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New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailers Show Off Tien And Yamcha's Moves

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 07:49

Bandai Namco isn't keeping anything from its Dragon Ball fans. Earlier this month, the team revealed three new playable fighters for its forthcoming fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android-21, Yamcha, and Tien. At the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, we finally got to see all three in action.

The mysterious and Dragon Ball FighterZ exclusive character Android-21 was included in the trailer drop for each of the characters; for more details on her and her role in the title, head on over to our Bandai Namco TGS trailer roundup.

Both Yamcha and Tien are very different fighters despite being long-running characters of the series. Yamcha, who was once an enemy of Goku, has an aggressive, close-quarters fighting style. He's all about surprise attacks, and of course, his Wolf Fang Fist is included in his moveset.

Tien is a much more versatile character than Yamcha, however. He's a bit more mid-range rather than in your face like Yamcha. He can use both the Tri-Beam and Dodon Ray, and call upon his Earthling pal Chiaotzu to use his telekinetic powers to seal his foes.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is expected in early 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more on the title, check out the official story trailer and every character we know has been confirmed so far.

Xbox One Insiders Can Test Streaming With USB Webcams Now

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 05:57

If you never invested in a Kinect for Xbox One and are looking to add a little more personality to your streams on Mixer, you may soon be in luck. Support for USB webcams is currently available to all alpha Xbox Insider members.

Not too familiar with the Xbox Insider Program? It's a feedback group provided by Microsoft that lets loyal Xbox fans get their hands on exclusive beta tests of software and updates early. The program was invite only for a number of years but went public earlier this year; a tier system was introduced in August. It is free for anyone to join through the Xbox Insider Hub.

This feature certainly does open up more opportunities to streamers who do want to add themselves to their streams, but there's a catch. USB webcams, even if they have mics, will not have mic support. Headsets or some sort of microphone setup will be needed for this method of streaming; Kinect already has mic support built in.

If you're already in the alpha ring, you're one step closer to getting started. The feature will roll out to other levels in the insider program eventually, but for now, all you need to do is plug in your USB webcam and get streaming on Mixer. All feedback about the experience will have to be done through your console and not Mixer support.

No details have been released on when the feature will go live to all Mixer streamers on Xbox One. Mixer stated on its website that it will not launch the feature publicly until it is "confident in the experience."

SNES Classic/Mini Edition: Release Date, Games, And Everything You Need To Know

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 04:00

Much like the NES Classic console from last year, the SNES Classic is a bit of a hot commodity. With an assortment of retro games from the SNES library, there are many games getting a second chance in the spotlight, along with others that have stood the test of time and still hold up as some of Nintendo's finest games.

We at GameSpot are here to give you everything you need to know about Nintendo's throwback console; such as good places to keep an eye out for ordering your console, what games are available on the system, and what sort additions have been added to make the experience of replaying these games feel a bit more unique. Be sure to check back with us for more info about our hands-on time with the console, along with our official review coming soon.

When Is The Release Date For The SNES Classic?

Set for release on September 29 for $80 USD/60 GBP/7,980 Yen, the SNES Classic will be available in most markets. Much like the NES Classic, Japan will have a Famicom version known as the Super Famicom Classic the following week on Oct 5, along with some games unique to their market such as Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyūshutsu Emaki (Legend of the Mystical Ninja). Though the Western release of the Classic console will be missing some titles from its Eastern counterpart, there’s still plenty of great games to enjoy.

How Can I Find An SNES Classic?

Learning from the extreme shortages of the NES Classic, Nintendo has increased the amount of units in distribution, and will also be producing them in larger quantities. Moreover, Nintendo has urged fans not to purchase SNES Classic consoles sold at significantly higher rate, as there will be more available for buyers compared to the NES Classic. Much like the pre-ordering phase, it would be best to keep watch of established stores such as Amazon, Target, GameStop, Walmart, and Best Buy for available units as they come. Be sure to check back with GameSpot for updates on availability of units.

What Games Are Available On The SNES Classic?

The SNES Classic features a number of games that fans will recognize, but also a number titles that may have flown under the radar. Including first and third party titles, such as Final Fantasy III, Kirby Super Star, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Mario Kart, and many others--the collection of games present in the Super Nintendo Classic system will hit a nerve for many fans who grew up during its heyday. Though we at GameSpot came up with our own list of titles that we hoped would have made it onto the list--such as the glaring omission of Chrono Trigger--what's present in the official collection is still a solid list of games.

