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Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Might Have Some Hints About The Post-Endgame MCU

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 06:02

Things are in a precarious state in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Technically, we're waiting on the resolution of the events of Avengers: Infinity War, which are getting wrapped up in Avengers: Endgame on April 26. But anybody could have guessed that Thanos's victory in Infinity War, which resulted in half the life of the universe ceasing to exist, wouldn't last forever, and beloved characters would come back from the brink to appear in more movies. With the release of the first teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, that assumption is essentially confirmed: Peter Parker will return, despite the snap.

The cool thing about the MCU, however, is that events have left some indelible marks on its characters. The heroes might have stopped the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers back in 2012, but the experience left Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) afflicted with PTSD, which has affected every decision he's made since then. The events of the Battle of New York in The Avengers led Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) to steal alien weapons in Spider-Man: Homecoming, kicking off the events of that movie. And everything that happened in Avengers: Age of Ultron altered global politics so completely that it led to Captain America: Civil War, which broke up the Avengers and brought Black Panther and Wakanda onto the world stage.

The characters of the MCU successfully stop world-ending catastrophes and defeat villains, but they're always the worse for wear. In the cases of people like Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, War Machine, and Iron Man, the effects of everything they've seen and done are adding up. So yes, the events of Infinity War are going to get undone--but everything we've seen of the MCU so far suggests the impacts of those events are going to remain to inform the MCU's characters. The snap might not last, but it definitely will matter.

So now we come to Far From Home, which brings Spider-Man (Tom Holland) back to Earth after his stint in space in Infinity War and his disintegration after Thanos (Josh Brolin) made his wish. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has confirmed Far From Home takes place after Endgame. And that means the trailer might include some hints as to what effect Infinity War has had on its characters.

The biggest change in the Far From Home trailer is Peter Parker's distance from being Spider-Man. The setup for the movie is a school summer trip to Europe for Peter, Ned (Jacob Batalon), MJ (Zendaya), and the rest of their school friends. Early on, Peter chooses to leave his Spider-Man suit behind in New York rather than bring it with him. Dialogue from Peter gives us his state of mind: He just wants to go and enjoy the trip as a regular kid. Later remarks from Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) suggest that Spidey needs to be coaxed into using his abilities as a hero again.

That's a far cry from where we saw Spider-Man in both Homecoming and Infinity War. In Homecoming, Peter was desperate for the opportunity to become an Avenger, and while he later decided to stick to being a small-scale neighborhood Spider-Man, he still was excited for the chance to be that hero; he even fights his way back aboard the Maw's spaceship in Infinity War after Stark tries to leave him behind. It's a big shift for Spidey to be finding opportunities to put the suit aside.

In the wake of Infinity War, though, Peter's state of mind makes sense. After all, literally ceasing to exist after losing a fight for the universe is likely to have a sobering effect, just like nearly dying messed with Tony for years. Far From Home looks like it'll be dealing with a Peter who's thinking about his life without Spider-Man. While the story of Spider-Man is often about the push and pull between his civilian life and his great power and great responsibility, the post-Infinity War Spidey is a character we've never seen on film before. It seems Spider-Man is grappling with being a superhero who might be having second thoughts, and it seems very unlikely that a pep talk from Nick Fury is going to be the end of Peter's misgivings after his traumatic experience on Titan.

That brings us to Nick Fury. The former leader of SHIELD has been more or less out of the picture since Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when he was nearly killed by HYDRA agents who had infiltrated the organization. SHIELD was disbanded and Fury went into hiding. He's showed up once or twice to help the Avengers, but for the most part, Fury hasn't been much of a player in the MCU for years.

We know Fury has still been keeping tabs on things, and in the world after Thanos, it looks like he's returned to a much more active role. Fury started the Avengers Initiative specifically to deal with threats like Thanos, so in the wake of nearly losing half the universe to a nearly invincible alien, one would expect him to redouble his efforts to protect Earth. That probably means recruiting people like Spidey once again, consolidating power, and preparing for the next threat. It could even mean that Fury is looking to rebuild something like SHIELD.

Seeing Fury running around, talking to superheroes again, raises some questions about what his role will be going forward and why. There's some speculation that Tony Stark and/or Captain America (Chris Evans) will die in Endgame (both actors' contracts only extends to Avengers 4, and Evans has already talked about moving on from his role), which could leave Fury as the de facto leader of Earth's mightiest in the MCU. But like Spider-Man, we can bet that Fury's experiences, like the infiltration of SHIELD by its greatest enemies, are going to have a profound effect on what he does in the future.

It's tough to make many more guesses without more information about the story of Far From Home, but there are things in the trailer that could be providing more hints. Take Mysterio for example: Some of the most plausible-seeming theories about the character, who is a longtime Spider-Man villain in the comics but appears in a heroic role in the trailer, is that he's using his illusory powers to create the threats he's then defeating. If Mysterio's goal really is to paint himself as a superhero, one might guess that's a response to Infinity War as well. Maybe Mysterio is some kind of superhero profiteer, using the trauma of Infinity War to make himself famous, rich, or both. Or maybe he's just some guy searching for some measure of control in a world where genocidal aliens can kill half of everyone you know with a snap, and your only hope is that a variety of super-powered randos will manage to stop it. Maybe Mysterio is the first of a new trend of people trying to brute-force themselves into being superheroes, lest they find themselves vanishing into oblivion when the next Thanos shows up.

