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Rainbow Six Siege To Outline Year Five Plans Next Month

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 06:49

If you're itching to know more about the upcoming year of Rainbow Six Siege content, Ubisoft has confirmed where and when to watch. The company announced that details for Year 5 of the online shooter will be shared at the 2020 Six Invitational, which is set for February 7-16 in Montreal.

Announcements will include details of the next Operation, along with dedicated panels for a deep-dive into both Siege and the game's related esports scene. The company didn't pinpoint exactly when in the festivities it will be going into detail about Year 5, but did share a basic schedule of events. The group stage starts on February 7, followed by playoffs on February 11. All of those preliminary events are not open to the public, but will be broadcast. The final days of the playoffs and the finals begin February 14, so any big announcements are likely to occur that weekend.

The championship is offering a $3 million prize pool, including a portion of the proceeds from the Road to SI 2020 Battle Pass. That in-game event includes a special map, unique sportswear for Operators, and other unique cosmetics. It costs 1200 credits (about $10) or you can jump ahead with a premium unlock for 2400 ($20).

Siege is one of Ubisoft's most successful live games, a model it has tried to imitate to varying degrees of success in its other franchises. Last year the studio announced disappointing financial results and postponed several games, and has now begun a management restructuring--including bringing back the creative director for Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Rainbow Six Siege News

Doom Eternal Dev Says Id Software Was "Crunching Pretty Hard Most Of Last Year"

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 06:33

If Doom Eternal's first three hours are anything to go by, the sequel to 2016's Doom is shaping up to be one of the best games of 2020--or at least the most metal. Doom Eternal is set to launch on March 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with the Nintendo Switch version due out later this year, but it was originally scheduled to release last November before being delayed.

In an interview with VG247, executive producer Marty Stratton said that the team at id Software were working long hours in the leadup to the delay. "We were crunching pretty hard most of last year," he explained. "It goes in phases. We'll have one group of people crunching so the next group of people are teed up properly. As they get done, they may need to crunch a little bit."

Developer crunch has been a hot button issue in the video game industry over the past couple of years, with criticism aimed at many developers for creating a culture of expected, and sometimes mandatory, overtime at the expense of employee wellbeing. Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser previously claimed that some employees were working 100-hour weeks on Red Dead Redemption 2, as an example. The closure of Telltale Games unearthed some painful truths, too, while it was recently revealed that Cyberpunk 2077's delay won't reduce crunch.

"We really truly do try and be very respectful of peoples' time and lives," Stratton said. "We have very dedicated people that just choose to work a lot in many cases. It was nice because we want the game to be perfect. We want it to live up to our expectations and consumer expectations.

"We work very hard and we'll put in extra time to do that. Sometimes when we just get the extra time we do it anyways because we want it to be that much better. [A delay] takes a little bit of the steam and pressure out but it's almost one of those things where we'll push it even harder to get even more just as tight as it possibly can be."

Doom Eternal News

Hades Long Winter Update Now Available; See The Full Patch Notes Here

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 06:32

The latest major update for Supergiant Games' Early Access title Hades is now available to download on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Long Winter update includes a host of new additions, introducing a new Olympian, a new weapon variant, new activities, more story, and numerous other improvements.

Demeter, the Goddess of Seasons, has brought winter to the Underworld along with some powerful new boons. You can now go for a spot of fishing to capture and sell fish using a new House Contractor item. There's also a new Legendary Keepsake, new Daedalus Hammer upgrades, and new story events with over 1,000 new voice lines to go along with general gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and more.

The full patch notes for Early Update patch 036 are below:


Demeter: the Goddess of Seasons brings winter to the Underworld! Seek out her powerful Boons

Rod of Fishing: capture (& sell!!) Underworld river denizens with this new House Contractor item

Aspect of Guan Yu: earn this unique new Aspect of the Eternal Spear, and vanquish your foes!

Underworld Decor Galore: scores of new items are available at the newly renovated House Contractor!

New Legendary Keepsake: forge an unbreakable bond with Dusa, and summon her to petrify your foes

Boon Info & Victory Screen Update: pin multiple Boons onscreen for easy reference and sharing

New Daedalus Hammer Upgrades: look for multiple new upgrades for each weapon

New Story Events: uncover new secrets in hours of added narrative (with more than 1,000 new voice lines)

General Gameplay

• Increased prices of Boons sold by Charon

• Increased price of Daedalus Hammer sold by Charon

• Increased price of augmented Boons and Poms sold by Charon in the Temple of Styx

• Slightly reduced healing from tasty-looking Health Drops

• Reduced healing from Fountain Chambers; however, new House Contractor upgrades can increase it

• You may now encounter fishing points in various chambers, once you have the Rod of Fishing. Deliver your stock to the Head Chef in the House (who will take very good care of them)

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities

Stygian Blade (Zagreus): now also increases Dash distance

Eternal Spear (Guan Yu): newly added! Seek Achilles to learn more (once you have several Aspects)

Eternal Spear (Zagreus): now increases Attack damage and Dash-Strike damage

Shield of Chaos: slightly increased Bull Rush charge up time; slightly reduced Bull Rush damage

Shield of Chaos (Zagreus): reduced damage resistance

Shield of Chaos (Zeus): increased damage of Throw special

Shield of Chaos (Chaos): now throws additional Shields in a radial pattern

Adamant Rail: no longer briefly slows foes on-hit

Boons & Blessings

Demeter: newly added! Seek out 11 new Boons and 4 new Duo Boons

Billowing Strength (Zeus): reduced power level; increased effect duration

Zeus' Aid: reduced power scaling from improved rarity

Scintillating Feast (Zeus x Dionysus): reduced damage

Divine Dash (Athena): slightly reduced Deflect duration

Athena's Aid: increased God Gauge cost and effect duration (it cannot be used quite as often)

