HDMI 2.1, such as the improvements to color and HDR it offers. As you'd expect, its most significant benefit to gaming is the ability to output 4K at 120fps, so we also touch on some of the titles confirmed to support it. If you're interested in buying a TV with HDMI 2.1, check out our roundup of the best 4K TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Otherwise, read on for everything you need to know or check out the video version of this feature in the player below for a more visual look at what we've detailed.

What Is HDMI 2.1, And What Are Its Benefits?

In short, HDMI 2.1 is the latest version of HDMI that distinguishes itself by being capable of transmitting an impressive bandwidth of 48 Gbps (GigaBits) in the cable. This is a considerable improvement from the previous 2.0 cables, which carry 18 Gbps. In general, bandwidth determines the max amount of data the signal in the cable can send. The higher the resolution and frame rate, the more data is needed.

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Double Fine Brings Classic LucasArts Titles To Xbox Game Pass Later This Month

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 07:12

Quirky developer Double Fine Productions has announced that its classic LucasArts adventure games--Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and Grim Fandango--hit Xbox Game Pass on October 29. This is the first time these games launch on Xbox consoles.

The studio took to Twitter to deliver the news. All three adventure games will be available to all Xbox Game Pass members. Double Fine confirmed in a follow-up tweet that each game will be playable on Android devices, Windows 10 PCs, and Xbox consoles (likely meaning the Xbox One and the forthcoming Xbox Series X/S).

Each adventure game originally launched in the '90s, developed and published by LucasArts, a game studio also responsible for Star Wars games like Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: TIE Fighter. After ceasing operation as a developer in April 2013 following an acquisition by Disney in October 2012, Double Fine picked up the games.

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Atari Is Making Cryptocurrency In Addition To New Console

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 06:31

Atari is preparing to launch a new console this fall, but the hardware will come alongside another business venture: a new approach to cryptocurrency. The Atari VCS is aiming to hit in November, and will let players buy wares using new "Atari Tokens."

Bloomberg reports that starting October 29, Bitcoin Exchange will sell $1 million in Atari Tokens for 25 cents apiece. Players will be able to use tokens to buy in-game purchases, and Atari foresees the possibility of using its Tokens currency as an industry standard. It's also said to be working on a gaming stablecoin, which isn't ready to launch yet.

Atari is much smaller than its former self, currently at only around 20 staffers. The console launch and cryptocurrency hook are aimed at bringing back the brand after it emerged from bankruptcy. The strategy will rely on players hungry for nostalgia, as the Atari VCS is looking to introduce reimagined versions of classic Atari games like Missile Command: Recharged. It may be a difficult sell, though, coming in at $390--roughly the price of the all-digital PS5.

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The Best Anime Gifts For Christmas 2020

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 06:21

It's a great time to be an anime fan, with dedicated streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation and mainstream services like Netflix and Hulu all offering a diverse range of shows and movies. If you're shopping for someone who loves anime this holiday season, you might not know where to start with gifts, but there are so many great options, from Blu-ray sets to anime-inspired video games, merch, and more. Buying them a subscription to one of the aforementioned anime streaming services is one of the best gifts you could give them as well.

Though it helps to ask them directly what anime shows or movies they're into, we're here to point you in the right direction with anime gift ideas many fans would be thrilled to receive. Here are some of the best gifts for anime fans in 2020.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

There aren't many anime video games that capture the look and feel of their respective show, but Dragon Ball FighterZ does so with the utmost grace and blazing fast action. The game earned an impressive 9/10 in GameSpot’s Dragon Ball FighterZ review. Critic Peter Brown wrote, "FighterZ is complex and distinct enough to be enjoyed by fighting game competitors, but there's no question that it's been designed to tap into the hearts of Dragon Ball's most dedicated fans, and no doubt those same qualities will win people over who've never given the series a chance."

See at Amazon Pokemon Sword and Shield Switch

The latest mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, released last year, and since then Nintendo has released the first of two DLC packages as part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass. The Isle of Armor released earlier this year, while The Crown Tundra DLC is set to release October 22, which means both will be out by the holidays. If you're shopping for someone who missed out on Pokemon Sword and Shield last year, there's now an option to buy either one of the base games bundled with the full expansion pass. There's no discount for doing so--the bundle costs $90, the full price of the game and expansion--but it'd make a nice gift for a die-hard Pokemon fan. The games received a 9/10 in GameSpot's Pokemon Sword and Shield review for their rewarding raids, free exploration, and more.