It does seem like Spider-Man: Far From Home will give us a sense of how the MCU is coping with the aftermath of Infinity War, on both the large and small scale, though. While it's tough to know exactly what that'll look like, the MCU's history of fully exploring the consequences of its events should mean that, even though the Avengers might eventually save the universe from Thanos, not everything will go back to the way it was before the Mad Titan arrived.

Your Fortnite Account Could Have Been Hacked Through An Old Epic Games Webpage

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 05:57

Check Point security researchers discovered vulnerabilities in Epic Games' website, which could have been used to hack into someone's Fortnite account. According to CNET, the researchers found the exploit in November 2018, and it was subsequently fixed by Epic this month.

"We were made aware of the vulnerabilities and they were soon addressed. We thank Check Point for bringing this to our attention. As always, we encourage players to protect their accounts by not reusing passwords and using strong passwords, and not sharing account information with others," an Epic Games spokesperson said.

Unfortunately, the exploit was not one that could have been avoided via constant password changes. The vulnerability existed through an unsecured URL that was first created in 2004 for an old Unreal Tournament records page. Before the page was deactivated, a hacker could have used it to take advantage of the access tokens a player might use to log into Epic Games' servers, and their Fortnite account as a result as well. The hackers wouldn't even need to know the player's Epic Game's password either, as the exploit takes advantage of any corresponding accounts that the player might use to log in, such as Facebook, Google, or Xbox Live. When completed, the exploit allows someone to listen in on the victim's conversations with other players and also purchase in-game items with the hacked person's credit card.

"Even if you [had] a security product looking for anti-phishing, it wouldn't catch [the hack] because it's coming from a legitimate domain," Check Point head of products vulnerability research Oded Vanunu said. Vanunu went on to encourage players to enable two-factor authentication for their Epic accounts. Doing so won't protect you from all forms of hacking attempts, but it will help protect you from people trying to get at your account through access tokens. Epic seemingly agrees, as the company released a free Fortnite emote for players who enable two-factor authentication.

"Token hijacking is something that is happening on all major platforms," Vanunu continued. "We are starting to see malicious attackers looking for tokens more."

Fallout 76 Players Discovered A Secret Dev Room, Got Banned For It

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 05:41

Fallout 76 players have discovered a hidden area that is supposed to be reserved for developers, and Bethesda is reportedly responding with bans for those who exploit it. The hidden "dev room" can't be accessed through normal means, but it contains every item in the game, including some that aren't even released to the public yet.

Eurogamer reports that the developer room first began circulating a few weeks ago, but knowledge of how to access it has recently become more widespread. Inside is an human NPC named Wooby, notable because the game has no human NPCs. It also houses several containers of different sorted items--altogether accounting for every item in the game. One box labeled "All Scrap" even had plans for unreleased items like various paint jobs for the Power Armor. Fans have speculated that armor is planned for an upcoming expansion.

Players have reportedly attempted to sell the ill-gotten items on the Market 76 subreddit, which has already banned users for trying to do so. Meanwhile, Bethesda appears to be issuing bans to at least some players who use the forbidden area, though it's unclear if this applies to anyone who has entered.

This has led some particularly unscrupulous players to make mule accounts to grab the items and then transfer them to new accounts before the mule gets banned. While the recipient accounts have remained untouched so far, presumably Bethesda will be able to track these item trades too, so don't try this at home. A more permanent fix to disallow entry into the dev room is likely in the works.

This isn't a new phenomenon. Other Bethesda games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim have had their own dev rooms, made for developers to test new items, and players have found them through console commands on PC. Those were single-player games, though, so there was no real harm in letting players go buck wild with extra loot. Fallout 76, by contrast, has no console commands, but players found a break-in method regardless.

This is the latest in a series of headaches for Bethesda surrounding Fallout 76. The online game faced controversy over its canvas bags for special editions, then the fix for that problem led to a personal data leak. Most recently the new year rung in a new bug that disabled the nuclear launch silos, one of its bigger late-game features. Bethesda has continued to stay the course regarding support for its game, though, outlining upcoming features.

New Xbox One Backwards Compatible Game Out Now

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 05:25

New additions to the Xbox One backwards-compatible game catalog have been slow to start the new year, but we've just gotten a good one. Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 game Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation is now playable on Xbox One, just days before the release of its sequel.

As is typical with backwards compatible games, you can simply pop in the disc to initiate a download and begin playing on Xbox One. The game is unfortunately not currently available for purchase digitally from the Xbox Store. That said, if you have any interest in the upcoming Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, you're in luck; by pre-ordering, you'll receive a free copy of Ace Combat 6. Ace Combat 7, which you can see in the video above, releases on January 18 for both Xbox One and PS4.

