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Updated: 21 min 3 sec ago

Mortal Kombat Movie Aims To Have The Best Fight Scenes Ever On Film

4 hours 5 min ago

The director of the Mortal Kombat movie is promising that the video game adaptation will feature some epic fight scenes befitting of the Mortal Kombat name.

Simon McQuoid--an Australian commercials director who makes his feature directorial debut with Mortal Kombat--told Collider that the goal was to create the best fight scenes ever committed to film.

"The fights themselves, what we've attempted to do… is to innovate within," he said. "To drive character forward and story forward within the fight. So we spent a lot of time on that. The fight team are incredible on this movie. The first thing I said to Kyle [Gardiner], who is the stunt coordinator, he runs the whole thing, I said to him, 'Ok Kyle, we have to make the best fights that have ever been on film. So, no pressure.' ... But it was really about building character and story within the fight itself so it didn't just feel like a plugin. It actually felt like part of the scene and part of the act."

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Magic: Legends Difficulty And Modifiers Detailed

4 hours 18 min ago

Magic: Legends is an isometric dungeon-crawler that takes a healthy bit of influence from Diablo, so as you might expect, its difficulty settings will work a lot like Blizzard's series. Cryptic Studios outlined how the difficulty and modifiers will work, ahead of its upcoming open beta on PC.

As detailed on the Magic Legends blog, the game has four base difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master. You'll start on Normal and unlock the others through gameplay milestones. You can take on Hard as soon as you finish the tutorial, and you can then increase it to Expert and Master once you've reached level 30. And of course, higher difficulty levels will sport better loot.

In addition to the base difficulty levels, each region in the game will have its own regional enchantment available on any difficulty above Normal. You can toggle these enchantments off on Hard mode, but on Expert and Master they'll always apply. Cryptic outlined the regional enchantments that will be available in the open beta, which includes factors like enemies exploding after death, or taking extra damage based on how short you are on mana.

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AMD Reveals Radeon RX 6700 XT For $479, Out This March

4 hours 20 min ago

AMD has announced its mainstream RDNA 2-powered GPU, with the Radeon RX 6700 XT set to launch on March 18.

This is the most affordable GPU in the 6000 series yet, with specs that target 1440p for maximum performance. This pits it against Nvidia's RTX 3070 and less powerful RTX 3060 Ti, with AMD nestling in between the two with its $479 MSRP. Of course, if the past few months have been any indication, that figure might not count for anything, considering the inflation of GPU pricing due to stock shortages.

If you can snag one at release for anywhere close to the recommend price, AMD is promising performance on par and, in some cases, exceeding that of the RTX 3070. In its internal benchmarks, AMD has the RX 6700 XT beating its Nvidia rival in many modern titles. What isn't as clear in the image is that the benchmarks are making use of AMD's Smart Access Memory boost for increased performance, a feature which Nvidia hasn't yet rolled out to the RTX 3070.

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Madden 22 Will Have A Better Franchise Mode, EA Says

4 hours 37 min ago

Madden NFL 22 will have a better Franchise mode than its predecessor, or that's at least what EA Sports is aiming to achieve with this year's game. The promise came from executive producer Seann Graddy, who also spoke about the final update to Madden NFL 21's Franchise mode, which is launching this week with a number of notable changes. It's a mode that wasn't particularly well-received.

For Madden NFL 22, Graddy said in a blog post, "In Madden 22, work is well underway. We're collecting input from a number of resources to ensure that we deliver a Franchise experience that our fans want. This includes feedback from you, the community; [and] of course our Game Changers, and the many passionate Franchise fans that work on the development team."

"The Franchise community continues to be incredibly important to us. On behalf of the entire Madden NFL team, we can't wait to share with you what we're working on for Madden NFL 22, so please, stay tuned," he added.

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Cinema Chain Alamo Drafthouse Files For Chapter 11

4 hours 50 min ago

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a popular cinema chain headquartered in Austin, Texas, has filed for Chapter 11. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the chain, which also has locations in states including New York, Virginia, and California, has a deal in place to sell its assets to Altamont Capital and Fortress Investment Group--which will allow Alamo to restructure its business and try to weather the storm of the coronavirus's impact on its business.

"The transaction will provide the company with much-needed incremental financing to stabilize the business during the pandemic, which has had an unprecedented and outsized impact upon the movie theater and dining industries," a statement from the company said (via the Austin American-Statesman). "More importantly, it will position Alamo Drafthouse to return to growth and continue executing on its long-term strategic vision."