Here's a complete list of the games present in the SNES Classic library.

What Is So Special About Star Fox 2?

Aside from Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, and Super Metroid, there's one game that's been getting a lot of attention, and that's Star Fox 2. Unlocked after completing the first stage in the original Star Fox, Star Fox 2 introduced a number of interesting gameplay innovations, new characters, and brand new vehicles to control. However, for a variety of reasons, it was shelved around the time of its completion. Though unofficial copies have made the rounds over the years, this marks the first time that Nintendo will be releasing the game in an official capacity. To mark this occasion, GameSpot will be publishing a review for the newly released Star Fox 2, which will be our first SNES review in two decades.

What Is The Setup And User-Interface Like?

While the original Super Nintendo was designed for standard definition TVs, the SNES Classic features an updated setup including HDMI cables, and a home menu where you can access all the games. Much like the NES Classic, the Super Nintendo mini-console will give players access to all the games from the menu, where they can jump around between each game. Each game allows for four different save slots, allowing you to save your game on the internal system. Though unlike the NES Classic, the SNES will be a bit more comfortable to play this time around, featuring longer control cables at around 5 feet. Moreover, the UI will also feature a number of tweaks and customization options for players, such as a set of custom borders you can apply to the 4:3 games, CRT filters, and also a rewind option--allowing you to as rollback a bad move in a game and try again.

Keep checking back with GameSpot during the lead up and after the release of the SNES Classic for more information as it comes. Check out some of coverage with our hands-on time below, along with updates from Nintendo, and along with our full-review.

Friday The 13th's New Spring Break DLC Released Alongside New Updates

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 02:13

Summer might be coming to a close, but it's just beginning for the counselors of Crystal Lake. Friday the 13th's 1984 Spring Break clothing pack DLC has finally released alongside some updates.

While the $2 DLC pack isn't anything more than some new swimsuits for the gang, it certainly sets the mood for everyone's impending doom. The pack gives each counselor a different swimsuit from mankinis and trunks for the dudes, all the way to one pieces and bikinis for the ladies. Although, we are quite disappointed that Lachappa doesn't have a mankini too.

On the update side of things, the title's customization UI has been altered to make things a bit smoother. You can now customize your clothing's colors too. Eight new emotes and an emote wheel have been thrown into the mix as well, because when you're running in terror, keeping your friends in the loop is a must.

Other fixes, outside of bugs, are focused on Jason and how he interacts with the world. Counselors can't be drowned in shallow water anymore and he can now break through windows and doors while attacking. You can check out all the changes in the game's patch notes here.

As for the future, Jason probably won't be able to break furniture due to lack of manpower, but campsites might actually do more than just sit there soon. Check out all the details on this and more in the developer's notes.

Friday the 13th is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC digitally. Physical release is expected on Friday, October 13.

What To Watch (And Skip) On TV This Week

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 00:00

It's a brand-new week during the fall TV season, and that means a whole bunch of fresh television seasons and series. Figuring out what shows are good and bad can be a huge time investment, so we've gone over this past week's shows and summed up our thoughts on them.

Over the course of the next couple of months, we'll be looking at a selection of new and returning shows and giving you a quick breakdown of what is worth watching and what you should pass on. This week, we're talking about Vice Principals, Channel Zero, Gotham, and Fuller House.

Vice Principals

Neal Gamby is back and recovering from last season, when he was shot in the parking lot of the school. Now on the mend, he returns to North Jackson High School. He finds Lee Russell is now principal, and there have been a ton of changes, including the school's mascot. Gamby goes on a mission to find out who shot him, while adjusting to returning to work.

As far as season premieres go, this one was top notch. Last season ended on a sad note, with one of the main characters being shot, but Vice Principals gets right back to its comedic roots, even if its characters can be sinister and completely despicable. Early on in the episode, Gamby's over-dramatic recovery is wildly funny, especially when he's riding a chairlift to get up the stairs. Overall, it's a solid episode that does a fantastic job at setting up the tone and stories for the season. As far as absurdist dark comedies go, Vice Principals is one of the best.

Is It Worth Watching?: If you enjoyed Eastbound & Down or the work of Danny McBride, this show will become one of your favorites of the fall season.