Ace Combat 6 was originally released back in 2007 as an Xbox 360 exclusive. Although it didn't offer much in the way of innovation for the series outside of online multiplayer, it was well received in our review, which scored it an 8.5/10.

"Ace Combat 6 makes up for it by providing the most immersive experience yet in an arcade flight combat game, thanks to smooth, gorgeous visuals and polished gameplay," Kevin VanOrd wrote. "And you'll want to play again and again: There are medals to earn, aircraft and special weapons to purchase with the points you receive during missions, and a good selection of Xbox Live achievement points to earn that are spread out evenly among the campaign and multiplayer modes. You can also save replays of your matches, and the cinematic camera views make them a pleasure to watch. Whether you're an Ace Combat veteran or a series newcomer, you won't be disappointed."

Other recent additions to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list include Battlestations Pacific, Fuel, and Rayman Raving Rabbids. The number of playable titles (which also includes a limited selection of those for the original Xbox) has grown to a staggering size. For some help in finding what's worth playing, check out our recently updated rundown on Xbox One's best backwards compatible games.

Dragon Ball Z Action RPG In Development

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 05:20

Bandai Namco has some big Dragon Ball-related announcements in store for this month. In addition to teasing a new DLC character for Dragon Ball FighterZ, the publisher revealed that a brand-new Dragon Ball game is in development.

No further details about the new title have been announced yet, but Bandai Namco says it will be an action RPG "focusing on the world of Dragon Ball Z." In the same tweet, the publisher hinted that Dragon Ball FighterZ will add "the Warrior from Universe 11" to its roster, presumably referring to Jiren from the Tournament of Power arc in Dragon Ball Super.

In 2019, the project of a New Game focusing on the World of Dragon Ball Z begins! And more news coming to DRAGON BALL FighterZ! The Warrior from Universe 11 is joining the fight!
More information to be revealed at the DRAGON BALL FighterZ World Tour Finals January 26th ~ 27th!

— BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment UK (@BandaiNamcoUK) January 16, 2019

Bandai Namco indicated it will reveal more information during the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals, which take place later this month, on January 26-27. "We said that new information on FighterZ would be coming during the Finals, but we're also planning to release other big news," Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 producer Masayuki Hirano said during the recent Dragon Ball Games Super Showcase stream. While it seems Hirano is teasing more information about the new in-development RPG, it could also be that Bandai Namco's "other big news" pertains to the existing Dragon Ball Z titles.

During the same stream, Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki hinted that a second season of DLC is on the way for the game. The first season pass included eight additional fighters, with the most recent--Android 17--arriving back in September.

In other Dragon Ball news, Bandai Namco recently announced that Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will receive a western release. The game is scheduled to launch for PC and Nintendo Switch on April 5.

Check Out This Massive Spider-Man Game Collectible Of Rhino

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 04:55

By now, if you have been playing Spider-Man, you've probably beaten it, gotten through all the DLC, and spent plenty of time as the friendly neighborhood web-slinger taking selfies in front of famous New York City landmarks. But now, you can celebrate your love of the critically acclaimed game by picking up a couple of cool dioramas from Diamond Select Toys, including the Spider-Man villain, Rhino.

The Rhino diorama, which you can see above, stands at 10 inches tall, and his appearance is based on the look from the Spider-Man PS4 game. It will be packaged in a full-color window box and will cost $70. It will be available for pre-order on January 25.

Additionally, there is a Spider-Man diorama available for pre-order now. The $45 collectible comes in at 10 inches and is wearing his costume from the game, which you can see above. He stands on the Spider-Man logo, ready to thwip someone.

If you're interested in either of these figures, make sure to check out Diamond Select Toys, but Rhino won't be available for pre-order for a couple weeks.

We named Spider-Man one of the 10 best games of 2018, and GameSpot gave Marvel's Spider-Man a 9, and Edmond Tran said in his review, "Minor shortcomings don't detract from Insomniac's achievement in creating a game that feels like an authentic interpretation of a beloved creation. The feeling of embodying Spidey and using his abilities is astonishing, and the time spent on exploring its major characters help make its story feel heartfelt, despite superhero bombast. There have been open-world Spider-Man games before, but none so riveting and full of personality, none that explore and do justice to this many facets of the universe."

The Division 2 Private Beta Starts Next Month

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 04:00

Ubisoft has announced a private beta for The Division 2, which will give players their first look at the new setting. The private beta will kick off on February 7 and run through February 10. It will be open to everyone who pre-ordered the game and then registered through the official site, where you can also pick your beta platform of choice.

More details on the beta are said to be coming soon, but we can glean some details from what we already know. The Division 2 continues the story of a society-disrupting pandemic, but moves from the first game's setting in New York City to the US capital, Washington DC. The sequel will bring back the realistic loot-driven RPG elements from the first game, with more focus on player choice to impact the world.

The first game established that a pandemic was spread by infected dollar bills distributed during Black Friday shopping, at which point the Division was dispatched to restore order and contain the outbreak. They apparently failed, however, and now Washington DC is a hollowed-out husk, so the secret government agency is being put back into the field.