The Alamo was an early adopter of what became an emerging trend last year among movie theaters: Allowing patrons to rent theaters for private viewing parties. As this filing indicates, the novel manuever was not enough to buoy business.

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Last Chance To Get 1 Year Of Paramount+ For $30

5 hours 4 min ago

Starting tomorrow, March 4, CBS All Access will go by a new moniker: Paramount+. The revamped streaming service will feature all of CBS All Access' content as well as a wealth of new content, including original shows and movies. While it's too early to say if Paramount+ will truly compete with services such as Netflix and HBO Max, there's a stellar deal on a 12-month subscription that's hard to pass up. Until the end of today, March 3, you can save 50% on a 12-month Paramount+ subscription, dropping the price to as low as $30.

The deal applies to both the ads-supported plan and ad-free premium plan. You can get Paramount+ for $30 with ads or $50 without ads. That breaks down to $2.50 per month or roughly $4 per month for the ad-free plan, which is quite the bargain. If you snag the deal, you'll technically be signing up for CBS All Access before it changes to Paramount+ branding tomorrow.


Save 50% on a 12-month subscription

See at Paramount+

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WandaVision's Randall Park Forgot He Was On The Office

5 hours 11 min ago

Before his roles in Ant-Man and the Wasp, The Interview, and Always Be My Maybe, Randall Park had a small role on The Office--which he completely forgot about.

Speaking to Conan O'Brien, the actor, who now appears in WandaVision, recalled that he filmed his brief opening scene for the Season 9 episode of The Office in just an hour. He left the set in a good mood but then completely forgot about it when the episode actually aired.

Park played the character "Asian Jim" as part of Pam's prank on Dwight. Because Park forgot he filmed this scene, he thought he was the victim of a hate crime when people yelled out to him, "Asian Jim!," when they saw him on the street.

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Nvidia Doesn't Believe Crypto Mining Is The Reason For GPU Shortages

5 hours 21 min ago

Nvidia believes that the popularity of its latest Ampere-powered GPUs isn't solely due to the popularity of cryptocurrency mining during its latest earnings quarter.

Nvidia CFO Colette Kress participated in the Raymond James Institutional Investors Broker Conference Call, explaining that the demand for the company's latest range of GPUs would have affected supply as much as it has even if mining didn't become as profitable again as it has.

"Our quarter for gaming, for example, probably would have been the same with or without crypto because we're supply constrained," Kress explained, via WCCFTech. "So we'll continue to watch this. We believe that our CMP product will allow us better visibility for understanding the size of crypto within our quarter."

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Classic Asterix Comic Book Is Being Made Into An Animated Netflix Show

5 hours 35 min ago

The classic French comic book The Adventures of Asterix is being turned into an animated Netflix series. The show will be released worldwide in 2022.

The 3D animated Asterix show will be produced in France. The showrunner will be Alain Chabat, who wrote and directed 2002's live-action movie Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, which stands as the third highest-grossing feature film in French history. The show will be co-produced with publishers Les Editions Albert René.

The series will be based on writer René Goscinny and artist Albert Uderzo's classic book Asterix and the Big Fight, in which the Romans organize a brawl between Gaulish chiefs, and attempt to fix the results with a magic potion. The 1971 book was previously adapted as an animated film in 1989.

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Xbox Game Pass New Games For March 2021 Announced

5 hours 36 min ago

Microsoft has announced the full lineup of additions to Xbox Game Pass in March, and they include some very high-profile games.

Coming to Game Pass this week include Madden NFL 21, Football Manager 21, and NBA 2K21, while players can look forward to Star Wars: Squadrons later in the month. In April, the professional ice hockey game NHL 21 will come to Game Pass on console.

Additionally, Microsoft announced that five games are leaving Game Pass on March 15, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Bloodstained, and Kona. You can see the full lists of the games that are coming to Game Pass and leaving down below.

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Blizzard Dev Warns Against Diablo 2: Resurrected Alpha Scams

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 23:44

A Blizzard developer has warned fans to be wary of sites claiming to offer access to the upcoming Diablo II: Resurrected alpha. They are scams.

Community development lead Adam Fletcher said on Twitter that he's seen these scams and is advising people to be careful and understand that they're all fakes. The only way to get into the Diablo II: Resurrected technical alpha is through Blizzard itself. You can opt in to the alpha test on your profile page--here's how.

Just a heads-up to everyone interested in Diablo II: Resurrected and the Tech Alpha...
Don't fall for scams. I've seen numerous places state they are running contests or giving away access. That isn't true. Best way to get in is to opt-in on!

