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Ant-Man Writer Says He Was Surprised By Scorsese's Anti-Marvel Comments

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 15:32

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese generated headlines when he criticized Marvel movies, labelling them "not cinema." Marvel's chief creative officer recently weighed in, and now the writer of 2015's Ant-Man has shared his thoughts on the drama as well. Speaking to Deadline, Adam McKay said he was flabbergasted by Scorsese's anti-Marvel movie comments.

"I wrote one, Ant-Man, and I love 'em," McKay said about superhero films. "I felt like, c'mon Marty, what are you doing? You're an all-time hero, and some of those movies are really good."

Scorsese said he tried to watch Marvel movies, but they never resonated with him so he stopped. Should Scorsese want to try again, McKay said he would recommend Thor: Ragnarok to the director--or to anyone else who doubts or belittles Marvel movies. "To anyone who disses superhero movies, I always say, watch Thor: Ragnarok. That movie is awesome," McKay said.

McKay is perhaps best known for his comedy work with Will Ferrell. He and Ferrell co-founded Gary Sanchez Productions, the company that created Funny or Die and produced numerous comedies such as Step Brothers, The Other Guys, Daddy's Home, and Anchorman 2. McKay later shifted into the drama category by directing The Big Short and Vice.

McKay and Ferrell have since left Gary Sanchez. McKay now heads up his own production company, Hyperobject Industries, which just recently signed a movie deal with Paramount and a TV deal with HBO.

Marvel's chief creative officer, Kevin Feige, recently spoke out for the first time (publicly at least) regarding Scorsese's comments. He said Scorsese is entitled to his opinion, but nothing he says will stop Marvel from making superhero movies.

"Everybody has a different definition of cinema. Everybody has a different definition of art. Everybody has a different definition of risk, I guess" Feige said. "All I know is, I'm surrounded by people 24 hours a day who live and breathe and love cinema. Some people don't think it's cinema. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Everyone is entitled to repeat that opinion.

"Everyone is entitled to write op-eds about that opinion, and I look forward to what will happen next. But in the meantime, we're going to keep making movies," he added.

Marvel recently wrapped up Phase 3 of the MCU, which included the dramatic events of Avengers: Endgame. Phase 4 is on the way, and it includes movies like Black Widow and Thor: Love & Thunder, as well as the TV shows WandaVision and Loki. For more, check out GameSpot's rundown of all the Marvel Phase 4 movies and TV shows revealed so far.

Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan Does Not Believe That Blitzchung's Ban Was Fair

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 14:44

Blizzard has come under fire lately for their harsh treatment of Hearthstone Grandmaster pro Blitzchung, who was banned from the game and had his winnings taken away for expressing a pro-Hong Kong sentiment during a post-match interview. Although eventually his prize money was reinstated and his ban was reduced to six months, the fallout from the incident was immense: the game's developers spoke out against the way Blitzchung had been treated, sponsor Mitsubishi cut ties with the Hearthstone esports scene, and numerous protests were held, which led to further bans.

Blizzard president J. Allen Brack addressed the decision directly during BlizzCon, but it's clear that many within Blizzard remain unhappy with how things have played out. Now Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch, has added his own voice to the discussion. Talking to The Washington Post, Kaplan has said that he would personally like to see Blitzchung's suspension reduced further. "I was relieved when they reduced his suspension...and I think the suspension should be reduced more or eliminated. But that’s just me."

"I’m obviously a huge supporter of free speech," Kaplan said. "It’s something that’s very important to got to me personally. I think the punishment was too harsh and I was greatly relieved when they gave his money back. I think that was extremely important." Kaplan talked about his own experience in Overwatch, where decisions like this typically take "four or five days" to get settled. He said that it was surprising to see a punishment like this get metered out so quickly: "I was actually shocked that such a harsh penalty was levied."

For now, Blitzchung's suspension remains in place. For more on this, watch our interview with Freedom Hong Kong organizer Dayton Young about Blizzard's action here, and why change is important.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Upcoming Update Will Change The 725 Shotgun Again

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 13:54

Activision is planning another update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to address one of the military shooter's most controversial weapons. In a tweet, multiplayer co-director Joe Cecot said developer Infinity Ward is planning another change for the 725 shotgun that should address how effective the weapon is at a distance.

Specifically, the update will "massage out" instances where the 725 is seemingly too effective at range, Cecot said. As you can see in the video below, the 725 is still very, very effective at a distance, which many have remarked makes the shotgun far too powerful.

The 725 is a break-action shotgun that carries only two rounds. It's also not a standard shotgun. The weapon has a cylindrical choke that keeps the projectile spread tight. This is what makes the 725 effective at long ranges unlike other, more standard shotguns.

Another tweak is coming which should massage out the rare very long shot. Now if the target is at low health this thing will always reach out.

— Joe Cecot (@JoeCecot) November 9, 2019

In another tweet, Cecot said Infinity Ward is being careful to make sure that whatever changes it plans for the 725 do not impact the "soul" of the weapon. He also confirmed that Infinity Ward has no plans to simply remove the 725 from the game. "No," he said.

The video below shows the 725 killing someone in one shot, from across the map. Cecot said this video shows a "rare" situation where one of the shotgun pellets lands. That being said, Cecot added that there are "changes still to come," presumably for instances like this.


— Hayashii (@HayashiXPG) November 8, 2019

Modern Warfare launched at the end of October, and it generated $600 million in revenue right away. The game is expected to sell as many as 27 million copies this quarter, while it will bring in even more money when the first Battle Pass launches in December.

In other Call of Duty news, the Call of Duty Mobile game is racing up the charts with more than 140 million downloads and $50 million in revenue over its first month.