Vice Principals airs on Sundays at 10:30 PM on HBO.

Channel Zero

The Syfy horror anthology series is back. This season, Channel Zero adapts the creepypasta "No-End House." The television version of the story follows Margot, a young woman dealing with her father's death, a year after his passing. She and a group of friends heads to No-End House, which is seemingly a haunted house with six rooms. However, the rooms get more terrifying and more personal as they venture through the house.

The first episode follows the original story exceptionally well, with a couple small liberties. While the show has a slow pace--which only adds to the horror--it doesn't make the audience wait to get inside the No-End House. It delivers the subject matter in a quick manner, all while doing an excellent job at defining this season's characters, even the ones who don't appear much on screen during the premiere episode. It improves on all the flaws from the first season--like delivering a more simplistic, easily digestible story and creating empathetic characters right out of the gate--and amps up the horror to create an engaging, yet unsettling, premiere.

Is It Worth Watching?: Without a doubt, Channel Zero will be a sleeper hit this year. It's deeply haunting, without entirely relying on jump scares. "No-End House" blows the first season out of the water.

Channel Zero airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM on Syfy.


The fourth season of Fox's show is a chaotic mess. The slapstick plot follows Penguin, who is in charge of all crime in Gotham City and hands out licenses to commit crime; no, that's not a joke. Meanwhile, the GCPD are totally cool with it because overall crime is down. Bruce Wayne is in full-on vigilante mode, working to uncover Penguin's plot while a group of criminals without licenses have Dr Crane's fear formula and are terrorizing the city.

This episode was madness. There was so much going on, but at least the supervillains in flashy costumes (Mr. Freeze and Riddler) were gone, meaning the unwatchable campiness from last season was almost entirely absent from the premiere. Don't worry, it was still bonkers even without the costumes. The story is mind-boggling and involves huge jumps in suspension of disbelief to navigate. That being said, it was actually a ton of fun. I may have been having a laugh or two at the show's expense, but I found myself really enjoying it, in the same way that I enjoy the live-action Batman series from 1966. Gotham has a level of fun to it despite presenting itself as a dark and brooding series.

Is It Worth Watching?: Gotham is the car wreck you can't turn away from. If you're looking for something a bit silly and over-the-top, you may find something to enjoy in this onslaught of insanity. Gotham feels more like Schumacher's Batman series than Nolan's at this point, but I can't stop watching. It's not good, but it's not entirely ignorable.

Gotham airs on Thursdays at 8 PM on Fox.

Fuller House

Oh boy. It's summertime, which means tons of free time for the kids in the Tanner household, except for Jackson, who has to go to summer school because of his low grades. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Stephanie find out that Kimmy's husband, Fernando, may be cheating on her. All of this is surrounded by canned laughter, applause, and the occasional quick cut to a baby being cute.

Understandably, you may be wondering why I even watched Fuller House to begin with. Nostalgia is a powerful motivator, even when you know going in that what you're about to watch will be bad. While the original network series wasn't a laugh riot, it had its moments--unlike the Season 3 opener for Fuller House. It's painfully slow and unfunny, and its writing is stuck in the early '90s, which does not play well today. There are plenty of shows that "aren't for me," but Fuller House is barely suitable for kids.

Is It Worth Watching?: No. Even if you're the type of person who falls into the nostalgia trap, this won't satisfy you on any level. Getting through the opening musical number was excruciating.

All three seasons of Fuller House are available on Netflix.

Come back next week when we're talking about Star Trek: Discovery, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Nathan For You, and Marvel's Inhumans.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Now Finished, Director Confirms

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 22:01

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has completed post-production. Director Rian Johnson has confirmed that the latest movie in the blockbuster franchise is now finished, ahead of its December release.

Johnson announced the news with an Instagram selfie, in which he featured some of the post-production crew (and the top of his head). Check it out below:

Aaaand that’s a wrap on the hardest working post production team in the galaxy. Going to miss sitting in dark rooms with these goobers.

A post shared by Rian Johnson (@riancjohnson) on Sep 21, 2017 at 7:19pm PDT

Even though The Last Jedi is less than three months away from release, to date, only one short trailer has appeared. Earlier this week Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill tweeted a potential release date for the next trailer, before quickly deleting it. Hamill replied to a fan who asked when he could see the new Last Jedi trailer: "Watch Monday Night Football on Monday October 9th--for no reason in particular." Check out a screenshot of it over at Star Wars News.