— Adam Fletcher (@PezRadar) March 2, 2021

Producer Matthew Cederquist told GameSpot at BlizzCon that the alpha test will begin soon and it will allow players to provide feedback to the developers, who will then go over these notes and decide how to change the game for its public release.

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Amazon Launches GameOn App On iOS

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 17:47

GameOn, Amazon's mobile gaming capture app, has come to iOS after dropping on Android last November, and Amazon is looking to make it big. As reported by TechCrunch, the app allows users to capture gameplay clips from mobile games, which can then be saved to a library and posted publicly on the GameOn sharing platform.

Despite also being owned by Amazon, GameOn is completely separate to Twitch, with different branding and seperate user accounts. With in-built capture, editing tools, and a public highlight feed, GameOn looks to be more like a gaming-specific take on TikTok than it is a mobile version of Twitch. Clips made within GameOn are also designed to be shared outside the app "via social media services or by sending direct links to friends."

Amazon is hoping to build its userbase by partnering with streamers who will focus on mobile gaming content for the app. It's also publicizing a series of "weekly challenges" for GameOn users, with the winners gaining more exposure on the app's main feeds. An example challenge for PUBG Mobile reads: "Let's see the most destruction with a vehicle in 1 minute!" You can check out GameOn's highlight page here, without downloading the app.

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Twitch Releases Its First Transparency Report, But Streamers Still Have Questions

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 17:14

Twitch has released the first Transparency Report of what is set to be many, with the streaming company promising to release the reports twice a year. The report gives a top-down look at Twitch's safety and moderation systems, before looking into more granular data about enforcement on Twitch.

The report breaks safety into multiple tiers, with the broadest level being Twitch's community guidelines, followed by site-wide moderation, then channel-specific moderation, then the small suite of safety tools that are given to viewers.

The role of channel mods and creators is emphasized in the site's overall plan, and Twitch brags that 95% of channels now have either human moderators or AutoMod enabled--up from 93% in the first half of last year. It also shows an increase in messages being deleted, with the number per 1000 messages up from 3.2 to 4.

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Outriders Demo Guide: How To Enable Cross-Play Multiplayer

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 12:58

The Outriders demo is out for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. And you don't have to worry about where you play--Outriders supports cross-play between all its platforms, allowing you to connect with your friends wherever they decide to play. That said, you will have to complete a few steps in order to do cross-play multiplayer. Don't worry; it's not too hard to do.

First off, you can't even engage in any form of multiplayer until you complete the prologue. The prologue concludes with the mission in which your character becomes fully Altered, allowing you to pick a class. Upon the completion of this mission, you'll unlock the first hub area of Outriders, Rift Town. It's here where you can start teaming up with other players.

You can either summon players to your game or join someone else's. To do either, you need to access the matchmaking terminal in Rift Town's garage or click on the "Join A Random Team" or "Play With Friends" buttons from the Lobby. On default settings, you will be limited to only teaming up with others on your platform.

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Valheim Succeeds By Not Starving You

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 10:30

Valheim's record-breaking success isn't too surprising, even if you ignore outside elements like the current global pandemic and the game's relatively low price point. There's an obvious appetite for survival games on PC, as evidenced by the likes of Rust and Ark: Survival Evolved consistently butting heads on Steam's most-played list. Yet Valheim also appeals to people like me, who aren't particularly fond of the genre. There are a number of reasons for this, but chief among them is the fact that Valheim plays down all of the restrictive survival aspects that form the foundations of similar games.

The first structure my friends and I built in Valheim has now become known as our home base. In keeping with the game's viking theme, it's vaguely reminiscent of a Norse longhouse, complete with mead and a dining table. Colourful banners and trophies of the monsters we've slain adorn its wooden walls, and the outside courtyard features a smelter for refining precious ores and a kiln for producing the coal that powers it. Each person has their own bedroom with a place to sleep and chests to store their valuables, and there are also communal chests for everyone to contribute various resources like food, wood, and stone. Meanwhile, the house's defenses consist of a spiked fence encircling the entire property and an improvised moat that's proven surprisingly effective at keeping monsters at bay.

Can anyone argue that constructing our forever home would've been a better experience if we also had to worry about thirst and hunger meters while doing so? This has always been my main sticking point with most other survival games, and Valheim removes this prohibitive aspect completely. Food is still a factor, but you're not going to keel over and die if you haven't eaten for a few in-game hours. Instead, food provides you with health rather than acting as a ticking clock. You can eat up to three food items at any one time, and the combination of which will determine the size of your health bar and the speed at which it regenerates. My diet currently consists of cooked fish, sausages, and a slab of deer meat, but food sources are plentiful, with berries, mushrooms, and other meat-based treats all available to gather and consume.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes -- Balances Zombies' Outbreak Mode

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 10:28

Another update is available for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and developer Treyarch has released the full patch notes. The update is currently live--it's primarily geared towards implementing bug fixes and objective tuning to Zombies. But it also includes some details on the cult favorite Dead Ops Arcade mode, and specifically its first-person version.