Diablo 4 Is Planning On Featuring Cosmetic Microtransactions

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 13:20

Diablo IV was announced during BlizzCon 2019, and while it's still a very long way from release we've already gotten quite a lot of information about it. In our hands-on time with the game, we found its shared world and dark vibes intriguing. Now, in the wake of BlizzCon, more information is coming out from interviews conducted during the show.

We know that Diablo IV will feature mounts and character customization, but now we've heard that there are plans to let you spend money on cosmetic items for your characters. This comes via an interview by Twitch streamer Quin69 with lead designer Joe Shely, where Shely discusses monetization plans for the upcoming loot RPG.

The video is quite long, but PCGamesN has nabbed the highlights. After confirming that the base game will get expansions, Shely said that, "you also will be able to acquire cosmetics in the game." Asked directly if that means the game will have microtransactions, Shely says that it will. While the game will not let you spend money to improve your build or become more powerful, this seems to confirm that you'll be able to spend money on skins.

According to Shely, "it’s also an opportunity to have more options available than you would otherwise." It's likely that we won't know more details about this system for some time yet, and with the game so far away, there's always the possibility that Blizzard's plans will change.

Diablo IV was announced alongside Overwatch 2, but neither game was given a release date.

Call Of Duty Mobile Has Strong Start, Only Behind Pokemon Go In Terms Of Downloads

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 12:52

The new Call of Duty mobile game is doing very well. Research company SensorTower reports that the game has accumulated around 148 million downloads across iOS and Android since its release on October 1. That makes it the second most successful mobile game in history in terms of first-month downloads; it's only behind the wildly popular Pokemon Go on that front.

Call of Duty Mobile was developed by Chinese company Tencent in partnership with Activision. The game is a "greatest hits" title of sorts, featuring some of the most popular and memorable maps, modes, and characters from Call of Duty history.

In terms of comparisons against other games in the shooter category, Call of Duty Mobile's 148 million first-month downloads is more than four times Fortnite's first-month downloads (35 million). However, that game was only available on iOS at launch. The mobile version of PUBG had 60.7 million downloads in its first month, according to the report.

SensorTower's data shows that Call of Duty Mobile had around 4.9 million downloads every day across iOS and Google Play, starting with 24 million downloads on the first day. In terms of geographic breakdown, the US made up the lion's share of downloads with 23.6 million, or 16 percent of the total, followed by India with 16.2 million downloads (11 percent of the total).

Looking at spending, Call of Duty Mobile made around $53.9 million from its various microtransactions during the first month. The busiest single day was October 5, on which players collectively spent $3.1 million. The US leads the way in terms of spending with $22.8 million so far; Japan was second with $7 million.

The report says downloads were spread almost evenly between iOS and Android, but iOS players are spending more, making up 60 percent of all revenue.

Call of Duty Mobile features two main multiplayer modes: a traditional 5v5 head-to-head mode and battle royale game type for up to 100 players. The game features a number of iconic Call of Duty maps, including Nuketown 2, Crash, Hijacked, and Firing Range. Familiar characters are also featured, including Captain Price, Alex Mason, and Simon "Ghost" Riley.

Given the massive success of Call of Duty Mobile, fans can expect even more mobile games from Activision. Just recently, the company said it is considering every one of its franchises for a mobile game.

It's not just Call of Duty Mobile that's performing well. This year's new console game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, generated $600 million in revenue at launch and is expected to sell as many as 27 million copies during its launch quarter. Activision will make even more money from the game when the Battle Pass goes live in December.

Rian Johnson Is Fine With You Not Liking Star Wars: The Last Jedi, But Not With Complaints About Diversity

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 12:40

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has opened up about some of the bad faith backlash against his film, while also praising the Star Wars fan community at large and encouraging debate among them.

Johnson's comments were made during WIRED live Q&A event to promote his upcoming movie, Knives Out. Parts of the Q&A were recorded by one fan and uploaded to Twitter, who caught an interesting moment during the event. One audience member asked Johnson about the negative reaction to The Last Jedi from certain viewers, and his thoughts on people who complain about the film's cast diversity. Johnson did not mince words in his reply, which was met with immediate applause: "if someone's responding to diversity negatively, f*** 'em."

“if someone is responding to diversity negatively, fuck them” - @rianjohnson on tlj backlash

— Molly (@mpychu) November 10, 2019

As the applause died down, Johnson immediately clarified that not everyone who dislikes his film is a bigot: "if anyone didn't like the movie, I'm not saying that's why they didn't like it." Talking about the backlash, Johnson admits that he expected that the film would not appeal to everyone. "It wasn't surprising at all to me. I grew up as a Star Wars fan. I was in my 20s when the prequels came out. This whole idea that it's been sunshine and roses, and then everyone's yelling at each other, is baffling to me."

here is @rianjohnson’s full response. he is honestly so kind. we don’t deserve him!!

— Molly (@mpychu) November 10, 2019

Johnson believes that the passionate debates that fans have about Star Wars is all part of the series' appeal. "People care deeply about Star Wars, and every single person has a slightly different version of what they think Star Wars is. And so much of the fun of it is arguing about it." He believes that the negativity around the film has been covered extensively because it "is fun to write about, and it gets clicks," but he also says that the majority of folks who reach out to him about Star Wars are actually very pleasant.

"95% of my interactions on Twitter are absolutely lovely and constructive and wonderful with Star Wars fans," he says. "Star Wars fans are the best fans in the world, all of them." He also believes that the rest of the fandom needs to push back against the folks who are angry at the diversity of his film's cast. "I think the fandom has to take a stand against getting defined by a very small slice of it, that does not represent the lion's share."

Johnson is set to direct his own original Star Wars trilogy in the future, although what it's going to be, exactly, is seemingly still being decided upon. The next film in the series, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, will wrap up the Skywalker saga. It's directed by J.J. Abrams, and will release on December 20. After that, the series is going on a hiatus, at least in cinemas, with Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss having recently stepped away from their own planned trilogy.