Merciful End (Athena x Ares): reduced damage; reduced appearance rate

Spent Spirit (Athena x Aphrodite): reduced slow effect on foes' projectiles

• Reduced power level of Aphrodite's Weak Status Curse

Broken Resolve (Aphrodite): newly added! Improves potency of Weak Status Curse

Passion Dash (Aphrodite): now affects foes near your dash destination (rather than at the starting point)

Crush Shot (Aphrodite): formerly Shatter Shot; updated effect

Curse of Pain (Ares): slightly reduced damage

Battle Rage (Ares): adjusted scaling from rarity and Poms (overall power level should be similar)

Ares' Aid: reduced damage; increased move speed

Hunting Blades (Ares x Artemis): reduced speed; reduced tracking

Deadly Strike (Artemis): reduced Critical chance; increased damage to compensate

Support Fire (Artemis): reduced damage

Nasty Dash (Dionysus): now deals several instances of damage and Hangover (formerly called Poison)

Second Wind (Hermes): increased effect duration; increased power scaling from improved rarity

Passing Through (Hermes): cut from game (Demeter is the new curator of slowing effects)

Relative Speed (Hermes): cut from game, same reason

Quick Reload (Hermes): now offered by Hermes (donated by Artemis, who felt sorry for him)

Slothful (Chaos): reduced how badly this curse can impair your move speed

Defiance (Chaos): increased appearance rate

• Reduced power level of Chaos blessing effects at higher rarity

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

Cursed Slash (Blade): newly added! Restores health on-hit, but your life total is heavily reduced

Shadow Slash (Blade): newly added! Deals bonus damage when striking foes in the back

Serrated Edge (Spear): newly added! Your Dash-Strike hits multiple times but your Dash is shorter

Charged Skewer (Spear): newly added! Press and hold to power up your Skewer special

Quick Spin (Spear): no longer quite as quick

Charged Throw (Shield): newly added! Press and hold to power up your Throw special

• World Smasher (Shield): newly added! Your Bull Rush is replaced with a powerful up-close strike

Chain Shot (Bow): newly added! Your attack bounces between targets, dealing bonus damage

Charged Volley (Bow): newly added! Press and hold to power up your Volley special

Cluster Bomb (Rail): newly added! Your Bombard special fires a spread of 5 smaller bombs

Hazard Bomb (Rail): newly added! Your Bombard special fires a big bomb that blasts the area around you, but can damage you ("Have you tried not standing there when it blows up?" --Hypnos)

Delta Chamber (Rail): formerly Infinity Chamber ; now also fires in a 3-round burst

Explosive Fire (Rail): cut from game

Foes & Encounters

• Introduction to Olympian Aid now gives you some God Gauge to use Poseidon's Call

Thanatos: should show up more frequently (once you encounter him for the first time in Elysium)

• After the other Fury Sisters show up, it is no longer possible to randomly avoid one indefinitely

Alecto: reworked her Rage Gauge (you can knock her out of her rage-building move, but watch out)

Skullomat: Elite is more powerful; reduced appearance rate in Asphodel

Burn-Flinger: Elite attack pattern adjusted

Wave-Fist: non-Elite throws one wave at a time (rather than two); adjusted Elite attack

• Reduced number of foes on the Asphodel Barge of Death under Middle Management (Pact)

Bone Hydra: reworked aspects of this encounter to be faster though deadlier to compensate; one fewer phase; removed urns containing health (the Hydra finally realized they were there and ate them)

Elysian Arrow Trap: attack now dissipates as soon as combat is over

Flame Wheels: reduced health and Elite armor

Nemean Chariot: no longer can hit multiple times in one charge

Exalted Greatshield: appearance rate reduced; non-Elite no longer has a spin attack; reduced rotation and increased vulnerability times

Soul Catcher (Elite): now more aggressive under the effects of Middle Management (Pact)

The Minotaur: no longer gains brief invulnerability when low on health in the battle with Theseus

• Increased damage rate of Poison effects in the Temple of Styx

Final Boss: various changes to attack patterns; resolved issues where cover sometimes did not work reliably against ranged attacks

Keepsakes & Items

Companion Fidi (Dusa): newly added Legendary Keepsake! Summons Dusa to petrify your foes

Companion Mort (Thanatos): increased effect radius; increased damage; reduced pre-attack time

Companion Shady (Sisyphus): dropped goodies no longer block foes' movement

Companion Battie (Megaera): increased damage

Frostbitten Horn (Demeter): newly added! Raises chance to find Demeter Boons with improved rarity

Broken Spearpoint (Patroclus): now has a cooldown between uses; slightly increased effect duration

Evergreen Acorn (Eurydice): reduced instances of damage absorption

Myrmidon Bracer (Achilles): reduced damage reduction at higher ranks

Chthonic Coin Purse (Hypnos): reduced bonus money at higher ranks

HydraLite (Well): reduced healing

House Contractor

• Screen now shows all available options by category (instead of a random set of just three)

• Screen now shows which items you have purchased, and lets you toggle some decorative items

• Added many new decorative items to the House Contractor inventory (some with light interactions)

• Added renovations that improve health recovery from Fountain Chambers

• Reduced costs for many items for this grand reopening

Fated List of Minor Prophecies

Goddess of Seasons: newly added!

A Place of Revelry: newly added!

The Fated Saint of War: newly added!

The Gift of Song: newly added!