The update focuses on Zombies' new Outbreak mode, which is an open-world, co-op variation of Call of Duty's traditional Zombies. Instead of fighting off hordes of zombies in a series of rounds, Outbreak tasks a team of players with accomplishing a series of objectives in any order they wish across a vast open space that's filled with zombies.

Also in the patch notes, Treyarch details what players can expect in Rapid Fire Moshpit and Dead Ops Arcade: First Person, both of which are scheduled to go live in Black Ops Cold War on March 4. Rapid Fire Moshpit is a playlist composed of Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint but only on the game's smallest maps. Dead Ops Arcade: First Person remakes Dead Ops Arcade 3--it's just now played in first-person.

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Hugh Grant To Menace The Heroes of the Dungeons & Dragons Movie

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 10:26

The heroes of any Dungeons & Dragons game are at a loss if they don't have a villain to battle. Thankfully, the Dungeons & Dragons film has found a villain in British actor Hugh Grant, according to a report from Deadline.

Information about the Dungeons & Dragons film is scarce at the moment, aside from casting information. Along with Hugh Grant as the villain, actress Sophia Lillis (It) will join the previously-announced cast members, including Chris Pine (Star Trek franchise), Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious franchise), Justice Smith (Paper Towns, Detective Pikachu), and Rege-Jean Page (Bridgerton).

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley will direct and write the film. The duo directed Game Night and wrote Spider-Man: Homecoming, among other credits, and were briefly attached to the much-delayed The Flash moviet. Paramount and Hasbro are co-producing the film with eOne as distributor.

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Valheim Players Use Ocean To Yeet Themselves Into The Sky

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 06:44

Players of one of the hottest PC games right now, Valheim, are finding ways to exploit the title to make new experiences--like using the ocean as a giant trampoline to launch themselves.

Reddit user HotGuuuuu uploaded a clip of their exploit: hurtling a massive longboat down a tree-constructed ramp and using the vast ocean as a springboard to catapult themselves into the air. The ramp is built atop a mountain, so you can really see the speed they accumulate.

Curiously, despite the ocean looking very much like real water, the longboat simply bounces off the surface as if it's made of rubber. HotGuuuuu bounces off the water's surface a couple of times, launching several hundred feet into the air, before plummetting into a nearby forest.

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Animal Crossing Player Recreates The Mario Experience On Their Island

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 06:16

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are always expressing their creativity through the game's building mechanics, and they can sometimes achieve goals that seem impossible to casual players. That is definitely the case with Twitter user doom_mori, who managed to create a Mario-like platformer experience on their island using the themed items added for Mario's 35th anniversary by a recent update.

While parts of this build are not possible without hacking the game--which we don't recommend, as it can get your island's Dream Address taken down, among other consequences--it's still incredibly impressive. Especially lucky is the fact that the warp pipes work in the order they intended; the direction you exit a warp pipe is random, and if you have more than two on your island at a time, the connection between pipes is random, too. The Super Mario Sunshine music also adds a bit of atmosphere to the clip.

AC is a Mario platformer game now#AnimalCrossing #ACNH

— doom desire (@doom_mori) March 1, 2021

In other Animal Crossing news, an enthusiastic fan recently recreated the first act of the megahit musical Hamilton in New Horizons, and it's quite elaborate. An upcoming update for the game will add Sanrio-inspired villagers and items to the game, and that's set to release later in March.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Yuffie Episode, PS5 Upgrade Detailed

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 06:15

Square Enix has shared more details on Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, including story info on the Yuffie DLC episode. The company also outlined some of its enhancements and new features for the PS5 port.

The Japanese publication Game Watch (translated via Gematsu) explains the background of Yuffie and her partner, the new character Sonon. The two are elite operatives for Wutai, and are dispatched to Midgar to steal the "Ultimate Materia" from the Shinra company. Yuffie herself is a ninja who uses a shuriken weapon. Yuffie is the commanding officer to Sonon, though he's older, and he is said to have trained under Yuffie's father.

The new episode starring the pair will take place over two chapters: first as the two hook up with Avalanche, and then the Shinra heist attempt. Yuffie has both short- and long-range combat capabilities, and she can perform special contextual actions like breaking Shinra boxes and crossing a wire fence.

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