See base game at Best Buy See expansion bundle at Amazon Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Switch, PS4, PC

Released in August, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is based on the popular sports anime and features a mix of fast-paced soccer gameplay and story modes that cover both the events of the anime and original content.

See at Amazon Jump Force - Deluxe Edition Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Jump Force is the ultimate anime-crossover fighting game, with characters from more than a dozen different series clashing in tag-team battles. GameSpot scored it a 7/10 in our Jump Force review, praising its action, character customization, and how it captures the feel of all of the characters.

See at Amazon Studio Ghibli Steelbooks

Released this year, these new Studio Ghibli limited-edition steelbooks offer some of the Japanese animation studio's most popular films in a striking new package. Each steelbook comes with a Blu-ray and DVD copy, though unfortunately no digital copy is included. As always, these Blu-rays include neat bonus features like Behind the Microphone, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the voiceover process; an audio commentary; feature-length storyboards; and more.

See Nausicaa at Amazon See Kiki's Delivery Service at Amazon See Howl's Moving Castle at Amazon Promare Blu-ray Steelbook

One of the biggest anime films of 2019, Promare is an action-heavy film set in a world where half of the human population has been killed by spontaneous combustion, leaving a group of mutants with pyrokinetic abilities behind. Developed by Studio Trigger, known for Kill la Kill and more, Promare is one of the must-see anime films of recent years, and it's available in this stunning limited-edition steelbook, which makes a great gift for any anime fan.

See at Amazon Weathering with You Limited-Edition Blu-ray Steelbook

Directed by Makoto Shinkai (Your Name), Weathering with You is about a girl with the ability to manipulate the weather and her friendship with a boy who's run away from home. Beautiful, funny, and heartwrenching, Weathering with You is a worthy successor to Your Name, and even if the person you're shopping for has seen it, they'll appreciate having this gorgeous limited-edition steelbook, which comes with special features.

See at Amazon Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series Steelbook Set

The entirety of Cowboy Bebop, a massively popular sci-fi anime about a group of galactic bounty hunters, is compiled in a brand-new steelbook package with four Blu-ray discs. It includes every episode of the anime along with special features like English and Japanese commentaries, interviews, and more. Cowboy Bebop is regarded as a rare classic, so this limited edition will be a real gem for any fan.

See at Amazon Dragon Ball Complete Box Set

The entire Dragon Ball manga is collected in this complete box set, featuring all 16 volumes of the series that inspired the wildly popular show. The manga follows Goku, a strange kid with a tail, as he searches for seven artifacts known as the Dragon Balls, which are said to grant the wish of anyone who finds them all. If you were wondering were Goku's saga behind, this is a fantastic buy.

See at Amazon Dragon Ball Z Manga: Complete Box Set

For those willing to go into full otaku mode, this box set compiles the rest of the Dragon Ball manga, which covers the events of the Dragon Ball Z anime. From Raditz to Majin Buu, this collection has it all. Goku and friends protect Earth (and the rest of the universe) from a barrage of bad guys, each more powerful than the last.

See at Amazon Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The first film in the Dragon Ball Super series reimagines the ultra-powerful Broly, making him a more interesting and sympathetic character. The evil Frieza wants to take advantage of the super-strong Saiyan, pitting him against Goku and Vegeta, who must combine forces to defeat their new foe. It's a perfect buy for any Dragon Ball Super marathon viewing.

See at Amazon Uno: One Piece Edition

This package includes the classic card game Uno, adorned with various characters, one of the most popular and longest-running anime series out there right now. It doesn't get much better than this.

See at Amazon Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set and 4K Blu-ray

Whether they're a longtime fan of Akira or want to read the acclaimed manga for the first time, this 35th anniversary box set is the ultimate gift. The set includes six beautiful hardcover volumes that cover the entire story of Akira, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk version of Tokyo, and features the original Japanese art with the right-to-left reading format. In addition to the manga itself, the set also includes the Akira Club art book and an exclusive iron-on patch.