Star Wars

Hideo Kojima Has Been Awarded Two Guinness World Records, But Not For What You Might Expect

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 11:30

Hideo Kojima's latest game, Death Stranding, released last week. Reviews have been mixed, but our critic loved it, and the game has inspired a lot of discussion. Over the weekend, director Hideo Kojima was awarded two Guinness World Records, but curiously neither of them directly relate to the new game--he's yet to collect an award for "first strand game", or "most babies in jars in a game".

Instead, Kojima has been awarded for his follower counts on Twitter and Instagram, claiming two separate awards: "most followers on Twitter for a video game director" and "most followers on Instagram for a video game director".

Game creator Hideo Kojima (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) is now a record holder for:
✅ Most followers on Twitter for a video game director
✅ Most followers on Instagram for a video game director#DeathStranding#WorldStrandTour2019

— GuinnessWorldRecords (@GWR) November 10, 2019

Kojima, who has 811,600 followers on his Japanese Twitter account and a further 2,813,385 million on his English language account, tweeted out a picture of both awards after receiving them. A close up of the award shows that it specifically focuses on his English account rather than combining the two. The award is specific to his role as a director, too--Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson has 3.7 million followers.

— 小島秀夫 (@Kojima_Hideo) November 10, 2019

Kojima's Instagram has 888,539 followers, according to his award, but that appears to have gone up considerably: his page now shows 918,000 followers. This is all particularly serendipitous when you consider that the "like" is a major form of currency in Death Stranding--Kojima seems to put real stock in the power of social media.

Before this, Hideo Kojima could reasonably claim some responsibility for one other Guinness World Record: the very specific "first interactive digital graphic novel for the PlayStation Portable" award, held by Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel, which launched June 13, 2006.

Death Stranding Guides

Marvel Boss Responds To Martin Scorsese's Negative Comments About Superhero Movies

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 11:05

Martin Scorsese has had a lot to say about Marvel movies recently. In short, he hasn't seen them and he doesn't like them. He thinks they are "not cinema" and that they pose a threat to the movie-going experience by not leaving much room for movies that aren't sequels.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel chief creative officer Kevin Feige said Scorsese is free to share his opinions on films, but nothing Scorsese says will stop Marvel from making superhero movies.

"Everybody has a different definition of cinema. Everybody has a different definition of art. Everybody has a different definition of risk, I guess" says Feige. "All I know is, I'm surrounded by people 24 hours a day who live and breathe and love cinema. Some people don't think it's cinema. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Everyone is entitled to repeat that opinion.

"Everyone is entitled to write op-eds about that opinion, and I look forward to what will happen next. But in the meantime, we're going to keep making movies," he added.

One of Scorsese's criticisms of Marvel movies is that they do not contain any serious "revelation, mystery, or genuine emotional danger," adding that "nothing is at risk" for Marvel movies.

Feige responded by saying Marvel does in fact take risks and try new things. One example he mentioned of risk-taking is that Marvel stopped making the bankable standalone Iron Man movies in 2013. Another example of risk-taking and innovative storytelling was the "serious theological and physical altercation" that Iron Man and Captain America had in Captain America: Civil War.

Feige also pointed out how Marvel, temporarily at least, killed half of its characters during Infinity War as an example of risk-taking. "I think it's fun for us to take our success and use it to take risks and go in different places," Feiege said.

Finally, Feige said the upcoming Marvel movie The Eternals is a big risk in that it features a group of characters almost no one has heard about, and it's very expensive.

"[Director Chloe Zhao] is on the Canary Islands with 10 amazing actors shooting The Eternals, a group of characters that nobody has ever heard of outside of a very small group of people. It is a very big movie; it is a very expensive movie. We are making it because we believe in her vision and we believe in what those characters can do, and we believe that we need to continue to grow and evolve and change and push our genre forward. That's a risk, if I've ever heard one.

Scorsese's original comments inspired other directors to speak out as well. The Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola took things further, saying Marvel movies are "despicable."

"I don't know that anyone gets anything out of seeing the same movie over and over again. Martin was kind when he said it's not cinema," Coppola said. "He didn't say it's despicable, which I just say it is."

Top New Game Releases On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- November 10-16, 2019

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 11:00

This episode of New Releases is all about exploring new worlds, whether its the Galar Region in Pokemon Sword & Shield, a whole galaxy in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, or the entire space-time continuum in Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. There's also a pair of remastered games for those who missed out the first time around: turn-based RPG Romancing SaGa 3 and grand strategy title Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. There's a ton of stuff for sci-fi and fantasy fans!

Romancing SaGa 3 -- November 11

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, Vita

Romancing SaGa 3 is releasing outside of Japan for the first time since its 1995 debut. This RPG has been gussied up with better graphics, an extra dungeon, more story content, and a New Game Plus mode. You can choose from one of eight protagonists and start saving the world on the original game's 24th birthday.

More Coverage:

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time -- November 12

Available on: PS4, PC

While it is based on the super-popular BBC series, this VR game doesn't actually have you play as the Doctor herself. She's been kidnapped, so it's up to you, her companion, to rescue her. To do that, you'll have to pilot the TARDIS and confront classic Doctor Who bad guys like Daleks and Weeping Angels.

More Coverage:

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition -- November 14

Available on: PC

The PC strategy staple is back, sporting a lovely coat of 4K paint. This remaster also includes new content called "The Last Khans," which adds four new civilizations, bringing the total to a whopping 35. Couple that with three new campaigns, and you've got tons of possible war strategies to devise.

More Coverage:

Pokemon Sword & Shield -- November 15

Available on: Switch

By this point, you probably know what you're getting with a Pokemon game, but Sword & Shield are mixing things up. The new Galar Region has its own variants of classic Pokemon like Weezing and Ponyta, plus region-specific evolutions for Farfetch'd and Linoone. Sword & Shield also introduce new giant, kaiju-like monsters called Dynamax Pokemon, some of which can even change form, known as Gigantamax Pokemon.