The Division 2 on PC will be using the newly launched Epic Games Store for distribution rather than Steam, and Ubisoft recently revealed its system requirements. It's coming on March 15 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out our pre-order guide for more details.

Secret Ghostbusters Movie Revealed In Teaser Trailer

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 03:49

A new Ghostbusters movie is headed our way in 2020, and it will be set in the world of the original Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989). It is being written and directed by none other than Jason Reitman (Up In The Air, Juno), son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman.

A teaser video for next year's film, which has been worked on in secret, was revealed to Entertainment Weekly, and while the video is short, it does give us some idea as to what this movie may be about. You can check it out for yourself below.

We see a lonely barn in the middle of the night, and there's a light coming from inside of it. We zoom in on the barn, and there are some familiar sounds, including that classic Ghostbusters' score. There's something under a tarp, and the wind blows it off revealing a beaten up and tad rusty Ecto-1.

What's going on here? Reitman explains, just from this teaser, what we can expect. "I've always thought of myself as the first Ghostbusters fan, when I was a 6-year-old visiting the set. I wanted to make a movie for all the other fans," Reitman says. "This is the next chapter in the original franchise. It is not a reboot. What happened in the '80s happened in the '80s, and this is set in the present day."

Did the Ghostbusters have a fall from grace or have there simply been no more ghosts in the world since the team gooed-up the Statue of Liberty? And who is the person in the barn with the Ecto-1 under a tarp? Sadly, we won't know any real answers until sometime in 2020 when the next chapter in the Ghostbusters franchise comes to theaters.

This Week's PS4 Game Deals On The US PlayStation Store

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 03:34

The PlayStation Network winter sale had a good and surprisingly lengthy run, but now it's finally ended. The new crop of deals is significantly less robust, but there are still a few bargains that may be worth your while. Plus if you're looking for new dynamic themes and avatars, hoo boy!

This week you can get the UFC 3 for $26, Redout: Lightspeed Edition for $20, and Space Hulk for $18. Space Hulk Ascension and Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch are also on sale. If you've been looking to start up an online game that will last you a while, the Smite Ultimate God Pack bundle is down to $20, and the Paladins Champion Pack is $20.

Meanwhile Dead or Alive 5 Last Round has a slew of DLC packs on sale, offering a variety of different costume sets at price ranges from $10 to a whopping $65. Plus the store is offering dozens of avatars and dynamic themes, in case the new year has you feeling in the mood for a refresh.

As always, these prices are lower for PlayStation Plus members. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Plus games for January are now available, which includes Steep, Portal Knights, Amplitude, Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellions, and Super Mutant Alien Assault. You can check out the full line-up of deals and discounts here.

New Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character Teased

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 03:10

Dragon Ball FighterZ's season pass wrapped up back in September with the release of Android 17, but it appears that a new DLC character is on the way to the fighting game. Ahead of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals this weekend, Bandai Namco teased that "the Warrior from Universe 11 is joining the fight."

No further details about the upcoming DLC character have been revealed yet, but Bandai Namco is presumably referring to Jiren, one of the Pride Troopers hailing from the aforementioned universe and the most formidable foe Goku and his companions faced off against during the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. The publisher says it will reveal more information during the World Tour Finals, which take place on January 26-27.

If Jiren is indeed added to the roster, he would mark the ninth DLC character released for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Bandai Namco hasn't teased if any other additional fighters are also planned for the game, but this does open the doors for a second season of DLC, which hopefully means there's still a chance Master Roshi can join the fight.

Dragon Ball FighterZ first launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC last January, with a Nintendo Switch version following this past September. We awarded it a 9/10 in our Dragon Ball FighterZ review, calling it "a Dragon Ball fighting game that can go toe-to-toe with the best of the genre."

In addition to the new Dragon Ball FighterZ character, Bandai Namco announced that a new Dragon Ball game is in development. The publisher didn't share any details beyond that, but we'll likely learn more about it during the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals later this month.

Deadpool Writers' Show Wayne Delivers Fast Cars, Gangsters, And Metal In New Clip

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 01:49

The success of last year's Karate Kid spin-off show Cobra Kai showed that YouTube Premium was becoming a major player in the ever-evolving world of streaming. The next big show to hit the service is the dark teen comedy thriller Wayne, which hits the service today, January 16. An exclusive new clip has been released.

The show features rising star Mark McKenna (Sing Street) as the titular Wayne, a troubled 16-year-old who hits the road with his friend Del to get back the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am left to him by his dad from some very bad people in Florida. In the clip we see the Trans Am in the wrong hands, plus Wayne and Del getting in the way of a very large truck. Check it out above.

Wayne also stars Ciara Bravo (Big Time Rush, Red Band Society) as Del, plus Joshua J. Williams (Cloak and Dagger) and Mike O'Malley (Glee). It's created by Shawn Simmons and produced by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who are best known for writing both Deadpool movies, as well as the horror comedy Zombieland. They are also working on Zombieland 2.