• Updated requirements to fulfill several Prophecies (this won't affect you if you've already fulfilled them)

• Increased rewards for Daedalus Hammer and Olympian Prophecies

Pact of Punishment

Heightened Security: reduced to a single rank

No Choice: increased Heat

Hard Labor: re-scaled to 5 ranks

Tight Deadline: timer pauses in non-combat chambers with characters such as Sisyphus

Level Design & Environments

• Added one new chamber to Tartarus

• Added two new chambers to Elysium

• The first chamber in Asphodel now offers more picturesque views...

• Updated layout of Megaera's chamber to have fewer places to hide

• Updated look of Bone Hydra's chamber

• Updated layout of Final Boss's chamber

• Minor changes to layouts of some chambers to helpfully accommodate the Rod of Fishing

• Minor changes to layout in the House of Hades

• Other minor fixes and improvements to various chambers

Art & Visual FX

• Updated main menu based on new Major Update

• Lord Hades can now be seen toiling away in the House

• House Contractor has a new look in the House

• Added many new optional decorative items to the House of Hades

• Added many new visual effects for Demeter Boons

• Added new art, visual effects, and animations for the Eternal Spear's Aspect of Guan Yu

• Updated various animations for Exalted Shades in Elysium

• Added a couple of portrait variants for Dusa

• Updated visual effect for Crush Shot (Aphrodite)

• Reduced visual effects of poison in the Temple of Styx (making it easier to find curing pools)

• Reduced visual effects of Zeus' Aid (making it easier to see what's going on)

• Updated texture and Codex portrait for Wretched Thug

• Other minor visual changes, fixes, and improvements

Menus & UI

Boon Info Screen: updated layout shows Mirror and Pact setup; you now can 'pin' Boons for comparison

Victory Screen: as above; also added various text Commendations based on your performance

• Added graphical icons for each Mirror of Night Upgrade

• Added graphical icons for each Pact of Punishment Condition

• Version number watermark and current Heat switched screen positions as part of these changes

• Songs are now subtitled

• Slightly reduced size of critical damage numbers

• Gamepad shoulder buttons now page through the House Contractor and Fated List

• Improved look of choice selection in narrative events

• Other minor fixes, changes, and improvements

Music & SFX

• Added new sound effects for Demeter and her Boons

• Added new sound effects and emotes for Eternal Spear's Aspect of Guan Yu

• Added new sound effect when Zagreus is stunned

• Added new sounds for other miscellaneous contexts

• Added equip sounds for the two new Keepsakes

• Other minor changes, fixes, and mix improvements

Voice & Narrative

• Added many narrative events (with Demeter, Dusa, Achilles, Hades, Aphrodite, the Storyteller, and more)

• Added narrative events around the Eternal Spear's Aspect of Guan Yu

• Added many new Zagreus voice events for contexts such as House Contractor and the Rod of Fishing

• Zagreus has more to say to the Bone Hydra and certain other monsters and shades

• Extended Affinity Gauge for Dusa (you can give her more gifts)

• Updated Codex entry for Dusa

• Added Codex entry for Demeter

• Primordial Chaos now responds to certain interactions in their realm

• In the 'Trial of the Gods', you now hear from the god you choose

• Updated requirements and other minor changes to various narrative events

• Fixes and tuning to various contextual voice events


• Added new localized text for some content (note: translation still pending for much of the newer content)

• Updated Development Roadmap to reflect our plans for our next Major Update in March, and beyond

Orpheus: due to the House Contractor redesign, the item to release him can be found more reliably

• Most characters impervious to your attacks no longer knock you back when struck

• You need a bit more Darkness now before Nyx upgrades the Mirror with the ability to refund it

• Gameplay Timer pauses in non-combat chambers with characters such as Sisyphus

• 'New!' tags on Prophecies in the Fated List clear on selection (rather than after closing the List)

• Credits: Demeter (Laila Berzins) added to voice cast; added new Community Beta Testers (Thank you!!)

Text: Renamed various Dionysus Boons and effects to be more in-theme with his lifestyle choices

• Minor changes to presentation when the Minotaur leaves his chamber

• Adjusted behavior of mouse-and-keyboard controls while the default 'Attack at Cursor' is disabled

• Zagreus now will always enter chambers at a standard speed (such as when his speed is reduced by Chaos)

• Various text fixes, updates, and clarifications

Bug Fixes

• Fixed various text overflow issues in non-English languages

• Fixed Achilles not telling you about Titan Blood and Ambrosia soon after you first find them

• Fixed a rare issue where Death Defiance could cause a permanent slowdown

• Fixed Numbing Sensation (Dionysus) having a reduced power level at Heroic rarity

• Fixed Black Out (Dionysus) unintentionally being upgradeable by Eurydice

• Fixed Companion Rib (Skelly) causing 'Trial of the Gods' effects to occur unexpectedly

• Fixed Infernal Gates blocking the aim preview for the Shield's Bull Rush

• Fixed a key narrative event with Megaera sometimes playing twice unexpectedly

• Fixed narrative scripting around events involving Orpheus and Dionysus , which could become unavailable in some cases

• Fixed Bother foe having incorrect material sounds

• Many other minor fixes

Over 1,500 PC Games Discounted In Huge Lunar New Year Sale

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 06:31

The Lunar New Year is nearly upon us, and many retailers are starting to hold special events to commemorate the day. That latest Lunar New Year Sale is from digital PC games retailer Fanatical, which has discounted dozens of great titles for the holiday, including Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

In addition to the regular Lunar New Year discounts, Fanatical is also holding special Star Deals, which are only available for a limited time or until keys stay in stock. The current Star Deal is the Metro Redux bundle for only $4.49. The Metro series is one of my favourites, so if you haven't played these story-focused shooters, then I definitely recommend them--though please note that the deal ends on January 22 and keys are starting to dwindle.