The Last Jedi arrives in theaters on December 15. It also stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, and Andy Serkis. While we are yet to see any new footage from the film, there have been a number of vehicles and characters revealed, including these cool First Order vehicles, and this new droid, which resembles an evil BB-8.

In related news, it was announced last week that Force Awakens director JJ Abrams will return to the franchise to direct Episode IX, replacing Colin Trevorrow. The movie has also been delayed by seven months and will now hit theaters on December 20, 2019.

New Dragon Ball Fighter Z And Other Namco Trailers From TGS

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 19:05

The Tokyo Game Show is happening this weekend, and while the biggest draw might be the cosplay, the other big thing to look forward to are new game trailers. And of course, Namco Bandai are going to deliver. Here are three new trailers released by the publisher during the show. And in case you missed it, we also have a full roundup of all the Sony announcements from earlier this week. Although it doesn't have a presence at the show, Nintendo went ahead and had a Nintendo Direct video presentation last week detailing its remaining 2017 lineup.

First up is Dragon Ball FighterZ and it reveals the first in-game look at the mysterious Android 21, a new character created specifically for the game.

If you're looking for a Dark Souls like challenge, the vampire-themed Code Vein will not have any easier difficulty settings. While we know the game is coming in 2018, the trailer above only raises new questions: "Who is the queen? What is the Red Mist? Why do the Revenant continue to fight and feed?"

Despite the "online" moniker, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet isn't an MMO. Instead this action RPG is based on the anime of the same name. From the trailer description: "Experience an all new story with original characters Kureha and Zeliska, uncover the mysteries of the ArFA-sys, and become the hero with the all new character customization features! With multiple skills and appearances at your disposal, you can control your own future. You are now the hero, and your choice is faster and heavier than a bullet."

We also have a crew reporting live from Tokyo all weekend, so check out the main site for even more TGS-related content on the way.

Destiny 2 Faction Rallies: When They Start, How They Work, And Gear Rewards

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 08:19

Weapons tied to factions have begun to pop up in Destiny 2, but things will soon become much more involved. Bungie previously revealed that something called Faction Rallies would begin on September 26, but we had no idea of what those would actually entail. The developer has now provided details on how they'll work and what you can get by participating.

Faction Rallies are a special event that kicks off with the weekly reset on Tuesday, September 26, at 2 AM PT / 5 AM ET / 9 AM BST and runs until the same time on October 3. All three factions return from the original Destiny--Dead Orbit (represented by Arach Jalaal), Future War Cult (Lakshmi-2), and New Monarchy (Executor Hideo)--to task players with "gather[ing] supplies for their faction and destroy[ing] enemy resources." This is done by simply playing the game--you'll choose one of the three factions to align yourself with and then earn Faction Tokens by completing public events, Lost Sectors, Strikes, or the Raid, or by playing Crucible.

Faction Tokens can be turned in for rewards packages, which include a variety of faction-specific items, including weapons, armor, and shaders (you can see all of these in the gallery above). There looks to be quite a lot of gear for each faction.

Additionally, each faction has a "powerful weapon" that is specific to it--Dead Orbit has a scout rifle, FWC a pulse rifle, and New Monarchy a sidearm (also pictured above). At the end of the event, the faction that collected the most packages is named the winner, and its weapon will be sold to all players for 50,000 glimmer. Members of the winning faction will be able to purchase it for only 1,000 glimmer. The winner will be named at 10 AM PT on October 3.

How To Watch A Free NFL Game On Xbox One Or PC This Sunday

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 07:42

As cord-cutting continues and an increasing number of internet-based companies look to capitalize on the situation, we've seen some new ways to watch NFL games pop up in recent years. A select number of games have been broadcast through places like Twitter, and this coming Sunday will see Yahoo stream a game online. You'll be able to watch for free on a variety of platforms, including Xbox One, PC, and mobile.

Yahoo has the rights to broadcast this Sunday's game between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars. While far from a marquee match-up, it is effectively an extra game; it's set to be played in London, and thus airs earlier in the day, before the day's regular slate of games. The action kicks off at 6:30 AM PT / 9:30 AM ET on Sunday, September 24.