In a recent interview with Slashfilm, Wernick spoke about what drew him and Reese to the show, and how it compares with their other work. "We're drawn to things that are left of center, always," Wernick said. "It always appeals to us, something that's not your traditional fare. The mixing of tones is something that I think we're best known for, something we've done in Zombieland and obviously in the Deadpool franchise.

"We always say extraordinary circumstances in an ordinary world is something that appeals to us. This obviously I think falls into that, especially with the mixing of tone. We want you not only to laugh. We think of this as a comedy but we also think of this as many other things: action adventure, it's a road trip and has an emotional story, a love story between two kids who are coming of age."

Hitman Dev Opens New Studio, Hints At New Games

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 00:04

Hitman creator IO Interactive has opened a new studio in Malmo, Sweden, the company has announced. The developer says the new site will "strengthen IO Interactive's commitment to deliver exceptional content to the Hitman franchise," though it also hints at other projects in the works.

“Furthermore, this will expand our muscles for creating brand-new and exciting endeavours, new universes, new franchises," said IOI CEO Hakan Abrak. "In other words, IOI Malmo and [existing studio] Copenhagen are one family."

As yet there's no clue what IOI is working on beyond additional Hitman 2 levels and missions, though it has previously stated it wanted Hitman (2016) to consist of three seasons of content. The studio is primarily known for creating and developing the Hitman franchise, but it has also worked on the Kane & Lynch series and the 2003 shooter Freedom Fighters--though it should be noted the studio does not own the latter two brands.

Hitman 2 received a positive critical reception, including an 8/10 from GameSpot. "The addition of other minor mechanical changes--like concussive weapons, a picture-in-picture enemy activity alert, and visible security camera sightlines--help to improve Hitman 2 overall as a dense and accessible stealth assassination game," wrote critic Edmond Tran in our Hitman 2 review.

"But the new locations are the real stars, impressive and inventive sandboxes ripe for picking apart with exciting experiments. Hitman is about experiencing the anticipation of seeing whether a plan will work when you try it for the first time. It's about feeling the tension of briskly walking away from a bad situation, hoping you can lose the suspicious guards. It's the satisfaction of knowing the machinations of a level so well that when a target moves into a particular place at a particular time, you have the perfect way to intervene. Hitman 2 is a familiar experience, but in the Hitman world, familiarity is an incredible strength."

A Huge Lord Of The Rings Exhibit Opens This Month In NYC

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 15:55

A major new exhibit about The Lord of the Rings and its author J.R.R. Tolkien is opening at a New York City museum this month--and it sounds like a can't-miss event for fans.

The exhibit, Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth, celebrates Tolkien and his work. Said to be the largest collection of Tolkien material assembled for several generations, the exhibit includes drawings, manuscripts, and maps that Tolkien himself put together for The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion.

The exhibit will also contain illustrations that Tolkien etched for places like the gates of Moria, Sauron's fortress at Barad-dur, and Lothlorien.

The exhibit was organised in collaboration with The Tolkien Estate, The Tolkien Trust, and members of the Tolkien family. The works on display come from the Tolkien Archive at the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford, Marquette University's collection of original materials, and also from private lenders. You can see a teaser for the exhibit in the video embedded above.

In addition to the main exhibit, the Morgan Library and Museum will have lectures, discussions, workshops, and symposiums related to Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings. You can visit the Morgan website to see a full rundown of events.

The exhibit will be on display at the Morgan Library and Museum from January 25 through May 12, 2019. It's located at 225 Madison Avenge in New York City.

In other news about The Lord of the Rings, Amazon is producing a Lord of the Rings prequel TV show, while a movie about Tolkien starring Nicholas Hoult as the author is in the works.

Jumanji Sequel Adds A Veteran Big-Name Actor

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 14:53

The untitled Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sequel has added yet another big name to its cast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lethal Weapon actor Danny Glover will appear in the movie, joining other newcomers like Danny DeVito and Awkwafina. All of the major stars of the first movie--The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and Nick Jonas--are also expected to return for the sequel.

"From Awkafina to Danny DeVito to now one of my action heroes, Danny Glover--it's been awesome having so many actors and OG legends raise their hands wanting to come and play in our Jumanji universe," The Rock told THR.

In the 2017 film, Jumanji is a video game that teenagers in detention get sucked into. They then become new people in a jungle world, and it appears the sequel will do this all over again. For now, The Rock isn't giving away the details on who becomes who just yet.

"'Who turns into who?' will always be the fun magic sauce for our audience," he said.

Welcome to the Jungle was an enormous success, banking more than $962 million on its way to becoming the 43rd biggest movie in the history of film. Jake Kasdan, the son of legendary Star Wars writer Lawrence Kasdan, directed the 2017 film and he's coming back for the sequel.

The Jumanji franchise is based on the Chris Van Allsburg book, and it was first made into a movie in 1995 with Robin Williams in the lead role.

Plot details are under wraps for the Jumanji sequel, but The Rock teased that Kasdan gave a "dynamite pitch" for the plot. The film hits theatres in December 2019.