Other big games on sale include Resident Evil 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Devil May Cry 5, and Ghost Recon Wildlands, in addition to Total War: Three Kingdoms, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Rainbow Six Siege. Fanatical's Lunar New Year sale runs through January 27.

Aside from discounting over 1,000 games, Fanatical is also holding a contest for $500 of store credit. To enter the contest, you have to agree to receive emails from Fanatical. After that, you can get more entries by doing various things, such as visiting Fanatical's social media pages, following the store on Twitter and Twitch, or joining its Discord server and Steam group. You can enter the contest on Fanatical's blog.

We've picked out some of the best games on sale below, but be sure to check out the full sale on Fanatical. There are plenty of deals not listed here that are definitely worth checking out.

See the Lunar New Year sale at Fanatical

Best PC game deals at Fanatical

Best Deals This Week

M.O.D.O.K: Meet The Cast Of Hulu's Animated Marvel TV Show

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 06:14

Hulu's Marvel slate may have lost Ghost Rider, but it's other, slightly more eccentric projects are proceeding as planned, including what may be the weirdest of the bunch: The animated M.O.D.O.K TV show. The full cast list (complete with character bios) has been announced and, unsurprisingly, it's packed with some very, very funny people. Here's who will be providing a voice for the show.

  • Patton Oswalt as M.O.D.O.K, a former supervillain in the throes of a midlife crisis.

  • Aimee Garcia as Jodie, M.O.D.O.K's wife, a mommy-blogger turned lifestyle brand guru.

  • Ben Schwartz as Lou, M.O.D.O.K's 12-year-old son who "isn't smart enough to be a nerd" but "isn't athletic enough to be a jock."

  • Melissa Fumero as Melissa, M.O.D.O.K's 17-year-old daughter and "Heathers-like queen bee."

  • Wendi McLendon-Covey as Monica Rappaccini, a brilliant A.I.M scientist and M.O.D.O.K's work rival.

  • Beck Bennet as Austin Van Der Sleet, a silicon valley tech giant who buys A.I.M.

  • Jon Daly as Super Adaptoid, M.O.D.O.K's ambitious (but frustrated) android lacky.

  • Sam Richardson as Gary, a loyal A.I.M henchman.

For the uninitiated, M.O.D.O.K stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, and even if you're not deeply embroiled in the weirder parts of Marvel comics, you've probably stumbled across him at some point or another. As a giant floating head, complete with tiny, vestigial arms and legs and a permanent scowl, M.O.D.O.K is kind of hard to forget. Introduced back in the late 1960s as a very, very serious villain and genuine threat to Marvel's heroes (specifically, for Captain America, who he resented for being such a perfect physical specimen--no, really), M.O.D.O.K has since become something of a meme for comics fans.

Obviously, this Hulu show is planning on pushing those meme-levels to the absolute max. The premise, if you couldn't already tell by those cast bios, revolves around M.O.D.O.K running his beloved supervillain organization, A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) into the ground while his personal life--including his human-looking son and, uh, M.O.D.O.K-shaped daughter, and his mommy-blogging wife--spiral out of control. It has all the trappings of a classic slice-of-life sitcom if classic slice-of-life sitcoms were about mutant megalomaniacs trying to navigate love and parenthood.

Marvel's M.O.D.O.K will premiere on Hulu.

New Frostpunk DLC Expansion Takes Place Prior To The Never-Ending Winter

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 05:59

11 bit studios has released a new trailer for The Last Autumn, the latest expansion for Frostpunk. The Last Autumn is out now, available for purchase on its own or as part of Frostpunk's season pass.

The Last Autumn acts as a prequel to the events of Frostpunk's story, occurring during the years leading up to the endless winter seen in the game's main campaign. In the expansion, you'll witness how the never-ending frost began to blanket the landscape and also build the massive generator that your Frostpunk society will one day use to keep their city warm. The expansion also adds a new Endless Mode variant, Builders, which provides different set-ups you'll have to face.

As The Last Autumn takes place prior to the events of Frostpunk, the expansion offers new features, which are outlined below.

New Features Available In The Last Autumn
  • Two new Books of Laws allowing players to shape their society in previously unknown ways
  • New threats and issues to deal with, such as toxic gases and workers going on strike
  • Influence society in creative new ways, from establishing labor unions to outright manipulation
  • New technology tree to unlock, inventions to discover, and resources to obtain
  • 25 new buildings to construct, such as docks, a telegraph station, and a labor union building
  • New social classes, including Convicts--a cheap and obedient workforce.

Though Frostpunk can be a fairly depressing experience, it's one of GameSpot's must-play PC games of 2018 for how well it balances the satisfaction of city management building with the risk vs. reward of its consequence-driven storytelling. Frostpunk is now included in Xbox Game Pass, so you can try the game "for free" if you already have a subscription before considering whether you want to buy The Last Autumn.

In GameSpot's Frostpunk review, Daniel Starkey gave the game a 9/10, writing, "Frostpunk is among the best overall takes on the survival city builder to date. Its theming and consistency create a powerful narrative through-line that binds your actions around the struggle to hold onto humanity in uncertain times. Hope is a qualified good, but you may not always be strong enough (or clever enough) to shelter that flame from the cold."

A New X-Men Comic Is On The Way From Marvel

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 05:38

Marvel's X-Men renaissance is continuing with a brand new title, scheduled for release this April. Children Of The Atom, by Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang, will focus on a brand new team of teenage mutants who are directly inspired by some of the most famous X-Men in history.