For fans of the movie, there's also a new 4K Blu-ray limited edition of Akira releasing December 22--if you preorder at Amazon, you'll get the Blu-ray on release day, just in time for Christmas. This limited edition contains a fully remastered version of the 1988 film in both 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray formats along with special features, including a storyboard collection, the end credits from the original theatrical release, and more.

See box set at Amazon See limited-edition Blu-ray at Amazon Fullmetal Alchemist: Alphonse Elric

Nendoroids are more expensive than Funko Pops, but they're also higher quality and feel like real collectibles. For anime fans, there are a ton of great Nendoroids out there, but this particularly adorable one featuring Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood caught our eye. The Nendo comes with multiple faceplates to give Al different expressions or have him look different directions, and because he's also a cat lover, the Nendo comes with two little kittles to display near him.

For more anime Nendoroids, Good Smile is the best place to shop, but you can also find some of them at Amazon.

See at Amazon See at Good Smile US Fruits Basket sticker collection

Fruits Basket was one of the most popular manga of the early 2000s, and with a remake of the original Fruits Basket anime currently in progress, there's definitely been a resurgence in Fruits Basket's popularity. This cute sticker set is only $1 at Right Stuf Anime and would make a nice stocking stuffer. If you want to get them a bigger Fruits Basket gift, you can also buy Blu-rays of the first and second parts of Season 1 at Amazon.

See at Right Stuf Anime Animewave T-Shirt

TeePublic offers thousands of designs from independent artists that can be printed on T-shirts and other apparel. It's worth browsing all of the store's designs--you can search "anime" if you want--but this particular design from Illustrata caught our eye with its retro, vaporwave-style design. You can really customize your order, from the color of the T-shirt and design to the cut and style of it.

See at TeePublic Studio Ghibli Teacups

These three Japanese-style teacups are just too cute and are sure to get plenty of use by the Ghibli fan in your life. The first two cups feature little images and the names of characters (both in English and Japanese) from My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away, while the third cup shows Big Totoro and his friends engaged in their iconic dondoko dance.

See Totoro & Friends mug at Amazon See Spirited Away mug at Amazon See Totoro Dondoko Dance mug at Amazon Sailor Moon "Pretty Guardian" Eyeshadow Palette

The entire Sailor Moon ColourPop collection is currently back in stock (at time of publish), and the standout product is this stunning eyeshadow palette, which features shade names inspired by the iconic anime. We've tested this palette ourselves and can vouch for its quality--the shades are ultra-pigmented and perfect for those who love pastel colors. The collection also includes blushes, glitter gels, and liquid lips, and you can buy it all as a bundle for $89. If you're shopping for someone who loves Sailor Moon and/or makeup, this is a must-buy.

See palette at ColourPop See full collection at ColourPop My Hero Academia: Deku Glow-in-the-Dark Pop Vinyl

My Hero Academia's protagonist, Deku, gets a new, limited-edition Funko Pop this November. Announced earlier this year during New York Toy Fair, this new glow-in-the-dark Pop is finally about to release and makes a great gift for fans of the hit manga and anime.

See at Entertainment Earth My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Released in North America earlier this year, the latest (and final) My Hero Academia film is available on Blu-ray October 27 and makes a great gift for someone who wasn't able to see it in theaters. The movie follows Deku and the rest of Class 1-A as they temporarily take over a hero agency to learn how to respond to problems without hero supervision. You can preorder the Blu-ray at both Amazon and Best Buy--Amazon's edition comes with a free digital comic, while Best Buy's comes in a steelbook.

See at Amazon See at Best Buy Studio Ghibli Landmarks Throw Blanket

On cold winter nights, there's nothing better than a big blanket to curl up in, and this throw inspired by Spirited Away will help keep them feeling cozy. It features landmarks from the hit film, such as the bridge and the bathhouse.

See at Box Lunch Aggretsuko Classic Enamel Pin

Aggretsuko is one of the best anime on Netflix right now, and this FigPin is perfect for someone who loves Sanrio's heavy metal-loving red panda. This 3-inch collectible pin can be displayed thanks to a backer card it comes with, and it also comes with a unique ID code that contains details on its edition run, artist bio, and rarity scale.

See at Entertainment Earth Funimation Gift Card

Funimation's gift cards can be used in its online store on various Blu-rays, merchandise, and more, including a Funimation Now subscription. Funimation Now provides access to a library of English-dubbed series, though some do feature an option to watch in the original Japanese with subtitles.