Ariana Grande Got a Huge Pokemon Tattoo

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 14:08

Ariana Grande got a Pokemon tattoo. The 25-year-old pop sensation revealed her very large Eevee tattoo recently through her Instagram story. Additionally, tattoo artist Kane Navasard showed off the tattoo in another post on Instagram, writing that the ink was for "the best Pokemon trainer in the game, [Ariana Grande]."

It's a nice-looking tattoo. With colour it might have looked too flashy; the black-and-white style is more classic. You can see the tattoo in the image below.

View this post on Instagram

For the best Pokémon trainer in the game, @arianagrande. For bookings, visit WWW.KANENAVASARD.COM #tattoo #singleneedle #losangeles #forthesinners #kanenavasard

A post shared by Kane Navasard (@kanenavasard) on Jan 14, 2019 at 10:34am PST

Grande is a big fan of the Pokemon series, it seems, telling a fan that she played the Nintendo Switch game Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee for 15 hours during a recent day off. "Honestly," she said. She also cosplayed as Eevee one at least one occasion.

honestly. yesterday i had a day off and i played pokémon let’s go eevee for fifteen hours. honestly.

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) January 13, 2019

This was not Grande's first tattoo. She also has Chihiro from the Studio Ghibi movie Spirited Away on her arm, as well as the Harry Potter spell "Lumos" written on her hand. She has many, many more, and you can do a quick Google search to see them all.

Ariana Grande is no stranger to video games. She appeared in the Final Fantasy video game Brave Exvius, and now Katy Perry will be featured in the game as well.

Elder Scrolls Online Reveals Season Of The Dragon, New Annual Event Showcasing Elsweyr

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 12:55

Celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, The Elder Scrolls Online has steadily grown into an experience that many fans of Bethesda's RPG franchise wanted back when it debuted back in 2014. As an open world MMO, players can freely explore the many regions of Tamriel embarking quests, exploring dungeons, and acquiring rare loot. With the releases of previous expansions set in familiar areas, including Morrowind and Summerset, the scale and content of the online world has steadily seen improvement. During a livestream hosted by Twitch, the developers of ESO revealed the next major expansion set in the land of Elsweyr, along with an ambitious set of DLCs and updates releasing this year.

Set for launch on June 4, the Elsweyr expansion takes place in the homeland of the Khajit. Not only will new quests and events open up for veteran players in the region, but it will also be a new starting point for newcomers. As a part of their annual event for the Season of the Dragon, the developers plan to launch four unique DLCs throughout 2019. In the reveal trailer for Elsweyr, dragons have once again found their way to Tamriel, prompting the many adventurers in the land to face off against the new threat. In addition to being tied into the all new story quests, these dragons will also be a part of major world events.

Prior to the reveal, GameSpot spoke with ESO creative director Rich Lambert about their plans for the game in 2019, and how the community has expanded in big way in recent years.

"Elsweyr been one of the most requested places from our fans; it’s the homeland of the Khajit," said the creative director. "There's bits and pieces of the land in other DLCs, such as Reaper's March and Khenarthi's Roost, but those are really on the outer edges of the province. So we're really going into the heartland, showing what Khajit culture is, and how they've evolved over the ages."

With the Season of the Dragon annual event, the developers plan to update many of the core pillars of the MMO with four key updates. Beginning in Q1 with Wrathstone, the first DLC will add in new dungeon content for experienced players. In the second DLC--releasing on June 4--the region of Elsweyr will open up for all players, focusing on new quests and storylines within the desert land of the Khajit. The final two DLCs releasing in the back half of 2019 will also place a heavy emphasis on on additional story and dungeon content as well.

The highlight of Season of the Dragon will no doubt be Elsweyr, which adds in a massive new zone to explore. However, there will also be numerous other updates and quality-of-life additions that will switch things up. The year-long event will also see a new class thrown into the mix, which is the Necromancer. Using their dark magic, they'll be able to summon spirits and manipulate the dead to fight in battle. However, their dark arts will arouse all kinds of attention from NPCs throughout the land. Using the Necromancer's abilities in towns will prompt citizens and guards to confront the player--similarly to when players used shouts in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. These interactions also tied into the game's Justice system, which judges your character based on in-game choices.

Furthermore, there will also be new world events. In addition to in-world battles against the massive dragons, some regions will also catch the attention of Daedric deities, who've become bored of the state of the world. In order to spice things up, they'll introduce a little chaos by spawning powerful artifacts in the world. Those who can find them can wield the ancient weapons, transforming them into a demi-god. With drastically amplified stats and unique spells and skills, you'll need to unleash carnage on other players, or else succumb to the artifact's insatiable hunger for chaos.

The Elder Scrolls Online is in for a big year, and the new forms of content look to bring some interesting opportunities for players to explore more of the world. In the years since ESO's debut, the developers spent a lot of time listening to what the fans wanted, which they they credit the game's current success.

"We spent a lot of time reflecting on what the fans wanted, in trying to bring that Elder Scrolls feel into the game," said Lambert. "That's where One Tamriel came from, Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, and that's where the Justice System came out as well. It really changed the feel of ESO, and players have enjoyed it since. The game has never been stronger, which is awesome."