More Coverage:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order -- November 15

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

It might sound cliche, but Fallen Order's combat really does feel like the Dark Souls games. In fact, if you die, you'll have to defeat the last enemy you fought to regain your lost XP, a la Bloodborne. It's pretty fitting that this original Star Wars story is challenging, since protagonist Cal Kestis is one of the few surviving Jedi Padawans after Order 66.

More Coverage:

November has more video games to come. Next week, New Releases will take a look at the return of a cult classic with Shenmue 3 and the latest in tactical shooters with Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts.

Box Office Nov 8-10: Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep Disappoints While Midway Finishes On Top

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 10:42

This weekend saw four new movies open wide in the US, including Doctor Sleep, Mike Flanagan's adaptation of Stephen King's best-selling novel. The film, which also serves as a sequel to Stanley Kubrick's cinematic adaptation of The Shining, was expected to make about $25 million this weekend, according to Entertainment Weekly. Instead, it made just $14.1 million on 3,855 screens.

That's not the best result, but it's not necessarily a disaster just yet: with a budget of around $45 million and a B+ Cinemascore (which is decent for a horror movie), and reports from the international market still coming in, the film likely won't end up being an enormous loss, at the very least. We gave Flanagan's film an 8/10 in our review.

The surprise winner at the box office this weekend was Roland Emmerich's Midway, which opened to $17.5 million on 3,242 screens. The film, which focuses on the Battle of Midway (fought during World War II), has some way to go to make up its $100 million budget--especially since it might not play so well in the international market--but this sort of film, aimed at older male audiences, often does well over a long period of time.

The other two major wide releases this weekend, Playing With Fire and Last Christmas, both performed solidly. Playing with Fire, which stars John Cena as a firefighter who gets stuck babysitting three children, brought in $12.8 million. Last Christmas, Paul Feig's Christmas dramedy, will likely continue to pull in viewers into late December; in its opening weekend it has made $11.6 million.

Elsewhere in the charts, Terminator: Dark Fate continues to underperform in the US, bringing in just $10.8 million in its second weekend. The film--which our critic enjoyed a great deal--is tracking below Terminator Genisys over the same time frame. On the plus side, the movie has pulled in $150,900,000 internationally, including $45 million from China. Whether or not its international performance will be strong enough for another sequel to be greenlit remains to be seen.

Also of note is the further $9.2 million that Joker made in its fifth weekend. This marks the first weekend since the film's release that it has not been in the top 5, but it's also now the most profitable comic book movie of all time, thanks to its modest $55 million budget. The film's domestic total sits at $313,491,507; it is expected to top $1 billion internationally by the end of its run. Further down, falling just outside the top 10, Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit expanded onto 802 screens this weekend, pulling in $3.942 million for a domestic total of $9,117,882.

Here's the full top 10 for the box office this past weekend, based on the estimated figures listed by Box Office Mojo:

1. Midway: $17.5 million

2. Doctor Sleep: $14.1 million

3. Playing with Fire: $12.8 million

4. Last Christmas: $11.6 million

5. Terminator: Dark Fate: $10.8 million

6. Joker: $9.2 million

7. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: $8.002 million

8. Harriet: $7.23 million

9. Zombieland: Double Tap: $4.315 million

10. The Addams Family: $4.2 million

Pillars Of Eternity Dev Says Deadfire Sales Were Low, Sequel Might Not Happen

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 10:07

Will there be a Pillars of Eternity III? That's the question someone put to Obsidian design director Josh Sawyer recently, and his response doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

Writing on his Tumblr, Sawyer said the "relatively low" sales of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire suggest that if Obsidian were to develop a third game, the studio would have to "re-examine the entire format of the game." He added that whether or not a third mainline game happens is not up to him.

Despite solid reviews and strong pre-orders, Deadfire sold worse than the first game, Sawyer added. That leaves Obsidian scratching its head for answers.

"Is it because the first game satisfied the existing need and the audience just wasn't interested in the second? Is it because awareness was lower for the sequel? Is it because despite the strong reviews and the strong sales for the first game, people didn't 'really' like it? Maybe it's a combination of all of these things," Sawyer said.

Sawyer went on to say that because Obsidian doesn't fully understand why Deadfire failed to sell at a better level, that makes it hard to move forward with the series. Had the game been a critical failure, then the studio could know that perhaps more time spent in development would be needed for the next game. But Deadfire reviewed well with critics; the game has an 88 on Metacritic compared to an 89 for the original game.

Some have said Pillars of Eternity could have benefited from abandoning the real-time with pause (RTwP) battle mechanics, but Sawyer said this did not hurt sales.

"I'm sure some of the people reading this think they know precisely why Deadfire sold worse than Pillars 1. I don't have that confidence, which is one of several reasons why I am leery about trying to direct a sequel," Sawyer said. "I couldn't give our (Obsidian's) audience the game that they wanted and without understanding where I went wrong, I would be guessing at what the problems are and how to remedy them."

Replies flooded in after Sawyer posted this blog post, and here are some other takeaways that he shared on Twitter:

  • Pre-sales for Deadfire were 3X better than the first Pillars, but sales on launch day and after were "quite low" compared to the first game (source)
  • Deadfire sold better than Obsidian's 2016 game Tyranny but worse than Pillars of Eternity 1 (source)
  • Sawyer's big takeaway on why Deadfire sold worse than the first game? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (source)

While Deadfire might not have been a top-seller, Obsidian's latest game, The Outer Worlds, was a critical and a commercial success. Sawyer did not have much involvement in that game, however.