See at Funimation Right Stuf Anime Gift Card

Rightstuf’s gift cards can be used on the anime retailer's website, which features a huge selection of products, ranging from Blu-rays and manga to figures, collectibles, and clothing. The gift certificate can be purchased in $10, $25, $50, and $100 options.

See at Right Stuf Anime

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Doctor Strange 2 Adds New Cast Member

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 05:54

The long-awaited Doctor Strange 2 has had its share of setbacks--including losing original director Scott Derrickson, until Spider-Man's Sam Raimi stepped in earlier this year--but hopefully they will be firmly a thing of the past, especially as new casting announcements are coming out. According to Deadline, Xochitl Gomez (The Baby-Sitters Club) will be the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It has not yet been announced who she will be playing.

Benedict Cumberbatch will be returning in the title role, and also reprising roles are Benedict Wong (Deadly Class) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (The Lion King)--Wong as the sorcerer coincidentally with the same name, and Ejiofor as nemesis Karl Mondo. Elizabeth Olsen (Avengers: Age of Ultron) is also reportedly due to return as Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff for a storyline that will connect with this year's still upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision. As it stands, the WandaVision show will be the only MCU release for the year--the last time a year went by without a new movie was 2009.

Information regarding the sequel is still scarce. In a recent interview, Cumberbatch indicated that filming is due to start either "in late October or early November," so it is reasonable to expect more details to emerge sooner rather than later. While Derrickson is no longer producing, he previously revealed he will stay on as an executive producer.

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Future Bethesda Titles Don't Need To Be On PS5, Says Xbox's Phil Spencer

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 05:35

Last month Microsoft announced the acquisition of ZeniMax Media and its subsidiaries, including Doom, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout publisher Bethesda. While Microsoft hasn't detailed its release plans for Bethesda titles in the future, Xbox's Phil Spencer says that the price of the deal isn't forcing any decisions.

The acquisition cost Microsoft $7.5 billion and is expected to close soon, but Microsoft has said that existing exclusivity deals for games like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo on the PlayStation 5 will not be changed. The future of Bethesda titles is less certain, however, with Microsoft previously stating that it would determine release platforms for games on a "case-by-case" basis.

Spencer, speaking to Kotaku, didn't elaborate on that stance, but did mention that Microsoft has no obligation to release games on platforms it doesn't control for the financial aspect of the deal to make sense.

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Joe Biden's Animal Crossing Island Has Ice Cream, Dogs, And Model Trains

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 05:18

The Joe Biden campaign put some serious work into its island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Democratic presidential nominee can be seen walking around his field office, a polling place, and much more in the meticulously designed 'Biden HQ.' He'll shout one of his campaign slogans, "no malarkey" if you speak to his character. And that's a fact, Jack.

"A lot of the residents on the island are dogs, Joe Biden loves dogs," said Kinda Funny's Greg Miller while exploring the island on Twitch. Kinda Funny debuted the town on their stream on October 16 by visiting it with the Dream Suite. Miller was joined by Animal Talking Host Gary Whitta. Whitta expanded into a show called Talk Guys recently, which takes place in the online multiplayer game Fall Guys. It's a game that doesn't seem as fitting for a talk show as the relaxing Animal Crossing.

Biden HQ's Polling Place

The island has Joe Biden yard signs, a field office with a basement full of trains (one of Joe Biden's nicknames is 'Amtrak Joe' since he often commuted by train), a polling place with voter information, and an ice cream stand in front of Nook's Cranny. There are a lot of fun spaces on the island, including Joe Biden fliers (made with custom designs) on the ground in places.

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Last Chance To Claim Escape From Tarkov Gifts And 25% Off Discount

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 05:17

Battlestate Games, the studio behind Escape From Tarkov, is celebrating its birthday this week. As a thank you to its fans, the team has marked down all preorder editions of the game by 25%, but there's not long left to take advantage of it. The sale ends today, October 16 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. This is also your last chance to claim your free in-game gift bundle—another token of Battlestate's gratitude.