For more info on Elder Scrolls Online, including what's to come with Elsweyr and the Season of the Dragon, be sure to check back with GameSpot.

New Ghostbusters Movie On The Way, Unrelated To 2016 Reboot

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 12:11

A new Ghostbusters movie is coming. Entertainment Weekly reports that Jason Reitman, the son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, will co-write and direct the new film that is not connected to the 2016 edition featuring an all-female cast of ghost hunters. Specific plot points for Jason Reitman's new movie are being kept under wraps for now, but he did confirm that it's set in the present day. It is not a reboot, but it's a continuation of the original series. [Update: Beyond this news, we've also now gotten a new Ghostbusters teaser trailer.]

"This is the next chapter in the original franchise. It is not a reboot," he told EW. "What happened in the '80s happened in the '80s, and this is set in the present day."

The new Ghostbusters movie will start shooting later this year, and it's expected to hit theatres in summer 2020. The other writer is Gil Kenan, who earned an Oscar nomination for Monster House.

"This is very early, and I want the film to unwrap like a present," Jason Reitman told EW. "We have a lot of wonderful surprises and new characters for the audience to meet."

Regarding the new characters, Justin Kroll of the website Variety said Jason Reitman may be looking to cast four teenagers in the lead roles. In the original films, the main characters were played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and Rick Moranis. Ramis passed away in 2014.

Hearing he is currently looking to cast four teenagers for the lead roles

— Justin Kroll (@krolljvar) January 16, 2019

Reitman has four Oscar nominations, and some of his best-known films include Juno, Up in the Air, and Thank You For Smoking.

Ivan Reitman will produce the new Ghostbusters movie, and he told EW, "It will be a passing of the torch both inside and out." He said his son Jason came to him with the idea for the new film, and it left him in awe. "

"I was quite surprised when he came to me with Gil and said, 'I know I've been saying for 10 years I'm the last person who should make a Ghostbusters movie, but…I have this idea.' Literally, I was crying by the end of it, it was so emotional and funny," he said.

Go to Entertainment Weekly to read the full story on the new Ghostbusters movie.

EA Cancels Star Wars Open-World Game, Says Report

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 11:36

The open-world Star Wars game in development at EA Vancouver has been canceled. That's according to a new report from Kotaku that credits the information to three sources who reportedly have inside knowledge of the matter. [Update] Additional sources have told Kotaku that the open-world Star Wars project has been canceled in favour of a smaller-scale title that can be released sooner.

[Original story] According to the report, EA Vancouver's Star Wars title was a "reboot" of the Star Wars project that Visceral Games was working on until EA closed that studio in 2017. EA Vancouver continued to use some of the assets from Visceral's game, but transitioned the title to become an open-world experience, Kotaku reported.

Executive Patrick Soderlund, who has since left EA, previously confirmed that Visceral's Star Wars game was a "story-based, linear adventure game." However, responding to market trends and player feedback, EA decided to "pivot" the design to make it a title that players could "come back to and enjoy for a long time to come," which suggested it was becoming more multiplayer-focused. At the same time, Soderlund announced that EA Vancouver would lead development on this title and that it was also delayed. Now, it is canceled outright, apparently.

The Star Wars game Visceral had in development was being headed up by Uncharted veteran Amy Hennig. She said it may be "spiritually similar" to Uncharted but that it will also be its own thing. Hennig has since left EA altogether.

EA did not respond to GameSpot's request for comment at press time, but keep checking back with us for the latest.

While EA Vancouver's Star Wars game may be canceled, the publisher continues its work on a third-person Star Wars action game, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, from Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment.

Kotaku also reported that EA Vancouver's Star Wars game was very early in development and that no jobs were lost as a result of the reported cancellation. The game was said to put you in the shoes of a "scoundrel or bounty hunter" who hopped around different open-world planets. As for why the game was supposedly canceled, sources said EA management wanted to launch something on the more immediate horizon. As a result, EA is now reportedly working on a smaller-scale Star Wars game to launch in late 2020.

In 2013, EA signed a multi-year, multi-title deal with Disney for Star Wars video games. That licensing contract was said to run for 10 years, so it may expire in 2023 unless the terms were adjusted without being discussed publicly.

EA previously found itself embroiled in Star Wars controversy when Star Wars: Battlefront II's microtransactions made headlines and led to wider discussions from governments around the world about loot boxes in video games.

Destiny 2: How To Get The Jotunn Exotic Fusion Rifle

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 11:30

The final Forge of The Black Armory, Bergusia, is now available to Destiny 2 players. The opening of the Bergusia Forge has provided players with the final steps of the Mystery Box Exotic weapon quest, allowing them to finally unlock the powerful Izanagi's Burden sniper rifle. But the Izanagi sniper isn't the only awesome new gun to come with the final forge--it's also given players access to the Exotic weapon known as Jotunn.