There are a wide variety of ways to watch, including everywhere from Yahoo Mail to Tumblr to on your computer. A variety of mobile apps will also carry the game, as will those on various streaming devices--including both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One (but not PS3 or PS4, unfortunately).

Those on Xbox One will be able to access the game through the NFL app, while the Yahoo app will host it on Xbox 360. If you have an Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV, those are also among the long list of supported platforms. You can check out all of the ways you can watch here.

You Can Try The Xbox One X This Weekend Ahead Of Launch

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 07:36

Microsoft's new Xbox One X is still over a month away from release, but you'll have a chance to go hands-on with the console early. Microsoft is partnering with Best Buy to host demos of the new console this weekend.

On Saturday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24, select Best Buy stores across the US will have the Xbox One X on display with Forza Motorsport 7, giving many their first opportunity to play the upcoming console. The Saturday session will be available from 12 PM - 7 PM local time, while the Sunday demo will run from 11 AM - 6 PM.

You can find your nearest participating Best Buy store here. Future demo events will also be held at Microsoft Stores and GameStop locations; Microsoft will announce the details of those demos leading up to the events.

Xbox One X launches worldwide on November 7. A growing list of games will be enhanced when played on the new console; Microsoft recently explained exactly what that means. You still have a chance to pre-order an Xbox One X from a number of retailers.

Nintendo Says It "Dramatically Over-Delivered" Switch Units At Launch

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 06:55

Since it launched back in March, the Nintendo Switch has been notoriously difficult to find, with retailers such as GameStop often selling out of their allotments soon after they arrive. Even some big-name game developers like Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami haven't been able to purchase a Switch due to its scarcity. Naturally, it's easy to think that resolving the issue would be as simple as manufacturing more consoles, but Nintendo says it has already delivered more than expected.

In an interview with Mashable, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime commented on Switch's ongoing supply issues. According to Fils-Aime, the company made 2 million consoles available at launch, despite the fact that analysts predicted demand for the system would be much lower than that. "We actually sold through almost 2.8 million units, so we dramatically over delivered," Fils-Aime said. "So what do some of the consumers on Reddit say? 'Gosh, Nintendo, if you would've made more you would've sold more.' Well, we did make more! And certainly we're on a pace to supply in the current fiscal year 10 million units."

While Nintendo has said that it is planning to "ramp up" Switch production heading into the holiday season, there could still be console shortages this year. During a Variety speaking event, Fils-Aime affirmed the possibility that Nintendo may not deliver enough systems to satisfy demand. "Are we going to have enough for the holiday? That's what we are focused on," he said.

Switch isn't the only Nintendo console that has been in short supply; the company's plug-and-play miniature console, the NES Classic Edition, was notoriously hard to come by before it was discontinued, and many are worried the same could be the case with the SNES Classic, which launches on September 29. Pre-orders for that console sold out almost immediately after going live, but Nintendo says it has "dramatically increased" production of the console and urges fans not to pay more than the $80 sticker price on auction sites. Nintendo has also announced it will extend the availability of the SNES Classic into 2018 and revive the NES Classic sometime next summer.

Classic PC Strategy Game Rise Of Nations: Extended Edition Available For Major Discount

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 06:19

When it was first released in 2003, Rise of Nations was celebrated as an excellent mix between Civilization and Age of Empires. Nearly 15 years later, the PC game continues to appeal to RTS fans, with publisher Microsoft releasing the game on its own store with a huge discount.

For a limited time, the game's Extended Edition (which includes the game's expansion Thrones and Patriots and upgraded graphics) is just $5 on the Windows Store (75% off the regular price of $20). The same deal is available on Steam, and it's worth noting the Expanded Edition also allows cross-play between the Windows Store and Steam versions. The special pricing is available until September 28.

In 2014, Microsoft announced it had acquired the rights to Rise of Nations and re-released the game, following a series of set backs and the eventual folding of developer Big Huge Games. The Extended Edition's graphics are an improvement over the original; water and textures have been identified specifically as areas of improvement, and full-screen anti-aliasing has been added. When it first debuted, the game was celebrated for how well it expanded on the traditional RTS games of the time.

"Rise of Nations might resemble Microsoft's Age of Empires games at a glance--like other, similar games, it has a host of different civilizations (18, to be exact), each with unique bonuses and four to five unique units," wrote GameSpot's Elliott Chin in his 2003 Rise of Nations review.