"The initial seed of the idea actually came from [Editor] Chris Robinson: What if the X-Men had sidekicks?" explained Ayala in a press release. "My take on it became, what would actual kids from our current time be like if they were X-Men sidekicks? What would Gen Z X-Men be like?"

Children of the Atom #1 cover by R.B. Silva and Jesus Aburtov

Of course, this won't be the first time Marvel has introduced a "next generation" style X-Men spin-off populated by new characters. Titles like New X-Men back in the early 2000s dealt with the reinvention and resurgence of teenage students at the Xavier Institute Of Higher Learning--and provided readers with up close and personal looks at some of the coolest new mutants around (Icarus, Blindfold, Surge, we're talking about you). Though only a handful of these heroes would go on to be more than flashes in the proverbial pan, the precedent for new teenage mutants coming out of the woodwork to be taught by those who came before them has long since been set.

Children of the Atom #1 cover by R.B. Silva and Jesus Aburtov

It does seem, however, that this book will be taking a page out of a more recent Marvel playbook and taking a more meta-fictional look at the impact of mutants on the greater in-universe society. "What makes the new cast special to me is that they are reflective of a lot of people I know who look up to what the X-Men stand for, and have taken it upon themselves to further those ideals. These kids are exactly the kids who, in real life, have posters of Storm and Wolverine in their rooms, who grew up seeing them as heroes and want to live up to that," Ayala said. Think something along the lines of Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, and her adoration of Carol Danvers--except, you know, with mutants. Obviously, the similarities between these new characters and some of the most immediately recognizable X-Men on the planet are no accident.

Children of the Atom #1 hits shelves this April.

PSA: Complete Destiny 2's Corridors Of Time This Week

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 05:35

Destiny 2's community banded together to solve a secret quest and discover the mysteries of the Corridors of Time last week, eventually uncovering the quest for Bastion, the Season of Dawn's latest Exotic. As of the weekly reset on January 21, you no longer need to complete the final run of the Corridors of Time to access the Exotic quest--but that doesn't mean there's nothing else to do in the Vex's strange interdimensional domain.

The Corridors of Time still hold a few additional rewards. There are 19 paths through the maze that unlock lore items, allowing you to get a deeper look at the story of Saint-14. Another path rewards you with a secret emblem, the "Savior of the Past," for your trouble. And finally, completing the 30-doorway solution path for the maze offers some Saint-14 dialogue that advances the story of the season. The thing is, if you haven't unlocked those things, you're now on the clock to do so: the Corridors of Time will only be in the game for another week. According to Bungie, the Corridors will collapse on Tuesday, January 28, and you won't be able to get any of the stuff from inside once that happens.

Destiny 2 News And Guides

In order to earn rewards from the Corridors of Time, you need to take specific pathways through it. Each room of the maze includes several different exits, each marked with a signpost and a symbol. For the lore book titled "The Pigeon and the Phoenix," you need to follow the pathways made up of seven different symbols; for the emblem, the pathway is 11 symbols long; and for the maze solution, you need to complete a pathway of 30 symbols.

That sounds like a lot, but navigating the maze is actually pretty easy. It's filled with Vex enemies but they can almost always be safely ignored. Completing a run takes only 5-10 minutes. For a full rundown of the pathways, check out our complete Corridors of Time guide.

If wandering the Corridors doesn't sound interesting to you, you can safely skip it and still get Bastion. Use our Bastion guide to complete the quest for the Exotic fusion rifle quickly.

Every Half-Life Game Is Free To Play Right Now

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 05:15

If you've wanted to catch up on the Half-Life series in time for Half-Life: Alyx (and haven't picked the games up during a Steam sale), then Valve has an awesome offer for you. You can play the entire series for free on Steam until April 1. That gives you plenty of time to fill yourself in on the story before Half-Life: Alyx's release date, which is slated for sometime in March.

The games included in the free-play promotion include Half-Life, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Source, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, and Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

The Half-Life series is regarded as one of the all-time greats. It puts you in the role of scientist Gordon Freeman, moments before a horrible catastrophe takes place at the Black Mesa Research Facility. Strange monsters start roaming the hallways, claiming the bodies of Gordon's co-workers and being general nuisances. It's your job to escape and get to the bottom of what's going on.

As for the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx, it's a virtual-reality exclusive. Thankfully, pretty much anyone with a VR headset that can connect to a PC will be able to play it. The game will be compatible with the Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest (with Link), HTC Vive headsets, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. You can pre-order it on Steam for $54 USD.

The Half-Life series

Best Deals This Week

Every Half-Life Game Is Free To Play Right Now

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 05:15

If you've wanted to catch up on the Half-Life series in time for Half-Life: Alyx (and haven't picked the games up during a Steam sale), then Valve has an awesome offer for you. You can play the entire series for free on Steam until April 1. That gives you plenty of time to fill yourself in on the story before Half-Life: Alyx's release date, which is slated for sometime in March.

The games included in the free-play promotion include Half-Life, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Source, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, and Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

The Half-Life series is regarded as one of the all-time greats. It puts you in the role of scientist Gordon Freeman, moments before a horrible catastrophe takes place at the Black Mesa Research Facility. Strange monsters start roaming the hallways, claiming the bodies of Gordon's co-workers and being general nuisances. It's your job to escape and get to the bottom of what's going on.

As for the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx, it's a virtual-reality exclusive. Thankfully, pretty much anyone with a VR headset that can connect to a PC will be able to play it. The game will be compatible with the Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest (with Link), HTC Vive headsets, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. You can pre-order it on Steam for $54 USD.