Friends! Huge thanks for your great support and understanding, patience and constructive criticism. We have always been and will always strive for the best, together with you#EscapefromTarkov
To celebrate our birthday get discounts and gifts! Details:

— Battlestate Games (@bstategames) October 14, 2020

The sale comes ahead of the highly anticipated Escape From Tarkov 12.8 update, which was supposed to go live this week, but had to be delayed last-minute due to "unforeseen bugs" and other issues.

How To Claim Escape From Tarkov Gift

To claim your free Escape From Tarkov gift, head to your Battlestate Games profile, scroll down to where it says "Additional ingame equipment," and click "Receive" on the newest bundle. Don't forget to also claim any leftover gifts you may have missed from prior events.

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Fall Guys Update Will Make It Easier To Play New Medieval Levels

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 05:09

Fall Guys got a number of changes when Season 2 launched earlier in October, some of which weren't received well by the game's community. Mediatonic said that a hotfix would come next week to address some of the complaints, including one change that will increase how often new medieval levels will show up in playlists.

Season 2 introduced several small changes to the battle royale, including new animations and visual effects on games like Hex-A-Gone and Tip Toe, and several bugs that have frustrated players. An unexpected bug made Jump Showdown, one of the game's finale modes, easier by slowing the spinning beam that the player needs to jump over. Several players said that the mode timed out while they were playing, awarding crowns to all players who were still alive. Some players didn't like that because winning isn't enough for them, they want to see others lose, too.

"Jump Showdown speed issues have been fixed," Mediatonic wrote in its Discord server. The studio also said it was making "clarity improvements" to several mini-games. The hotfix will also increase the probability of the new medieval levels (Knight Fever, Hoopsie Legends, Wall Guys, and Egg Siege) showing up after players complained that they weren't seeing them enough.

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Time-Bending JRPG Cris Tales Delayed To Early 2021

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 05:01

Co-developers Dreams Uncorporated and Syck have announced that the time-bending JRPG Cris Tales has been delayed from its November 17 release date. The game now launches in early 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A demo is available on most platforms.

Dreams Uncorporated and Syck CEO Carlos Rocha Silva shared a blog post detailing the rationale for the delay. He said that because the team is essentially animating the character models and environments three times--to represent their past, present, and future--the team needed more time to realize this complex, time-bending narrative.

"We are a very small video game development studio located in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia," Rocha Silva said. "Cris Tales is the biggest project we have ever worked on, and we want to get it right. As you probably know, most areas and people in the game must be created at least three times, if not more to show the different past, present, and futures. So, in a way, it's like developing three different video games at the same time. Three video games that must be impeccable so that we can deliver all the magic we have in our soul to all of you. We want to make sure to earn all the love you've all shown in our events, demos, previews, and so much more."

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GameSpot After Dark Ep. 63 - Steve S. Minecraft

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 04:56

On this week's episode of GameSpot After Dark, the team welcomes the arrival of legendary hero Steven S. Minecraft of Minecraft fame to Nintendo's hit game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You may know Steven from his resource gathering and block building adventures in Minecraft, or from seeing what looks like his bits on Twitter.

Jake, Lucy, Kallie, and Tamoor also talk about Paradise Killer, Oculus Quest 2, and Rainbow Six: Siege. For the news portion of the podcast, the big topic of discussion is the rumored Mass Effect remaster. You're probably tired of hearing and reading about it at this point, but this time it has appeared on a ratings board, and with N7 Day rapidly approaching, maybe there is hope? Fingers crossed.

Cyberpunk 2077 is the subject of a reader question on why developers and publishers announce games early and what it means when they're delayed. The crew also talks about their dream guests for the podcast and, most importantly, talk about their experiences checking out a beautiful museum dedicated to GameSpot created by community member Daniel Moreno.

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Xbox Series S Expected To Sell More Than Series X, According To Xbox's Phil Spencer

Sat, 10/17/2020 - 04:45

Microsoft is just a few weeks away from launching its two next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S. The two consoles differ significantly in terms of raw graphical power and price, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer expects the least powerful of the two to sell better.

In an interview with Kotaku, Spencer is asked about his thoughts on console sales during the upcoming holiday season. With stock limited and the appetite for new hardware outstripping potential supply, Spencer expects the Xbox Series X to take an early lead. He does not, however, expect that to be the case over the course of the generation.

"I think, over the generation, our expectation would be that price really matters and that you would see the Series S sell more," Spencer stated.

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