Microsoft recently acquired Obsidian, and the Xbox-maker reportedly has plans to turn The Outer Worlds into a franchise. As Sawyer alluded to here, there is no word on if the Pillars of Eternity franchise will continue going forward.

Deadfire is supposed to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch sometime in 2019 through a partnership with Grip Digital. However, no release date has been announced yet.

New Westworld Season 3 Teaser Raises A Lot Of Questions

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 09:24

HBO has released a new teaser video for Westworld Season 3--and it's a strange one. The video introduces viewers to a company called Incite, a firm that harnesses unprecedented computing power to solve the world's unsolvable problems.

Jefferson Mays plays Incite's founder, Liam Dempsey Sr., who quips, "We're not Silicon Valley vaporware. We have unprecedented computing capabilities analyzing data from life's most unsolvable problems."

This company claims to be able to control the climate and get people the best jobs. We're sure they're a 100 percent above board, feel-good company. Surrrre. After all, the word "incite" is defined as: "to encourage someone to do or feel something unpleasant or violent."

What could go wrong?

This new Westworld Season 3 trailer raises a lot of questions. Some that immediately come to mind: is Incite a competing company to Delos Destinations, the group that operates Westworld? Are Incite and Delos somehow connected?

A teaser website for Incite shares a few further details, though they are similarly mysterious. "The world can feel chaotic: big problems, no solutions, no one to lead the way. Global issues may seem so complex that untangling the answers feels impossible. Here at Incite, we want to make 'impossible' a thing of the past," reads a line from the fake company's description. "Chaos is merely a pattern waiting to be uncovered. You can help us chart a better future."

Westworld Season 3 premieres in the first half of 2020. Season 3 introduces a number of new characters, including one played by Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul.

For lots more on Westworld Season 3, check out GameSpot's roundup of everything we know. Westworld is based on the Michael Crichton 1973 movie of the same name.

New Rainbow Six Siege Y4S4 Shifting Tides Operators Revealed

Sun, 11/10/2019 - 21:00

Ubisoft has confirmed the rumors that Year 4, Season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege will be titled Shifting Tides. Like previous seasons, Shifting Tides adds new Operators to the game.

Team Rainbow is getting two new Operators in Shifting Tides: one Attacker and one Defender. The new Attacker is codenamed Kali, while the new Defender goes by Wamai. Kali is the very rich head of a successful private military contractor while Wamai is former Kenyan Navy Special Forces who now works for Kali.

Kali is the first Operator to carry a bolt-action sniper rifle as her primary firearm, and the heavy-duty weapon packs a punch. It fires bullets with enough firepower to penetrate through both destructible walls and Operators, allowing you to kill enemies hiding behind teammates or walls. Kali's gadget is the LV Explosive Lance, an under-barrel projectile that tears through walls--even reinforced ones--and destroys all gadgets within its radius once it reaches the other side. Think Ash's Breaching Rounds combined with Thatcher's EMP Grenade.

Wamai doesn't have anything special in regards to firearms, but he makes up for it with one of the coolest gadgets that Siege has ever seen. The Mag-Net System allows Wamai to attach powerful magnets to pretty much any surface. These magnets activate when they sense projectiles of a certain speed (faster than someone walking but slower than a bullet, like a thrown grenade) and pull them away before they detonate. If carefully placed, Wamai can use his Mag-Net System to cause Attackers to grenade a hostage, flashbang themselves, or--in the case of certain Operators like Ash or Capitão--accidentally use their own gadgets against their teammates.

Rainbow Six Siege is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A spin-off, Rainbow Six Quarantine, is scheduled to release in 2020.

Black Friday 2019: Best Xbox One Subscription Deals On Game Pass And Xbox Live Gold

Sat, 11/09/2019 - 15:37

The Xbox One's subscription service Game Pass is one of the most exciting things in video games right now, with a huge library of games for the Xbox One and/or PC for a monthly fee a la Netflix. In recent weeks, there have been some great deals on Game Pass, but with Black Friday is just around the corner, we expect even greater discounts on Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate, and Xbox Live Gold to pop up in the coming weeks.

Additionally, Xbox is slated to reveal its full selection of Black Friday deals on November 14 at its X019 event in London. The Inside Xbox livestream is scheduled for 12 PM PT / 3 PM PT that day, and you'll be able to tune in on Mixer, Twitch, or YouTube.

For those unfamiliar with the Xbox One's subscription services, you can find more details on Game Pass for Xbox One and PC, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at the bottom of this article. As a reminder, these subscriptions stack, so even if you're already a member and don't need to renew quite yet, you can save yourself some money in the long-term by buying these subscriptions while they're cheap.

Plus, catch up on more of Black Friday 2019's best Xbox One deals so far, including great discounts on games as well as console bundles and accessories.

Black Friday 2019 Deals & News

Best Black Friday deals on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live GoldXbox Game Pass Ultimate: Buy 3 months, get 3 months free | $45 ($90)

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate normally costs $15 a month, which adds up to $90 over six months, but this offer effectively gets you a six-month membership for half price. This is the best deal we've seen for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so far, and it's available right now for a limited time. Please note that if you're a new subscriber, you can currently get your first month for $1, so be sure to claim that offer first.

See at Walmart Xbox Live Gold: 3-month membership | $15 ($25)

Starting November 28, Best Buy is selling three months of Xbox Live Gold for $15, a full $10 off its normal price of $25.

See at Best Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 3-month membership | $25 ($45)

Best Buy will have three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions for $25 each on November 28. If you happen to miss out on the "buy three months, get three months free" deal at Walmart, then this is the next best thing--buy two, and you'll have a six-month subscription for $50 (only $5 more).