The Half-Life series

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A Giant Xbox One Games Sale Is Live Now For Lunar New Year

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 05:14

Though the holiday season has come and gone in the US, that doesn't mean holiday sales are done just yet. With Lunar New Year festivities commencing this weekend, Microsoft is ringing in the occasion with a massive sale on Xbox One games.

The Lunar New Year sale is live now and coincides with the Artistic Adventure sale, both of which run through January 27 and feature steep discounts on an eclectic variety of both AAA hits and revered indies. Essentially, these sales combine to form one giant sale, which is great for Xbox One owners.

The Lunar New Year sale really hones in on older games, though some 2019 titles are included. Control, one of GameSpot's 10 favorite games of 2019, is discounted from $60 to $39. The Super Bowl is around the corner, so it makes sense to pick up Madden NFL 20, which drops from $60 to $30. If you're more of a basketball fan, NBA 2K20 is also $30 during the sale. The excellent Life is Strange 2 is slashed from $40 to $20.

As mentioned, this sale is really appealing if you're looking for some great games you may have missed over the past few years. Rainbow Six Siege, which remains a popular multiplayer shooter four years after its release, is $10 (was $40). At $30, Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for its lowest price since Black Friday.

It's a good time to catch up on some franchises you may have overlooked. The BioShock: Collection is discounted to $15 and Devil May Cry HD Collection drops to $18. You can also grab the entire Dark Souls trilogy for just $55: Dark Souls 3 is $15, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin is $10, and Dark Souls: Remastered is $20.

Indies are well-represented in the sale, too. Playdead's brilliant pair of atmospheric platformers, Limbo and Inside, are discounted to $2.49 and $6.59, respectively. The lovely and haunting adventure What Remains of Edith Finch is $10 and the similarly moving Old Man's Journey is just $5.

You can browse the entire sale at Microsoft and check out our picks below. If you're looking for discounts on PC games, Fanatical is hosting its own Lunar New Year sale, too.

See all deals at Microsoft Store Best Xbox One game deals

Best Deals This Week

Star Wars: Rogue One, Book Of Eli Writer Wants To Write A Control Movie

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 05:07

Remedy Entertainment's Control may be the studio's most interesting game to date, which might explain why Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's co-writer has expressed interest in writing a movie based on the game.

Gary Whitta--writer of After Earth, The Book of Eli, and Rogue One--responded to a fan on Twitter asking what would be the best video game to base a movie on. Without hesitation, Whitta replied that Remedy's trippy third-person shooter would make a fascinating project--and he would love to write it.

CONTROL. And yes.

— Gary Whitta (@garywhitta) January 21, 2020

The studio's communications director, Thomas Puha, said the two should talk. Whitta then told Puha to slide into his DM's. While nothing is set in stone, it appears some kind of conversations are underway.

Though Whitta is best known as a screenwriter, he has also dipped into game development and television production. Whitta worked on a couple of Telltale games, including original The Walking Dead, its 400 Days DLC expansion, and The Walking Dead: The Final Season. He also wrote four episodes of Star Wars Rebels. Whitta also worked as a games journalist, working for ACE magazine and founding PC Gamer before transitioning to Hollywood.

Control has received numerous awards since its August 2019 launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition to getting nominated for Game of the Year at a plethora of awards ceremonies, including The Game Awards 2019 and The Game Developers Choice Awards, Control also secured a spot on GameSpot's Best Games of 2019 list. In our writeup, we said, "Control is amazingly dense and lovingly constructed by a team that knew exactly what it wanted to make."

The Matrix 4 Will Miss One Key Cast Member From The Original Movies

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 05:06

The upcoming fourth movie in The Matrix series has been gathering an impressive cast list over the past few months, including original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss. But The Matrix 4 will sadly won't feature one key actor from the first three films. It has been confirmed that Hugo Weaving isn't returning to reprise his villainous role as Agent Smith.

In an interview with Time Out, Weaving reveals that he was approached by director Lana Wachowski to appear in The Matrix 4, but a scheduling conflict with his role in the stage play The Visit in London made it impossible. "It's unfortunate but actually I had this offer [for The Visit] and then the offer came from The Matrix," he explained. "So I knew it was happening but I didn't have dates. I thought I could do both and it took eight weeks to work out that the dates would work--I held off on accepting [a role in The Visit]. I was in touch with Lana Wachowski, but in the end she decided that the dates weren't going to work. So we'd sorted the dates and then she sort of changed her mind. They're pushing on ahead without me."

While this is disappointing news for fans, the cast list for The Matrix 4 so far is still very exciting. Reeves and Moss will return as Neo and Trinity, with Jada Pinkett Smith also reprising her role as Niobe. The new cast members include Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman), Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), and Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist). The movie hit theaters on May 21, 2021--which is also the release date for another Reeves-starring action sequel, John Wick: Chapter 4.

Wachowski helmed the previous three Matrix movies with sister Lilly. The first Matrix movie brought in $463.5 million worldwide, and it spawned two sequels: 2003's Matrix Reloaded--grossing $742.1 million worldwide--and Matrix Revolutions--taking in $427.3 million worldwide. For more, check out The Matrix Sequels' 34 Dumbest Moments to relive the weirdness.

New Anime Soccer Game, Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions, Announced With Trailer

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 04:58

Do you ever find yourself playing FIFA 20 or eFootball PES 2020 and start thinking there just isn't enough anime in this soccer game? Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions might be just for you.

Originally a manga published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump, Captain Tsubasa has since made its way to TV screens as an anime series and in an extensive variety of video games. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team was released in 2017 for Android and iOS, but you have to go back to 2010 for the last non-mobile release with Captain Tsubasa: New Kick Off for the Nintendo DS.

