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The Amazing UTS Games Studio Student Showcase (Autumn 2018) - NEXT MONTH !!

This year, we will have 30+ teams showcasing the games they built for the Introduction to Game Design and Game Design Studio 1 subjects.
You will get the chance to play with these games, provide feedback and help us choose the best game of the night.

On this particular occasion, we will have multi-disciplinary judging panel that will vote for the best game of the night (an award will be given to the winning teams)
It would be fantastic if you could join us and play some games.

Workshop on: Agents and Models in Serious Games for Change and Social Good (IVA 2018)

This workshop brings together two key topics in their respective global research fields: intelligent agents and serious game design. Both are proving more important every year as means of engaging large audiences with new ways of thinking about social interaction, entertainment, culture, social policy, the environment and the way we work and learn. Bringing together the concepts, technologies, and methodologies of the two fields holds the potential to allow their combined strengths to further drive engagement, communication, and understanding between innumerable groups around the world.