See at Best Buy What is Xbox Game Pass?Xbox Game Pass for Console

Xbox Game Pass for Console provides access to over 200 Xbox One games. New games are added to the service every month, and users get special discounts on the ones that are leaving just in case players want to keep them. In addition to all this, first-party Xbox One games always launch on Game Pass day one--this has included games like Gears 5, The Outer Worlds, and Forza Horizon 4. It costs $10 a month to join Game Pass for Xbox One.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

Xbox Game Pass for PC provides access to over 150 PC games through the Xbox app on Windows 10. Like the console version, new games are added every month, and special discounts are available in case you want to keep any games on their way out. First-party Xbox One games launch on PC the same day as console, so you gain access to them as well. You can join Game Pass for PC at $1 for the first month, after which the price goes up to $5 a month.

What is Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold provides access to online multiplayer, exclusive discounts, and free monthly games. You can subscribe to Xbox Live Gold for $10 a month, $25 for 3 months, or $60 for a year.

What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate packages the benefits of Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC with Xbox Live Gold. You can join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 for your first month, after which the price goes up to $15 a month.

Black Friday 2019's Best Xbox One Game Deals: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, Gears 5, And More

Sat, 11/09/2019 - 14:40

It's been a great year for games, many of which released on the Xbox One. Black Friday is sure to bring huge discounts to many of this year's best games, if not all of them--and if the title you're keeping an eye on isn't discounted on that particular Friday (or it sells out fast), there's always Cyber Monday a few days later.

We expect a large number of Xbox One games will be marked down, and with retailers releasing their ads so early this year, we have a good idea which games will be on sale. We've already seen recent releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Need For Speed Heat get Black Friday price cuts, and we may even see discounts on upcoming games like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Shenmue III--at the very least, we'll probably see them bundled with special bonuses. According to early Black Friday ads, some games released at the beginning of 2019 will be available for sub-$20 prices (their lowest yet), including Resident Evil 2, The Division 2, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Even more Black Friday Xbox One discounts are expected to be revealed at Xbox's X019 event on November 14. The Inside Xbox livestream is scheduled for 12 PM PT / 3 PM PT that day, and you'll be able to tune in on Mixer, Twitch, or YouTube.

In the meantime, we've rounded up the best Xbox One game deals confirmed for Black Friday below, and this story will be updated regularly as we spot more discounts. While specific start times will vary by retailer, many of these game discounts will be live starting Thanksgiving Day. For more Black Friday 2019 Xbox One deals, be sure to check out our guide to the best Xbox One console and accessory deals, which include some great Xbox One X bundles for $350, Xbox One S bundles for $200, and the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition for $150.

Black Friday 2019 Deals & News

Best Xbox One game deals for Black Friday 2019

Black Friday 2019 Xbox One Deals: Best Console and Accessory Deals

Sat, 11/09/2019 - 14:05

We're only a year away from new consoles, but there are still plenty of reasons to pick up an Xbox One and any of its numerous accessories, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner. Since Microsoft is working on making Project Scarlett backward-compatible, you can expect almost everything you buy for the Xbox One to work with the company's next-gen console when it releases next holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected to bring in a load of new sales and discounts on Xbox consoles and accessories, so it'll be a great time to upgrade to an Xbox One X or even buy a new controller or two.

Black Friday 2019: Xbox One deals to expect

We're expecting every edition of Xbox One--be it X or S--to be discounted, in addition to its various controllers and accessories. If there's stock, it'll likely be on sale. Last year, we saw deals that brought the Xbox One X down to $400--$100 off its regular price. According to early Black Friday 2019 ads, Xbox One X bundles will dip to $350 during this year's sale. It'll be interesting to see just how low Microsoft's first 4K console goes, considering the next-generation Xbox console is now just a year away from release. Meanwhile, Xbox One S bundles are going for $200, and the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be available for just $150 during Black Friday.

As for accessories, it's likely we'll see numerous discounts, including the first edition of the Xbox One Elite Controller. The Elite Series 2 controller just released, but since it is a premium item, don't expect to see a heavy discount on it. Of course, we're always ready for a Black Friday surprise, and we'll report back if this changes.

A large number of Black Friday Xbox One discounts are expected to be revealed at Xbox's X019 event on November 14. The Inside Xbox livestream is scheduled for 12 PM PT / 3 PM PT that day, and you'll be able to tune in on Mixer, Twitch, or YouTube. When those deals are announced, we'll be sure to include that info here.

In the meantime, there are plenty of pre-Black Friday deals going live early, so you might be able to grab what you want before the craziness of Black Friday actually starts. Below, we've collected some of the best early Black Friday deals that are already live at online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Plus, read on for an overview of the best upcoming Xbox deals that have been confirmed by various retailers' ads.

Pre-Black Friday Xbox One deals live now

Xbox One X deals

Xbox One S deals

Xbox One accessory deals

Best Black Friday 2019 Xbox One dealsXbox One X bundle with Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition + 3 months of Xbox Live Gold | $350

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is one of the most anticipated games of the holiday season, and this Xbox One X bundle scores you its Deluxe edition as well as three months of Xbox Live Gold. Gold gets you free monthly games in addition to online multiplayer access. This deal is available starting November 28.

See at Best Buy Xbox One X bundle with Gears 5 and $40 Target Gift Card | $350 ($500)

One of Target's marquee deals is its Xbox One X, Gears 5, and $40 gift card bundle. This deal goes live on November 28, and we'll include a link here when it's available.

Xbox One X bundle with NBA 2K20 and $105 Kohl's Cash | $350 ($500)

You can grab the Xbox One X with NBA 2K20, the latest entry in Visual Concept's basketball sim series, for $350. That's a pretty awesome deal, and you also get $105 Kohl's Cash with your purchase.

Xbox One S bundle with two controllers and 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | $100 off

This Costco bundle is also an enticing offer, with two controllers and three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. There are more than 200 games available through Game Pass on Xbox One, and with Game Pass Ultimate, you also get Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for PC. This deal kicks off on November 24 for Costco members.