Rise of Champions sees the series' first appearance on modern hardware, as it's coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year. In a press release, publisher Bandai Namco says it will feature high-speed arcade soccer action and anime-like graphics. "This is an exhilarating action game that enables players to enjoy scoring goals while performing dream skills against opponents at high speed by mastering the simple controls".

So if you want more theatrics from your soccer beyond a player throwing himself to the floor from the slightest touch, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions could be just the solution.

How Zombieland 2's Monster Truck Mayhem Scene Was Almost Very Different

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 04:52

One of the biggest--literally--stars of Zombieland: Double Tap is a massive monster truck that delivers more than its fair share of post-apocalypse carnage. It's one of the most entertaining sequences of the entire film. Now, with Zombieland: Double Tap available on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD, DVD, and digital release, you can relive it again and again.

Beyond that, though, you can also go behind the scenes of the truck's big scene thanks to the home release's special features. Take a look at the video above, from the home release of Zombieland 2, to get an idea of just how much fun it was for everyone involved to shoot scenes with Big Fat Death, which is the truck's utterly ridiculous name.

"From very early on we wanted to do a sequence with the monster truck. The monster truck was in the very first draft of Zombieland [2] 10 years ago, and it's still there now," co-writer Rhett Reese said in the video. "And that's because we just had these images of zombies getting ground up in these massive wheels."

As Reese told GameSpot at a Zombieland: Double Tap event at Angel Stadium, though, the climax of the movie--and Big Fat Death's role in it--was very different. "The end of the movie used to be set in an arena like this and what better thing than to smash a million zombies with than a monster truck with the huge tires and the massive engine and the loud," explained. "We thought it melded with Tallahassee's character really well. Tallahassee he's a guy who would have loved monster trucks."

That would have led to a very different ending to the film than a battle atop a massive tower. However, it also would have meshed well with the other bit of information the writers shared with GameSpot: That Tallahassee and the gang originally took the Rolling Stones tour bus after fighting a zombie version of the band outside of one of their concerts at a stadium.

Zombieland: Double Tap is available now on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD, DVD, and digital release. In addition to the movie, you get include audio commentary, behind-the-scenes featurettes, a blooper reel, and extended scenes.

See Blu-ray at Amazon See 4K Blu-ray at Amazon

The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site.

New Amazon Games Sale Includes Kakarot, Death Stranding, And More

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 04:30

If there's one thing in this world that we can rely on, it's that Amazon will price-match any video game sale at Target. The retail giant is back at it again with a buy two, get one free sale on games, movies, and books, and, coincidentally, the same sale can be found at Target with many of the same offerings.

While Target's sale includes a few games that aren't in Amazon's sale--Borderlands 3, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc.--they're listed at full price when they would regularly go for $15 to $30 at this point. Some of Amazon's deals are higher than usual as well, but the majority of them are still discounted and more worth it when coupled with the buy two, get one free promotion.

Note that Amazon's wording is always a bit confusing with these types of promotions--while the limited-time offer is described as "buy three items, get one free," it means you have to add three items to your cart, and one of them will be free at checkout. As usual, the cheapest item will be the one that's free, so choose your items wisely.

The most notable deals at Amazon include Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, which just released on Friday, for $50, Death Stranding for $55, and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Master Edition for $36.90. You'll also find solid discounts on Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PS4, the Resident Evil Triple Pack for Switch, and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice for Xbox One.

Even if you don't see three games on your wishlist, keep in mind you can mix and match your items with books and movies as well. Amazon has quite a lineup of Blu-rays available, including Joker for $24.62, Detective Pikachu for $10, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse for $10, and various Studio Ghibli films for $16 or less.

You can check out more of our picks from the buy two, get one free game sales below. Plus, check out the full sales at Amazon and Target to see the full offering of books, games, and movies.

Buy 2, get 1 free sales: See all deals at Amazon See all deals at Target Best game deals at AmazonBest game deals at Target

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (January 21-27): Bastion Quest, Iron Banner, And More

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 04:29

Last week, the Destiny 2 community came together to figure out the mystery of the Corridors of Time, a massive and nearly impenetrable maze that was part of a secret quest from Osiris. The Corridors have been solved, and that's unlocked a new Exotic quest for everyone to earn Bastion, Saint-14's Exotic fusion rifle. And now, you don't even need to head into the Corridors to get it.

This week also sees the return of the Iron Banner Crucible event, giving you another chance to earn this season's revamped Iron Banner gear. Check out the full rundown below for everything you need to know this week to earn Pinnacle and Powerful gear and get all the newly available rewards in the game.

Destiny 2 News And Guides

Weekly Reset For January 21Bastion Exotic Quest

With the Corridors of Time solved, you can now pick up the Bastion Exotic quest from Saint-14 in the Tower. Check out our full Bastion guide to see how to complete it quickly.

Corridors Of Time Collapsing

Even though there's no longer a mystery in the Corridors of Time, you can still venture into the location to unlock a lore book and earn a secret emblem. If you want those things, you have to get them this week--after the next weekly reset, they'll be gone for good when the Corridors of Time collapse. Use our Corridors of Time guide for all the codes you need to unlock the rewards.