Like all Exotics, Jotunn is a special weapon and there's nothing else quite like it in Destiny 2. The fusion rifle looks more like the arm-mounted blasters belonging to Mega Man or Metroid's Samus Aran than a Destiny gun. It also fires a powerful, tracking blast that makes it devastating in the Crucible, which is great news since this week sees the return of the Iron Banner competitive event.

The good news for Destiny 2 players is that getting Jotunn is nowhere near as complicated as tracking down guns like Whisper of the Worm or Izanagi's Burden. The bad news is that whether you wind up with Jotunn is also dependent on luck. But there are certain things you have to do to get the gun at all. Here's everything you need to know to earn Jotunn and start bringing some Nordic pain to other players.

Unlock The Forges

First and foremost, you'll need all four of The Black Armory's Forges unlocked in order to get a chance at Jotunn. That means completing the Black Armory missions associated with the Volundr, Gofannon, and Izanami forges. The most complex one is the Izanami Forge, so use our guide to maximize your time and unlock it as quickly as possible.

The final Forge required to unlock Jotunn is the Bergusia Forge. Thanks to the efforts of the Destiny 2 community in solving the Niobe Labs puzzle, Bergusia is unlocked for all players once you've got access to the other three. That's key: You'll need to ignite the Bergusia Forge for a chance at Jotunn.

Talk To Ada-1

Next, you'll need to head to the Tower Annex and talk with Ada-1, the Black Armory vendor. Specifically, you want the two weekly bounties Ada offers, one which is tied to completing Black Armory Forge ignitions, and the other which requires you to complete daily bounties. Both are good for Black Armory Schematics, which you'll need to purchase Powerful frames from Ada.

Complete the weekly bounties and get yourself your first Powerful frame. These are the other key element to unlocking Jotunn.

Calibrate The Powerful Frame

If you've been working on Forges up to now, you should have made one item of all the Powerful frames that have been available in each Forge, which should speed up your progress. It doesn't matter which frame you pick, as long as it's one of the gold Powerful ones. Follow the steps on the frame to calibrate it, which will eventually bring you back to Ada-1 to complete it. When that happens, the frame will tell you to head to ignite one of the first three Forges--Volundr, Gofannon, or Izanami--to complete the frame. Ignore that part and head to Bergusia Forge in the southern part of the EDZ, near the Outskirts.

Ignite Bergusia Forge

The thing about Bergusia Forge is that you can complete any Powerful weapon frame there, regardless of what Forge the frame tells you to use. In the past, if you wanted to make the Hammerhead machine gun, you'd need to ignite Volundr Forge; to get the Tartara Gaze sniper, you'd be stuck igniting Gofannon. Any frame will work at Bergusia, though, and it's the only place that Jotunn drops right now.

With your completed Powerful frame in your inventory, head to Bergusia and ignite the Forge. In most cases, you'll simply complete your Powerful frame and get the weapon you were working on, whatever that might be. But there's a chance for Bergusia Forge to drop Jotunn during these activities. Jotunn only drops if you're already forging a Powerful weapon frame, so don't bother grinding the Forge after you complete your first two frames. If you're willing to unlock all the Forges on two more characters, you can have up to six chances a week at getting the Exotic to drop.

Unfortunately, that's all there is to it. There's nothing more you can do to enhance your odds of getting Jotunn to drop, and there's a big element of randomness still in the process. But the drop rates seem pretty good, anecdotally--in fact, two people got Jotunn on the same run when we played it for this guide. Don't give up hope if you don't get Jotunn on your first couple of tries, because it's worth the effort.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Update And Event Now Live

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 11:25

Treyarch has rolled out a new update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. As the developer previously detailed, all three of the game's modes have gotten some attention with this week's patch, but the most was saved for Zombies, which has received a new in-game event and other content.

Beginning January 15, Treyarch is holding a 115 Day Celebration in Zombies--a reference to the element used to create the undead monsters in Black Ops lore. During the event, players will receive twice the normal amount of XP, weapon XP, and Nebulium Plasma. The 115 Day Celebration is live on all platforms and is scheduled to end at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT on January 18.

Additionally, PS4 players can now take on Gauntlets in Zombies mode. Treyarch describes these as "30-round challenges with unique rules governing gameplay in each round." Players will earn medals and rewards depending on how many rounds they're able to complete, as well as a "unique reward" for their Emblem if they manage to clear round 30 without failing.

Finally, Treyarch has introduced three new Elixirs that players can craft in Zombies. These are currently available on PS4; they are all Epic rarity and confer the following buffs on players according to Treyarch's blog:

  • Perk Up: Gain 4 additional random Perks that are not in your loadout.
  • Refresh Mint: Refreshes the cooldowns for Equipment, Perks, and Special Weapons for your entire team.
  • Conflagration Liquidation: Spawn a Bonfire Sale power-up.

Treyarch has more content on the way for Zombies mode, including a new Perk, Mastery Camos, and classic weapons. These are slated to arrive in the "coming weeks." The developer also has other new Zombies features and updates planned for this year, such as new Gauntlets and Faction Callings, which are "designed to feature a full season of 12 unique challenge events across all Zombies maps and game modes that reward players with never-before-seen character customization loot."