See at Costco Xbox One S bundle with Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and $40 Target Gift Card | $200 ($300)

Target's Xbox One S bundle is also quite enticing and may sell out quickly. It comes with the console, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and a $40 gift card. It goes live on November 28, and we'll include that link here when available.

Xbox One S bundle with NBA 2K20 | $200 ($300)

The NBA 2K20 Xbox bundle is also available for the Xbox One S, and it'll be discounted to $200 during Black Friday.

See at Best Buy

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Bundle | $150

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition doesn't have a disc drive, but there are still plenty of great deals on digital games in the Microsoft Store. However, you get two great games (Minecraft and Sea of Thieves) and some bonus content for Fortnite in this bundle--2,000 V-Bucks and the Legendary Rogue Spider Knight outfit. The bundle goes for $150 starting November 28

See at Best Buy Select Xbox One controllers | $20 off

Microsoft plans to discount a selection of its Xbox One controllers by $20 on November 24. It's unclear which controllers will be included in this deal, but with the X019 event happening on November 14, we expect the exact selection to be announced prior to Black Friday. We'll update this article when that is confirmed.

See at Microsoft

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel (Xbox One/PC) | $200 ($400)

Racing wheels aren't for everybody, but for big racing game fans--especially more simulation-focused ones--will love this racing wheel. It's compatible with both Xbox One and PC, so you can enjoy both platform's libraries of racers. The best part is this deal is available right now.

See at Best Buy

Xbox One game drives | up to $20 off

Starting on November 28, you'll be able to grab an Xbox-branded external hard drive at a discount from Microsoft. They come in 1 TB and 3 TB options, which normally sell for $65 and $110, respectively.

See at Microsoft Turtle Beach headsets | Up to $125 off

The Microsoft Store will discount several Turtle Beach headsets by up to $125 starting November 28.

See at Microsoft

Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2019 Deals: Best Console And Accessory Deals So Far

Sat, 11/09/2019 - 13:20

It'll likely be a huge holiday season for the Nintendo Switch, namely because of the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Chances are, you have someone on your holiday shopping list who wants a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite (or maybe that person is you). We're here to help you fulfill holiday wishes by rounding up all of the best Nintendo Switch console and accessory deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And as more retailers release their Black Friday ads, we'll include the best discounts here.

Let's break the disappointing news right out of the gate. Judging by the early Black Friday ads we've seen, the Nintendo Switch won't be getting a nice discount or even a particularly amazing bundle this holiday season. Instead, Nintendo has provided retailers with the same Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch bundle from last Black Friday. And yes, it still includes the launch model Switch, not the updated Switch with better battery life that hit stores a few months back. While the Switch Lite is prominently featured in ads, so far it's just that: an ad for the $200 handheld-only Switch, with no discount to speak of.

That doesn't mean there won't be great deals on Switch accessories, though. In fact, we've already seen countless accessories featured in the various Black Friday ads that have dropped, and you can expect even more accessory deals as retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and GameStop release their Black Friday ads. And if Best Buy's ad is any indication, there will also be some seriously awesome Switch game deals.

Black Friday 2019 Deals & News

Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch console dealsNintendo Switch with free digital copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and screen protector | $300

This Switch bundle was offered in 2018, and on the surface, it's a pretty good deal. You get the Switch and an awesome game that regularly goes for around $50 these days. However, please note this isn't the updated Switch with better battery life; it's the launch model. If you love Mario Kart and aren't concerned about the longer battery life, this is a solid offer; otherwise, you may be better off just buying the newer model for the same price and waiting for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to go on sale. We're highlighting Best Buy's bundle here because the retailer is throwing in a screen protector, but expect this bundle to be available at most major retailers as it's an official Nintendo offer. Perhaps one smart retailer will throw in more than just a screen protector.

See at Best Buy Nintendo Switch (new model) with carrying case and charging dock with $90 Kohl's Cash | $320 ($345)

If you're not eager to grab Nintendo's official bundle, we know Kohl's will have its own bundle that does, in fact, feature the updated Switch with better battery life. For $320, you'll get the Switch, a carrying case ($20 value), and the popular PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock ($25 value). The real draw here is that you'll get $90 Kohl's Cash to spend in the weeks following Black Friday.

Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch accessory dealsNintendo Switch Joy-Con (L/R) Neon Red/Blue or Gray | $60 ($80)

An extra pair of Joy-Con controllers normally sets you back $80, and even though you get "two" controllers, that's still pricey. Thankfully, Switch Joy-Cons will be on sale for $60 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target this Black Friday. You can choose between neon red/blue or gray.

See at Amazon

PowerA wired controllers | $15 ($25)

Like Joy-Cons, Switch Pro controllers are expensive, but there are some reasonable third-party options like PowerA's lineup of wired controllers. Using the same layout as the Pro controller but with a slightly smaller form factor, PowerA's wired controllers are pretty darn good and come in three awesome designs: Zelda, Super Mario, and a Pikachu-yellow Pokemon theme. All three will be discounted to $15 during Best Buy's Black Friday sale.

See Zelda-themed controller

See Mario-themed controller

See Pokemon-themed controller

Poke Ball Plus | $20 ($50)

While the Poke Ball Plus initially launched as an alternative controller for Pokemon: Let's Go, it will also be compatible with Pokemon Sword and Shield, allowing you to "hold" one of your Pokemon and take it with you on the go (presumably to rack up experience points or earn extra items). However, it won't function as a controller for Pokemon Sword and Shield the same way it did for Pokemon: Let's Go. The Poke Ball Plus also comes with Mew, a mythical Pokemon that can be transferred into Pokemon: Let's Go. The accessory is normally $50, but all the major retailers will have it for $20 during Black Friday.