"But beyond that, the game has a lot of depth, more so than other real-time strategy games, thanks to novel concepts such as national borders, city assimilation, and more."

New South Park: Fractured But Whole Trailer Targets Kanye West's Game About His Mom

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 05:52

It's been a long wait for the game, but South Park: The Fractured But Whole has finally gone gold, meaning it's ready to begin being manufactured ahead of its release in October. To mark the occasion, Ubisoft has released a new trailer which--while innocuous on the surface--cracks a joke at the expense of Kanye West and his upcoming video game.

As seen above, the trailer focuses on a talking, chain-wearing gay fish character and his mother. The fish enlists the help of the player's character to ensure the fish's mother gets into heaven; this unfolds through a sequence that's reminiscent of both Flappy Bird and Robot Unicorn Attack. This seems harmless enough, though there are references you may not put together if you aren't caught up on the show or your latest Kanye West game development news.

The fish character is a callback to the Season 13 episode of South Park called "Fishsticks," which originally aired in 2009. In it, the show parodies a song of West's and refers to him as a gay fish. Additionally, remember back to last year, when West revealed the first details and footage of his in-development video game, Only One: The Game, which features his mother (who passed away in 2007) riding to heaven on a unicorn.

Matt and Trey talking about Kanye's game

— Rob (@Precyse) June 16, 2016

If the similarities weren't obvious enough, we know that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are aware of the connection. During Ubisoft's E3 2016 press conference, they described this scenario from the game. Parker punctuated this by saying, "Y'all just be acting like this s*** is regular," which is precisely what West said when he first showed off his game.

It's no surprise that a South Park game is touching on controversial subjects. Surprisingly, it will not be censored in regions like Australia, as The Stick of Truth was. The Fractured But Whole releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 17.

Vampire Action RPG Code Vein Doesn't Have An Easier Difficulty Setting

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 05:36

Since it was first unveiled earlier this year, Bandai Namco's Code Vein has drawn comparisons to another of the publisher's series, Dark Souls, due to its similar combat system. It appears that isn't the only thing it shares with the Souls games, as it will also be very challenging.

During a roundtable interview at Tokyo Game Show, Bandai Namco revealed that Code Vein doesn't have any difficulty settings. The game is deliberately designed to be challenging, and players won't be able to switch to an easier setting to overcome a particularly difficult boss or sequence. However, the publisher revealed that you can freely change your character's Blood Code during the course of the game, allowing you adjust your character's stats to adapt to new challenges.

That isn't the only means players have to help them along the way; as the publisher previously detailed, you will be able to choose a companion to accompany you. The character you select will follow you while exploring and assist you during battle, providing backup and healing when you need it. The publisher revealed two of your possible companions earlier this summer: Mia Karnstein, a wandering Revenant who wields a bayonet-like weapon; and Yakumo Shinonome, a "faithful man" who "conducts himself in a cool and professional manner during combat."

Code Vein is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018. The game is being developed by the team responsible for the God Eater series. Earlier this summer, Bandai Namco released a gallery of new screenshots that showcased more of Code Vein's battle system and bleak environment.

Destiny 2: Trials Of The Nine Now Live

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 04:57

It's Friday, and the latest Trials of the Nine event is now live in Destiny 2. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can now jump into the high-end Crucible activity in the hopes of securing bragging rights (and some quality gear).

For this second appearance of Trials of the Nine, the map is Altar of Flame, and the game mode is Survival. In this gametype, two teams of four compete to exhaust the other team's supply of lives. Each team starts out with eight, and once they're all gone, players are no longer able to respawn (essentially making this a race to secure 12 kills). [Update: Due to a bug that allowed players to leave the map on Altar of Flame, Bungie has changed this week's Trials to Countdown on the map Eternity.]

To unlock Trials of the Nine, you'll need to have completed the campaign, fulfilled the Call to Arms Milestone (where you simply play enough Crucible matches before the weekly reset) at least once, and have a Power level of at least 260. The competition level is higher than in any other Crucible mode, as teams compete to win seven matches before losing three.

Trials of the Nine is one of the few activities that provides Powerful Gear rewards, which are a reliable way to earn high-Power level equipment. There's also a Milestone to win a Trials of the Nine match, which provides access to the Spire social space. There are special rewards up for grabs; you can see those that were available last week in the gallery above.