  • Io
Crucible Rotator Playlists
  • Iron Banner: Control
  • Team Scorched
  • Showdown
Nightfall: The Ordeal
  • The Arms Dealer
Nightmare Hunts
  • Anguish (Omnigul; drops Dreambane Leg Armor)
  • Despair (Crota, Son of Oryx; drops Dreambane Class Item)
  • Insanity (The Fanatic; drops Love and Death grenade launcher)
  • Boss: Niruul, the Hollow Voice
  • Modifiers: Barrier Champions, Unstoppable Champions, Heavyweight, Void Singe
  • Legendary Modifiers: Empath, Equipment Locked, Match Game, Unstoppable Champions, Barrier Champions, Niruul's Clyepsydra, Extinguish
Raid Challenges
  • Limited Blessings (Crown of Sorrow)
  • Which Witch (Last Wish)
  • Hold The Line (Scourge of the Past)
Escalation Protocol
  • Boss: Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol (drops Ikelos Shotgun, Ikelos Sniper Rifle, or Ikelos SMG)
Dreaming City
  • Full Curse (Petra Venj is in Rheasilviaa)
  • Ascendant Challenge: Ouroborea, Week 1
  • Boss: Hasapiko, Vex Minotaur
  • Heroic Modifiers: Extinguish, Iron, Blackout, Void Singe

What's New To Netflix This Week? Movies, TV, And Originals (January 19-25)

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 04:25

Get prepared for a slew of new releases headed to Netflix this week. Every day this week, new movies, TV shows, and originals are headed your way. Check out the new release list below along with some of our recommendations.

Headed your way on Friday is Part 3 of the series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. And in the latest episodes of this series--which is a far cry from the old Sabrina The Teenage Witch series--has Sabrina making some interesting choices, like ruling Hell. While the Sabrina Netflix series is a coming-of-age story, it's dark, violent, and at times, deadly. Don't expect the same wacky hijinks you remember from the series that starred Melissa Joan Hart. This is not that kind of show. You can check out the latest trailer below.

sorry, hell's under new management now.

— Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (@sabrinanetflix) January 16, 2020

If you're looking for something just as terrifying, but more realistic, you can watch the docuseries Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak, which debuts on Wednesday. The series explores people on the frontline of the battle against different influenza strains and how they are trying to prevent the next big outbreak from happening with new vaccines. Additionally, this docuseries explores the issues with trying to eradicate the flu, from those committed to in-depth scientific research to the anti-vaxxer movement.

Below, you'll find everything headed to Netflix this week, and for more streaming news, check out what's coming to Hulu this February.

Netflix News

What's new to Netflix this week?Monday, January 20
  • Family Reunion: Part 2
Tuesday, January 21
  • Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty
  • Word Party: Season 4
Wednesday, January 22
  • Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak
  • Playing with Fire: Season 1
Thursday, January 23
  • The Ghost Bride
  • October Faction
  • The Queen
  • SAINT SEIYA: Knights of the Zodiac: Season 1 / Part 2
Friday, January 24
  • A Sun
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 3
  • The Ranch: The Final Season
  • Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Altered Carbon Season 2 Release Date And Teaser Revealed

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 04:22

Season 1 of Netflix's cyberpunk thriller Altered Carbon was released back in early 2018, and the company has finally announced when fans can see the next batch of episodes. It's been confirmed that Altered Carbon Season 2 will arrive on February 27, 2020.

Netflix has also released a teaser for the upcoming season. The promo doesn't show any new footage, but instead features the show's distinctive helix logo being formed, plus lots of glitchy neon effects. Check it out below:

Your re-sleeving is now complete. 2.27.20. #AlteredCarbon

— Altered Carbon (@AltCarb) January 21, 2020

Altered Carbon Season 2 features Avengers star Anthony Mackie as main character Takeshi Kovacs, taking over from Joel Kinnaman, who played him in Season 1. One of the main plot points of the show is the ability for people to switch their consciousness between bodies--known as resleeving--so this will presumably explain the cast change. The show also stars Renée Elise Goldsberry, Chris Conner, Simone Missick, and Dina Shihabi.

Netflix News

Netflix has also released a synopsis. It reads: "Altered Carbon Season 2 finds Takeshi Kovacs, the lone surviving soldier of a group of elite interstellar warriors, continuing his centuries-old quest to find his lost love Quellcrist Falconer. After decades of planet-hopping and searching the galaxy, Kovacs finds himself recruited back to his home planet of Harlan's World with the promise of finding Quell. Haunted by his past and responsible for investigating a series of brutal murders, Kovacs is stunned to discover his new mission to solve the crime and his pursuit to find Quell are one and the same. With the help of his loyal A.I. Poe, Kovacs must now partner with new allies to outwit his enemies and find the truth: Who is Quellcrist Falconer?"

In GameSpot's Season 1 review, Mike Rougeau said, "Altered Carbon never shies from examining exactly how an invention like the cortical stack would change our reality, and this future society appears far different from our own. Yet in many ways, it's really exactly the same--which is more or less the prime directive of great science fiction."

For more, check out GameSpot's guide to the biggest upcoming TV shows of 2020.

Dragon Ball English Dub Narrator And Voice Actor Passes Away

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 04:11

The iconic narrator for Funimation's Dragon Ball English dub, Brice Armstrong, has passed away. He died of natural causes on January 10 at the age of 84, according to a statement by his management company.

Alongside providing narration for Dragon Ball's English dub, which aired on Toonami from 2001-2003, Armstrong voiced other series characters like Captain Ginyu and Lord Slug. He also breathed life into characters from various other anime such as Cased Closed, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, and more.

While Armstrong is best known for anime, he has also appeared in a few video games. These include BloodRayne 2, the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series, Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, and more. Armstrong retired in 2009.

The latest Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, recently launched on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The action-RPG follows the events of Dragon Ball Z's most iconic moments, ranging from the Sayain Saga to the Majin Buu Saga. Throughout Kakarot, you'll encounter Captain Ginyu a number of times, so be sure to give him a proper send-off.