See at Amazon Nintendo Switch Elite Edition Starter Kit | $15 ($25)

If you're buying a Nintendo Switch this holiday season, you should be in the market for a case, too. This starter kit comes with a carrying case, USB-C cable, silicone Joy-Con covers, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. It'll be discounted to $15 at Best Buy.

See at Best Buy Insignia Power Pack for Switch/Switch Lite | $12.50 ($25)

For those who like traveling with their Switch (and who doesn't?), a car charger is a great accessory to have. This Insignia pack comes with a car charger, a USB-C cable, and an extra AC adapter. Having a second AC adapter is handy, as you won't have to unplug your AC adapter from your dock every time you want to take your Switch on a trip.

See at Best Buy

Disney Plus: Every Classic Animated Movie From The Vault You Can Watch

Sat, 11/09/2019 - 09:00

Remember the Disney Vault? It was the House of Mouse's cute way of keeping their glorious animated movies out of your hands, only releasing certain films for a limited time in retail stores of return engagements in movie theaters. You either bought them during this window or you had to wait until it was released again, which usually took years. However, with the streaming service Disney+, the vault is gone.

When Disney+ arrives on November 12, the vast majority of Disney movies that have been locked away will be available to stream on Day One. That means you don't have to wait around for a Blu-ray release of Robin Hood in order to watch it. You can stream it on Tuesday.

The new streaming service officially goes live at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET on November 12, and you can get a reminder from Twitter when the service launches. Sadly, those in Europe will have to wait until Spring 2020 to join in on the fun. While Disney+ will cost $7--or $13 a month bundled with ESPN+ and an ad-supported version of Hulu--certain Verizon customers can get it for a year for the low, low price of $0.

There is plenty to watch on launch day for Disney+, including a ton of Marvel movies and TV shows, animated series you may have forgotten about, all the Star Wars stuff on the service, and even Avengers: Endgame. Below, you'll find the complete list for Disney animated movies available to watch on Disney+.

Disney animated classics on Disney+
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  • Aladdin
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • The Aristocats
  • Bambi
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Black Cauldron
  • Brother Bear
  • Cinderella
  • Dumbo
  • The Emperor’s New Groove
  • Fantasia
  • Fantasia 2000
  • The Fox and the Hound
  • The Great Mouse Detective
  • Hercules
  • Home on the Range
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • The Jungle Book
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • The Lion King
  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Moana
  • Mulan
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Oliver & Company
  • Peter Pan
  • Pinocchio
  • Pocahontas
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • The Rescuers
  • The Rescuers Down Under
  • Robin Hood
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Steamboat Willie
  • The Sword in the Stone
  • Treasure Planet

Marvel's She-Hulk Disney Plus Show Enlists Rick And Morty Writer

Sat, 11/09/2019 - 08:53

While there have been no new developments since it was first announced at D23, there's finally some movement on the She-Hulk TV show, which is in the works for the Disney+ streaming service. Marvel Studios has reportedly found the writer to develop the show and lead its writers' room.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rick and Morty alum Jessica Gao has been chosen to develop She-Hulk for Disney+. Among Gao's credits is the Pickle Rick episode of Rick and Morty, which she wrote. Other shows she's worked on include Comedy Central's Corporate and HBO's Silicon Valley.

Gao's hiring points to a more comedic tone for the series than you might have imagined. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed at D23 that the show would at least somewhat follow comic book continuity, with the She-Hulk in question being Jennifer Walters. In the comics, Walters is a lawyer and the cousin of Bruce Banner, who retains her personality and intelligence when she turns into She-Hulk.

No other details about She-Hulk have been revealed just yet, but it's only one of a handful of Marvel Cinematic Universe shows being developed for Disney+. It was also announced at D23 that Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight would be getting their own standalone shows, joining the likes of Hawkeye, Loki, WandaVision, and The Falcon and Winter Soldier--which is currently filming.

Disney+ launches in the United States on November 12. Make sure to take a look at every Marvel and Star Wars title available on Day One, plus a look back at the best '80s movies you'll be able to stream.

Death Stranding: What Is Aphenphosmphobia?

Sat, 11/09/2019 - 08:36

Norman Reedus' character in Death Stranding, Sam Porter Bridges, is said to suffer from a condition called aphenphosmphobia. While it's clear there is something bothering Sam, the name of the condition itself is only mentioned in passing, so if you didn't catch it, it can be easy to pass off as part of the larger fictional world-building.

But it isn't a fictional condition. Aphenphosmphobia is a real phobia, and as you play through Death Stranding, it becomes more clear how it affects Sam, where he might have developed it, and how it fits into the themes and motifs of the story. We won't spoil that for you now, but we can explain the meaning of aphenphosmphobia, and what it is.

What Is Aphenphosmphobia? Symptoms and Causes

Aphenphosmphobia is a phobia, or extreme and irrational fear, of intimacy. That includes physical touch, which is why Sam reels from hugs or even simple handshakes in Death Stranding. But it is also a fear of "emotional bonds," according to a website called Phobia Guru. Symptoms of Aphenphosmphobia range from increased heart rate to physical pain in reaction to intimacy--a literal "fight or flight" response.

Death Stranding Guides

It's important that Sam, the one who fears developing bonds with other humans, is the one tasked with forging bonds across Death Stranding's fractured America. It becomes part of his emotional development as a character, but it's also an interesting starting place for the player, who might begin their journey unsure of how to affect change in the game's world right away or if the connections they're tasked with making will really matter. One of the causes of Aphenphosmphobia is an intense fear of abandonment, which translates into a reluctance to start relationships for fear they will eventually crumble. That becomes thematically important in Death Stranding.

"Reconnecting America" sounds like a monumental task, but as our Death Stranding review puts it, the type of human connection required for that is Death Stranding's most "remarkable achievement."