Also new in Destiny 2 today is Xur, who is back for the second time. He has an assortment of four Exotics for sale, and you check out our Xur guide for his location and details on what he has for sale. Next week will see the introduction of factions to Destiny 2, with the first Faction Rallies event.

Overwatch Free Weekend Now Live On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 04:05

Update: The free weekend for Overwatch has officially begun on all platforms. Coinciding with this, Blizzard has discounted the game, dropping the price of the game to $30. Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition drops to $40, while the Game of the Year upgrade can be had for just $10. The free weekend runs through September 25, but the sale extends beyond that, running until September 28 at 11:59 PM PT. The original story follows.

The Overwatch free weekend is starting soon on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you want to play exactly when it starts, Blizzard has announced the specific start-times for the major regions around the world. The free weekend begins at 11 AM PT on September 22, and you can see how that translates to where you live in the image below.

DON'T FORGET: You can play Overwatch FREE on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One starting tomorrow at 11AM PT!

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) September 21, 2017

The Overwatch free weekend gives players access to all of the game's 25 heroes and 16 maps in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade. You'll also be able to earn Loot Boxes, level up, and unlock customization options; you can carry over all of this progress should you decide to purchase the game following its free trial.

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold are required on console. Those who intend to play on PC will need a account; you can create an account for free here if you don't already have one. The free weekend ends on Sunday, September 25 at 11:59 PM PT.

In its newest Developer Update video, Blizzard talked more about the measures it is taking to stem the "rising tide of toxicity or bad behaviour in the game." Overwatch fans will also soon have a chance to pick up a beautiful art book for the game; Dark Horse Comics will release the voluminous Art of Overwatch on October 24.

Take A Peek At Final Fantasy 14's Next Patch, The Legend Returns

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 03:50

Square Enix just dropped a healthy helping of new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV's next patch, The Legend Returns, which is due in early October. This sneak peek gives us a good look at the new main scenario quests, a Final Fantasy XII-inspired raid, dungeon, housing, and more.

For this particular patch, Final Fantasy XII writer and director Matsuno Yasumi and director, illustrator, and designer Keita Amemiya have joined the team as guest creators. Take a look at their work coming to life in the screenshots below.

The new main scenario quests follow Lyse after the liberation of Ala Mhigo. Her people must come to terms with the past, but also find a way to rebuild and move forward towards their free future. Choices will affect Fordola, who still waits in her prison cell, and now that Raubhan's dream has come true for Ala Mhigo, what will he return to?

As for the new alliance raid, Return to Ivalice, the residents of Kugane wake up to a rather large surprise. Above their city is an airship, unlike any they've seen before. Instead of the bleak appearance of the empire's warmachina, this airship, the Prima Vista, belongs to the Majestic Imperial Theater Company. Why the group has appeared here lies within the songs they sing of Ivalice, and their work The Zodiac Brave Story.

The Drowned City of Skalla is this update's latest dungeon addition. Skalla, a small nation in Gyr Abania, existed during the fifth astral era, but war and the great flood of the sixth umbral calamity drowned the city and all of its might. This disaster left it in dilapidated ruins for monsters to lurkin providing plenty of treasures to plunder.

Finally, this patch opens up housing in Shirogane, an epicenter of traditional Eastern Asian design. With this update, you'll not only be able to relocate your in-game home, but also be able to take full advantage of storage.

Patch 4.1, The Legend Returns, will be available on PS4 and PC in early October. This is the latest major update since PS3 support ceased and the MMO's second expansion, Stormblood, released in June.

New PSN Flash Sale On PS4, PS3, And Vita Games Happening Now

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 03:49

In addition to this week's batch of PSN deals, Sony is holding another flash sale in the PlayStation Store. This weekend, PS4, PS3, and Vita owners can find some steep discounts on a number of great titles.

For a limited time, PS4 players can pick up Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for $19.79. Those who are intrigued by the upcoming vampire action RPG Code Vein can pick up the developer's previous title, God Eater: Resurrection, for $6.79. A number of anime games are on sale as well, including Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 ($15), Attack on Titan ($30), J-Stars Victory VS+ ($12), and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Bundle ($15). Some other notable discounts include:

The Disney Afternoon Collection

On PS3, players can pick up a few Ratchet & Clank titles for cheap; the Ratchet & Clank Collection retails for $8, while Tools of Destruction, All 4 One, and Into the Nexus are all available for $4 each. Other deals include South Park: The Stick of Truth ($8), The King of Fighters XIII ($9), Dragon's Lair Trilogy ($8), Persona 4 Arena Ultimax ($10), and The Darkness II ($8). Vita owners, meanwhile, can find discounts on the original Tearaway ($8), Corpse Party: Blood Drive ($12), and Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit ($4).

You can find the full list of games on sale here. The flash sale ends on Monday, September 25, at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET. Meanwhile, this week's regular batch of deals will be available until the following day. They include discounts on the Assassin's Creed series, as well as a number of games featuring the iconic superhero Batman.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon's Latest Trailer Shows Off New Surfing Game And Photo Mode

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 03:42

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the next pair of Pokemon games on the way to 3DS. The video showcases a few of the new features players will find in the upcoming titles, including an expanded photo mode and the ability to surf between islands.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, players will have access to an all-new Ride Pokemon ability, Mantine Surf. You can ride atop the manta Pokemon and manually surf between the different islands of the Alola region. While surfing, you'll also be able to perform a variety of tricks and earn a high score. You can see some screenshots of Mantine Surf below.

Additionally, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon introduce a mode called Alola Photo Club. With this feature, players can take photos with their Pokemon and decorate them with a number of different frames and stickers. You can then share the photos you take with other players.

The trailer also confirmed that island Trials are returning in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but this time, some play out differently than they did in the original Sun and Moon versions. The games will also feature at least one new Trial, which is presided over by Poni Island's captain, Mina. Additionally, players will be able to encounter more than 400 Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, some of which can only be found in a certain version; Houndoom, for instance, is only available in Ultra Sun, while Manectric is exclusive to Ultra Moon.

That isn't the extent of the new content players will find in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon; the games will include a handful of new Pokemon as well. In addition to the previously announced Dusk Form Lycanroc, Nintendo revealed new forms of the Legendary Pokemon Necrozma during its Direct presentation last week. The company also announced two brand-new Ultra Beasts, codenamed UB-Burst and UB-Assembly.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launch on November 17. Those who purchase either of the titles by January 10, 2018 will receive a special Rockruff as a free gift, which can only evolve into the new Dusk Form Lycanroc. Nintendo is also releasing a cool-looking Poke Ball-themed New 2DS XL on November 3. The classic Pokemon Gold and Silver versions are also available in 3DS Eshop right now, and players who purchase either of the titles will receive a free code for the Mythical Pokemon Celebi. We've outlined how you can find and redeem the code.

Destiny 2 Xur Location Guide: Where Is Xur And What Exotics Is He Selling On September 22?

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 03:21

Another week has passed, which means you're older, wiser, and that much closer to shuffling off this mortal coil. But if you're a Destiny 2 player, it also means the tentacle-faced vendor Xur is back in town, and he's got a few new Exotic items for you to purchase and parade around space.

As we learned last week, Xur now shows up on the map, which makes finding his location considerably easier than in the first Destiny. From September 22 to September 26, Xur will be kicking it on Titan, specifically The Rig. Take a look below to see his exact location and what he's selling.

Click image to view in full screen gallery
  • The Wardcliff Coil (Exotic Rocket Launcher) -- 29 Legendary Shards
  • Foetracer (Exotic Hunter Class Helmet) -- 23 Legendary Shards
  • ACD/0 Feedback Fence (Exotic Titan Class Gauntlets) -- 23 Legendary Shards
  • Sunbracers (Exotic Warlock Class Gauntlets) -- 23 Legendary Shards

Bungie will conduct a round of Destiny 2 maintenance in the coming week, which means the game will be offline for a period of time. Starting at 6 AM PT / 2 PM BST / 11 PM AEST on September 25, players won't be able to sign in. An hour later that day, everyone who is logged in to Destiny 2 will be kicked off. All told, there will be interruptions for around six hours.

On September 26, Faction Rallies will begin in the game, starting after the weekly reset on Tuesday and run until October 3. Check out our full story for more details on how Destiny 2's Faction Rallies work. In the meantime, the latest Trials of the Nine event is now live.

We're still digging deep into Destiny 2, but there are some basic things you should know (and habits from the original Destiny you might need to break). You can check our Destiny 2 beginner's guide or our roundup of Destiny 2 guides, tips, and tricks for more information.